It’s not easy to love update Wednesday 22 February 2023

It’s not easy to love 22 February 2023: Sid is in his room and recalls everything that his family has done for the property. Sid looks at his mother’s photo and says what now? everything is clear, illness didn’t kill you, this family killed you. Girish is not the person you could live with. Dadu comes there and wipes his tears, he says Aarti had a clean heart like you, you know the truth now. Mithai can do anything for this family, I know you understand that now. Sid says my family plotted against me so what will I say in court? Dadu says I have left everything on God, you have to do what I ask you to do.The court session is about to start, the lawyer tells Girish that we can’t save Girish.

Girish says this Mithai has trapped us all. Apeksha asks where is Sid and Mithai? The court session starts, and the judge says Mithai and Sid have to prove their relationship. He asks where is Mithai and Sid? If they have run away then we will take strict action against them. Dadu and Dadi come there. Dadu says I have proof with me. Sid and Mithai arrive there as groom and bride. The flashback shows how Dadu asked Mithai to get married to Sid otherwise they will all go to jail. The flashback ends. Dadu gives the marriage papers to the judge. Mithai greets the family. The court hearing starts. Sid recalls how Dadu told him to get married to Mithai otherwise they will all go to jail, Sid told him that he doesn’t want to marry anyone.

Dadu said then he will go to jail. Sid stopped him and agreed to the marriage. The flashback ends. The lawyer says they got married and proved their relationship. The flashback shows how Sid and Mithai got married in court with Dadu and Dadi as witnesses. Sid applied sindoor to her and made her wear a mangalsutra. The lawyer gave them a marriage certificate. The flashback ends. The judge says we accept Mithai’s statement now and Sid is free now. We congratulate the couple and thank Mithai for her honesty. The court case is closed. Dadi hugs Mithai and Sid. Dadu is happy. Sid glares at Mithai. Dadu thinks Aarti’s wish got fulfilled.Dadu is outside the court and calls Dadi, he says to prepare to welcome the couple. Apeksha is crying seeing Sid with Mithai.

The lawyer brings Mithai and Sid to the registration center. She takes Dadu inside her office while Sid and Mithai wait outside. Mithai goes from there. Sid recalls everything and how he had to prove his relationship with Mithai. Dadu comes out, Sid says we had to solve one issue and got into another problem. Dadu says don’t worry, we will find a solution. Sid says I did this marriage to save you. Dadu says and if you back out then we will all go to jail. He asks where is Mithai? He says I don’t know. Dadu says you should be with her, we have to pretend that everything is fine, go and look for her. Sid goes from there.

Apeksha is going from the court and is heartbroken. She cries and says how can he marry Mithai? He is my Sid. This is nonsense. She calls her mother and says how can he marry that uneducated girl? He promised to never marry anyone else.Indu sits in the mandir and is elated. She says Aarti must be so happy, her dream got fulfilled. My daughter and her son got married, she must be so happy today.Mithai is sitting alone and recalls her marriage with Sid. She wipes her tears. Sid comes there and says Dadu is calling you, let’s go. Mithai says everything happened to save you. Sid says it was your stupid plan. Mithai says my dream was never to get married but we did.

Sid grabs her but some lawyers come there so he acts like hugging her. Sid says I don’t believe in this marriage. Mithai says I did everything for Dadu but marriage is a bond for lives and it can’t be broken so I accept this marriage with all respect, I promise to always honor this relationship. Sid pushes her away and says I can’t be tied to this relationship for life, this is a compromise. Mithai says you will never understand the meaning of sindoor and mangalsutra for a woman. Sid says this marriage was done for this case. The case ended so this marriage will end too. Mithai says you can say that because you are a man but everything changes for a woman after marriage. Sid says don’t give me that lecture. Mithai says look at me wearing a mangalsutra of your name.

Sid says you should stop all this. Mithai says this sindoor and mangalsutra is not a joke for me. Look at my name, it’s Mithai Sidharth Chubey, even my identity got changed. Your family is my family now. Sid says you will be proven wrong. Mithai says whatever happened was not easy for me but I took the responsibility so I will not run away from this also. I trust myself and God. Sid angrily leaves from there. Mithai says I did all that to save Dadu and Sid. I got married to a person who doesn’t care about this marriage but I will fulfill this marriage with full responsibility.

Apeksha comes to Dadu and asks about Sid. Dadu says he is with his wife. Apeksha goes to look around for Sid and finds Mithai. She says you didn’t only take Sid from me but my dreams also. Apeksha is about to slap her but Mithai stops her and says you are Sid’s friend that’s why I am stopping you only otherwise… Apeksha says then what? Sid was mine, I wanted to marry him, I love him but you took advantage of the situation. I will destroy you, she leaves from there.

Sid comes out of the police station and recalls Mithai’s words that she has accepted the marriage fully. Apeksha comes there and says I needed your love but you have cheated on me. Sid says I was stuck. Apeksha says you promised to never marry but what did you do? You have broken my heart. Sid says this marriage is compromised, I was helpless. Apeksha says what? Sid says I did it so that Dadu wouldn’t go to jail, this marriage will end soon. Apeksha gets excited and hugs him. She says that girl wants money and business, I will free you from that girl.

Dadu comes to Mithai and says let’s go. Mithai cries and says I don’t understand anything. How easy is it for Sid to say that this is all fake? How can he call this marriage fake when it happened with all rituals? Dadu says the truth is that you are my grandson’s wife. Sid has always seen hate since his childhood and he is still living with that hatred that’s why God sent you so you can make him learn how to love again.

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