Guddan Zee world update Wednesday 22 February 2023


Guddan 22 February 2023: AJ is crying. He recalls Guddan saying I don’t think we are ready for this child. Guddan cries and recalls AJ saying I see my child’s murderer in you. I hate you. AJ recalls the doctor saying Gudan got her abortion done because she wanted to take revenge from her husband. AJ puts his face in the water.Guddan cries and says you know I didn’t kill you. Antra comes and says mommy, I know you can’t kill me. Only Antra could be this daring. Don’t cry. I did all did. Faking the video and reports. You said this child will make your relationship stronger. The child is gone now. He is a ghost now. Did he have a soul? It’s so much fun. Se burns the doll in front of Guddan. Guddan is in tears. Antra says see, the funeral is done as well.

Guddan sees the doll burning and cries. She recalls AJ playing with that doll and says we would have our baby in our lap. Guddan wipes her tears.Guddan comes downstairs and recalls what Antra. She recalls Antra saying I killed Alisha and her baby. Guddan picks Trishul. Antra comes there. Antra says what are you doing? Guddan says you killed my child. No one can save you from me today. Saru and Perv come there. Durga and dadi come too. Guddan says I will kill you today Dadi says Guddan stop. Guddan is about to kill Antra. AJ holds the trishul and says what are you doing? Guddan says she killed my child. I will kill her. AJ says are you crazy? Guddan says she killed my child. You can’t kill her.

Guddan says as a mother, I have the right to kill her. AJ says you lost all your rights when you killed our child. You’re not a mother anymore. Dadi says what are you saying? AJ says to take revenge from me, you killed our child. I can’t see you as a mother or as my wife anymore. You ended our relationship. I free you from everything. Guddan is dazed. Guddan says you’re saying all this for this criminal? Who killed Rawat and Angad? She killed Alisa as well. She killed my baby as well. AJ says it isn’t about Antra. It is about the truth. Truth is that you killed our child. There was nothing between me and Antra. Guddan says you used to meet her behind my back. AJ says to keep you and my child safe.

Guddan says and she killed that child. She is still fooling you. AJ says enough, don’t always consider others fool. All proofs are against you. You went to the hospital and signed the papers. Guddan says so you need proof to trust me? AJ says I lose my child. Guddan says so did I. AJ says you killed my child in your ego. Guddan says you gave her space in your life. You enabled her and you made a mistake. AJ says I hugged her for a few seconds that didn’t mean anything. And you killed our child for that? I will do a bigger mistake now. I will give your place in my life to Antra. Guddan is dazed. AJ says everything I gave you in life, I will give it to Guddan. Guddan says you can’t do this. You can’t give my place to our child’s murderer. AJ says I am taking that place from my child’s murderer. You are my child’s murderer.I can hate you as much as I loved you. I will marry Antra in next 24 hours. Dadi says no. AJ says I will marry her in front of you. Do whatever you want.

Scene 2
Durga says saw all the proofs but my heart isn’t believing it. Laxmi says Guddan loved Alisha so much. How can she? Saru says yes, everyone is a liar just Guddan is right? I got you all the sweets. Antra and AJ are getting married. Are you sad? Leave Guddan. She did it. She isn’t as nice as she pretends. Laxmi, eat sweets. Durga shoves her and says AJ is a human. He can make mistakes. He lost two children. AJ will see the truth. Laxmi says get lost. Saru leaves.Guddan looks at the burned dolls. she recalls AJ’s promise there would be no other person between us. She recalls AJ saying, I will marry Antra. AJ recalls Guddan saying she won’t let anything happen to her child.

Guddan says how could you believe I could kill my child? My baby. He was our love’s proof. AJ says you broke everything Guddan. You ruined our lives. You ruined everything in your jealousy. I loved you so much. You took my child from me. You always stood by me. but you did this sin? How could you? I will never forgive you.Guddan is crying. Antra comes and says don’t cry. Guddan shoves her. Antra says I am wiping your tears and you’re still mad? Is it your default setting. But you must be angry, I should understand. Your husband left you because of my trap. I warned and told you everything.

It was so easy. Stop looking at the burned doll. What will you do now? You’re all alone. If I were you, I would take my luggage and left. Revati comes there. She is about to slap Antra. Guddan is dazed. Antra says this isn’t the game for kids. So stay out of it. Guddan says my sister isn’t alone anymore. I am with her. Our family matters are a different thing, we can be mad at each other. But I am with her. I have seen and heard the entire truth. Antra says good. You useless dister, stay away from me. I was dangerous last time, this time I am deadly. Antra throttles her. Guddan says leave her. Antra says see how your sister is begging to me.


Now stay in your limits or I will cut your parts that come out. I am the bride to be. She leaves.Revati says I am sorry di. I made a huge mistake. I kept blaming you for everything Antra did. I lost Angad and I kept thinking about how to harm you. In my anger, I did so wrong. I pulled a gun on you, I shot you. I ruined our sisterhood. Guddan caresses her face. I was losing you as well. Antra filled my mind with poison. Please forgive me. I hurt a sister who was my mother, sister, and friend. I did so wrong. Guddan hugs her in tears. Revati says I am with you. You are not alone. I will teach her a lesson.

Scene 2
Saru orders all the servants to prepare for Antra and AJ’s haldi. She says make sweets. Bring ubtan as well. Dadi comes and says what is happening here? Saru says haldi preparations. AJ said he will marry Antra. So haldi time has started. I am the daughter in law, this is my responsibility. Antra comes there and slaps her. She says do you have any shame? Nothing like that would happen. I know no one can take Guddan’s place in this house and AJ’s life. Saru says she ruined the whole family. She ended everything herself. AJ loves Guddan but she burned everything. AJ comes downstairs. Saru says she doesn’t deserve to live in this house. Antra says I have done many sins as well. Saru says but at least you repent.

She doesn’t even care. She is a liar. She killed her own child. Her ego is bigger than everything. AJ made the right decision. Guddan will realize her worth. Dadi says enough, you won’t say a single word there won’t be any wedding here. Stop these preparations. AJ says no preparations would stop. Saru is right. Guddan has no remorse for what she did. Haldi and wedding would happen. Antra didn’t kill Alisha. This is the reality and you all should accept it. Antra go and get ready for Haldi. Antra says but.. AJ says go and get ready.

Everything is set. Antra comes downstairs for Haldi. Saru says everything is ready. Haldi time has started. Come Antra, sit on the bride’s spot. AJ sits next to Antra. Saru says dadi, apply haldi and start the ritual. It’s your son’s Haldi. AJ says what happened ma? Start the rituals. Everyone’s waiting. Dadi says in heart AJ is not doing right. My heart can’t accept it. I don’t know what is right and what is wrong. How do I tell AJ this is wrong. Saru says start dadi. Dadi takes the haldi. Guddan comes downstairs and says stop. Guddan says I know dadi is the elder here and she has the first right. But sometimes, changing the rituals bring more meaning to them. So today, the happiest person would apply the haldi first. That is me. Everyone is shocked. She says AJ will have the first haldi from my hands.

Guddan takes the haldi and applies it on AJ’s face. Guddan says I applied haldi to my husband but the woman he’s marrying is against my morals. Congratulations on your Haldi, AJ. She leaves.Saru says look at her pride. She did the mistake and now throwing tantrum. Guddan comes to the poolside and rubs her hand. AJ comes there and says what was that? What do you want? What do you want to prove? Do you want to portray yourself so great in front of everyone? Guddan says I did what you wanted. You want to celebrate right, I did it, right? AJ says don’t push me so much that I never.. Guddan says never come close to me? You already made your decision. AJ says I made the right decision.

I am wrong, Antra is wrong and you’re right? The one who killed our child? Guddan says there’s nothing to prove here. AJ says you ended everything by killing our child. There’s nothing left between us. I could pardon your sin but I would never do that. I don’t want to forgive you. I don’t want to forgive the pain you gave me. Guddan says I also got so many pains. You saw me with Alisha. You knew me, still doubted me. You saw my motherhood. It isn’t about our relationship anymore. It’s about motherhood. You doubted a mother. I will remove that stain so no one ever points a finger at a mother. AJ says you only have time till tonight.

Once I get married, it will be over forever. Guddan says tomorrow morning will be a different day when you see and trust my truth. This is the promise of Guddan, a mother.

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