Jhanak Starlife update Friday 14 June 2024

Jhanak 14 June 2024: The Episode starts with Jhanak seeing Tejas and running to Anirudh. Anirudh sees Tejas and says Jhanak, you don’t need to get scared of anyone. Tejas points the gun at Anirudh. Jhanak says don’t do anything to Anirudh. Tejas says leave Jhanak and go away if you want to get saved.

Anirudh says I won’t let anything happen to Jhanak. Tejas says fine if you want to die. He takes sindoor from a stall and fills Jhanak’s maang. Tejas is shocked.

Anirudh says Jhanak is now my wife, I will protect her. Arshi calls him out. She comes and asks where were you, I was looking for you, how did Jhanak get sindoor in her maang, what’s happening, Jhanak is married to Tejas. Tejas says my marriage didn’t happen with Jhanak. He laughs. Anirudh says I will tell you everything. Arshi says leave Jhanak, she will handle her life, come, don’t look behind, come with me. Tejas says your only support also left. Jhanak shouts don’t leave me alone.

Tejas says I m with you, you aren’t alone. Jhanak wakes up and sits scared. Anirudh asks are you okay, was it a bad dream, tell me, why did you shout. Jhanak says I fell asleep, I didn’t know. Anirudh says it means it was a dream, its okay, relax, it would be a bad dream, have water, you will feel better. He asks her to lie down and see a good dream. She asks shall I ask you something, trust me, nothing was in my hands that time when we got married. He says I didn’t blame you, it was an accident, we won’t share it with anyone. She says yes, don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone about it. He nods.

Vinayak says it will be good that Anirudh meets Arshi. Shrishti says Tejas and his men have threatened Bharat, we don’t have time, I have to talk to Anirudh and know what happened with Jhanak. Arshi says I trust Anirudh but he didn’t tell me what happened. Shrishti says if Anirudh helped Jhanak, then we have to fix it. Vinayak says Anirudh has saved her life. Arshi says he got us stuck. He says let him come, we will sit and talk, he is a good person, he will take a good decision. Shrishti says you don’t know Tejas, he is a dangerous man, my family is in trouble. He says Tejas is also a person, we can’t get scared of him, he is wrong, he should be scared of us. Arshi says we didn’t go to Kashmir to help Jhanak. He says I didn’t expect this from you, she lost her mum, she was forced for marrying Tejas, Anirudh saved her, what would you do if you were in her place. She says I m not in her place. Anirudh and Jhanak come to Kolkata.

They leave in a taxi. Arshi says its wrong if Anirudh is involved. Vinayak says I thought you will be proud of Anirudh. Shrishti says stop it, don’t compare Arshi with Jhanak, she isn’t Anirudh’s responsibility. He says I feel bad for Jhanak, she should have committed suicide and got free from this torture. Arshi asks can we change her life, no, if Anirudh has tried to do this, then our life will change, I know he never refuses to help anyone. Shrishti says Jhanak would have trapped Anirudh by acting helpless, Tejas would have killed Anirudh. Arshi says I m going to Anirudh’s house. Shrishti says I will come along. Arshi says fine, I will wait outside.

Anirudh asks Jhanak what happened, didn’t she sleep well or have breakfast. Jhanak says no, I feel tense. He says I will handle things. She says Arshi and Shrishti will get angry. He says they will scold me, I will handle everything, we had no option, they will understand.

He encourages her. He thinks why am I thinking so much, its because of Urvashi’s letter. He says I have humanity and helped you, I will be glad when good happens with you. Anirudh’s dad says how can Anirudh do this. His mum says its something bad, I spoke to Shrishti, she is in tension. He says if he helped that girl, then its wrong. He argues with his brother. Bipasha says its not a small thing that Jhanak has run away from her marriage. Anirudh says Arshi is understanding, she will fill your life with light. He tells Jhanak about Arshi.


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