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It’s not easy to love 2 February 2023: Rohan whispers to Kirti that he will dance with her at any cost. He tells everyone in the mehndi function to have a competition between families. Kirti says I don’t want to be a part of it. Karishma says we all have to win against Rohan’s family. Apeksha asks Sid if he wants to join? Sid says I am not interested. Apeksha thinks Sid is just connected to Dadu and no one else in the family which is good for me.

It’s not easy to love 1 February 2023

All start dancing at the function, Karishma sits back down so Rohan dances with Kirti. They both enjoy each other’s company but Rohan wins the competition. Mithai tells Rajeev that I have an idea. Rajeev says all boys have to dance now. Shubham and Shaurya try to convince but he says he can’t dance. Dadu asks him to just try. Mithai tells Sid that he has to

support the family. Sid says fine. Dadu smiles and Dadi that Mithai will reunite our family. Sid starts dancing with the boys. Mithai thinks Sid has started mingling with the family. Sid goes to Dadu and pulls him in. All family members start dancing together. Gitika asks Girish to join them also, she pulls him in too. Shubham smiles while dancing with Mithai. Sid looks at Girish dancing beside him and leaves from there. Mithai notices it.Sid comes to his room and looks at Aarti’s photo sadly. Girish comes outside his room and recalls Mithai trying to break the ice with Sid. Sid recalls his parents fighting all the time. Girish is about to enter his room but leaves from there without talking.

In the function, Dadu announces Mithai and Shubham’s wedding also. He welcomes Mithai to the family and says Mithai can dance nicely so let’s start.Mithai starts dancing in the function, Shubham smiles at her and recalls Dadu’s words that Mithai will be a good partner for him. Rohan tries to talk to Kirti but she leaves from there. Mithai ends her performance and all clap for her. Rohan leaves from there.Kirti is going to her room but Rohan grabs her hand and says I need to talk to you, I won’t leave so you can scream and call people if you want otherwise we can talk. He takes her from there.

Mithai sees them going. She goes to Sid and says I need to talk to you. Sid says just leave. Mithai says just listen to me. Apeksha asks her to go away, you have no right to talk to him. Mithai says Dadu has given a right to me. Sid looks on.Apeksha asks Mithai what right she uses to talk to Sid? Mithai says Dadu gave me a right but what right do you have to stop me? She tells Sid that you are leaving so why can’t you talk to Girish once before leaving? I talked to him also. He is your elder so why can’t you clarify things with him? Sid drags her from there.

Rohan brings Kirti to the balcony and says I don’t have feelings for Karishma. Kirti says if we act on it then it will be wrong. Rohan says there is nothing right or wrong in love. I want to make a life with you. Kirti looks away.Sid brings Mithai to Girish and says you don’t have to make her a messenger if you want to talk to me. You are my elder so talk to me directly. Girish shouts at Mithai that what did you tell him? This is our family matter and I asked you to stay out our matters. Sid says stop scolding her, if you are an elder then you are always right? My mother had to bear so much pain because of you. Girish says did you try to understand my situation? Sid says I started hating the word marriage because of you. I will never get married because of how you portrayed a marriage to me. Mithai asks him to calm down and listen to him? Sid says why should I? He shouts that he is my father just for a namesake but he never acted like one.


Mithai says there is a wedding function going on downstairs so calm down.Kirti tells Rohan that Karishma is my sister so I can’t destroy her life. I have to think about Kavita too, what if your family doesn’t accept us then will you be able to live away from them? Rohan looks on.Apeksha tells Mithai that you tried to steal Sid’s passport and now you have created this drama, why are you doing this? Sid tells Mithai that I took your side to make you stay in this house because I care for Indu, she reminds me of my mother but I am going to Singapore because of Girish only. He leaves from there. Shubham comes there and asks Mithai to leave. She leaves.

Shubham asks Girish if he is okay? Girish says your would-be wife is trying to rile this family up, it’s not a good idea to make her part of our family.Shubham comes to Mithai and says what are you doing? I told you to stay away from the family matter. Mithai says I just wanted Sid to stay here and talk to Girish. Shubham says Girish will be angry with Sid now. Mithai says at least Sid and Girish confronted each other. Just trust me as I am doing everything for this family’s benefit. Shubham says I will trust you but don’t let this repeat. Mithai says just see how I reunite them and I will do everything in my power.

Sid tells Apeksha that I will give my passport to you. I don’t want to stay here anymore. Kirti hears that and says I have to inform Dadu.Mithai talks to Kirti and says I saw you talking to Rohan. You should tell the family about your feelings. Kirti says Sid has decided to go to the Singapore and gave his passport to Apeksha. Mithai says I have an idea.Rohan is sitting alone sadly and tells Rajeev that you need to understand that I don’t want to do this marriage. Abha comes there and says let’s have dinner.Mithai comes to Sid and says everyone is calling you for dinner. Sid says I am not hungry. Mithai says it’s Karishma’s mehndi so don’t make her sad. Sid nods and goes to the garden. Mithai smirks.

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