Jhanak Starlife update Saturday 15 June 2024

Jhanak 15 June 2024: The Episode starts with Anirudh’s family worrying. Arshi and family arrive. Arshi asks didn’t Anirudh come. His dad says he would be coming. Shrishti says we want to know what’s going on. He says we are clueless, lets wait for him. Arshi says his behavior is fishy, he doesn’t care for me.

He says once Anirudh and Arshi get married, he won’t go alone anywhere. Shrishti says we should know what’s going on. Dadi says you will get all the answers, we all are worried. Dada says Arshi, you call him and ask where is he. Arshi asks why, he didn’t call me, I won’t call him. Appu asks did Anirudh come, when will he come.

She asks Arshi to call Anirudh and ask about her gift. Chotan takes her aside. Anirudh’s mum scolds Appu. Appu says I won’t go until Anirudh comes. She insists. Lal says she doesn’t listen to anyone.

Bipasha says don’t give her attention, she will dance on our head. She asks Arshi to call Anirudh once. Arshi says I don’t want to call. Dada and Dadi ask her to call him. Anirudh says we will have some food. Arshi calls Anirudh and asks where are you. He says I m reaching. She asks what’s your problem. He makes an excuse. Shrishti says ask him to stop giving excuses and say the truth. Vinayak says stop it. Arshi asks do you have any news about Jhanak. He says we will meet and talk. She says it means something is wrong. He says no, don’t misunderstand me. She argues.

He says I have to talk something imp, we will meet and talk. She says I m at your home. He says great, I know you will never misunderstand me. She asks him to come. Shrishti asks what did he say. Arshi asks didn’t you hear it. She says vent anger on him, not me. Lal says just Anirudh can answer us, we will wait for him.

Shrishti argues. Anirudh’s dad says I trust my son, I assure you, he has nothing to do with Jhanak. She asks why did he miss the train, what did he do in Kashmir, why wasn’t he in contact, he would have hidden Jhanak. Anirudh’s mum says Anirudh is innocent, I can’t say if that girl has manipulated her. Chotan says its not wrong if he has helped some girl, he has good values. Shrishti says there is much difference in helping some girl or Jhanak. He asks what’s the difference. Anirudh and Jhanak reach the lane and walk to home. The people see Jhanak and think Jhanak would be someone special, she is beautiful like Arshi. Anirudh’s dad scolds Chotan.

Dada says let Anirudh come. They all argue. Appu also comments. Anirudh’s dad scolds her. Anirudh gets Jhanak home. Everyone smiles seeing Anirudh. Appu asks where is my gift, didn’t you get it. Jhanak walks in. Everyone is shocked seeing Anirudh getting Jhanak. Appu sees Jhanak and recalls his words. She says wow, is this my gift, she is so beautiful, come with me, I will show my doll.

Anirudh’s dad shouts and stops Appu. He asks Anirudh who’s this girl, is she Jhanak. Arshi says I don’t want to stay here, lets go home. Shrishti asks why, I told you, you and your dad didn’t listen to me, he got Jhanak home. She asks Anirudh by what right did you get this girl home. Anirudh recalls his marriage.

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