Jhanak Starlife update Friday 7 June 2024

Jhanak 7 June 2024: The Episode starts with Jhanak and the lady swapping their place. The lady gets ready as the bride. She asks Jhanak to cover her face and take the things sent by Tejas. The man gives the jewellery and goes.

The lady asks Jhanak to just keep running until she reaches the highway. Jhanak asks how shall I leave you alone, come with me. The lady says no, I will inform the police, you have to go away, else Tejas’ men will not leave you. Anirudh is on the way.

He says Rahul, we should inform the police, we have no weapons to fight Tejas’ men. Rahul says Tejas has control over police, we will call the military there. The lady asks Jhanak to keep the jewellery. Jhanak refuses. She says I m afraid for you. The lady says call me when you go away from this city. She gives the number.

Jhanak hugs her. They cry. Jhanak says if I m alive then I will call you and come back to pay for your favor, I promise you, I will come back to help you.

The lady says stay happy, live a life which I couldn’t, marry the guy who loves you and keeps you happy. Jhanak says I have to study and make my mum proud. She leaves. Bharat says I m going to Shiv temple for Tejas and Jhanak’s marriage. Dadi says okay, be careful. He asks where is Lakshman. She says he has gone to find out Anirudh, Arshi is worried.

Tejas calls out Rukmani. Jhanak stops. He asks did you make Jhanak ready. She nods. He says be with her all the time, you left her alone. He gets angry. He says I will go and get Jhanak, its your responsibility to look after Jhanak, I won’t explain again, go from here. Jhanak goes.

The man stops her and asks what are you doing here. She gets tense. He says you are going to see Tejas’ marriage, are you jealous, you thought he will marry you, get lost. She leaves. Tejas comes to see Jhanak. He compliments her. Rukmani worries. He says you will become a queen, don’t go out and sell flowers, you don’t need to dance after marriage, your mum has passed away, so I called your uncle to do your kanyadaan, come, we are getting late. They leave.

Jhanak falls down and gets hurt. Tejas and Rukmani come to the temple. Tejas meets Bharat and talks to him. Jhanak gets up and runs. Bharat asks Tejas to come. Anirudh asks who is this girl, why is she running. Rahul says stop the car. They see Jhanak. Rahul says you here. Anirudh asks are you fine. She says someone helped me run away. Anirudh gives her water.

He says we should leave from here. Rahul says Tejas’ men can come anytime. They see a car coming. Anirudh hides Jhanak. Rahul acts like the car broke down. Tejas and Rukmani get married. Rahul says we should leave now. Anirudh asks where would we go. Jhanak says my village, my loved ones. Anirudh says Tejas will send his men there. Rahul says she is right, she will feel safe there. Anirudh asks what about tomorrow. She says life changed, everything ended, I don’t know what to do, I m not safe anywhere, I will not get scared, I will fight the world, I won’t lose, I have no fear after losing my mum.

Tejas takes the sindoor to fill it in the bride’s maang. Bharat asks Jhanak to lift the ghunghat. Tejas lifts the ghunghat. He gets shocked seeing Rukmani. He gets angry. The man says it’s a cheat.

Jhanak says take me to my village. Rahul says sorry, I behaved badly with you, I did that for your safety. Anirudh says we should leave. The villagers talk about Jhanak and Anirudh. They get angry on Anirudh. They see Anirudh getting Jhanak. Rukmani says you had kidnapped me and made me away from my family, then you left me, you have to marry me now. Tejas says shut up. Bharat asks where is Jhanak. She says I have locked her in the room. She thinks to keep them engaged in her talks.

Rahul says Jhanak came out from Tejas’ house with much difficulty, I can’t take her home. The villagers talk that Tejas is powerful, he will find Jhanak here, we can’t do anything. Jhanak says you all mean I can’t stay here, I have no place here, where will I go, I have all the relations for namesake, is slavery written in my fate also, no, I can’t let this happen, there would be some way that I hide here. The lady says Tejas is dangerous. The man says he will burn the entire village. The lady says Anirudh is here, he will take Jhanak with him to Calcutta.

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