It’s not easy to love update Friday 3 February 2023

It’s not easy to love 3 February 2023: All family members are sitting together in the sangeet function. Rohan looks around for Kirti.Mithai asks Kirti to work on their plan. Kirti brings food for Apeksha and says Dadu is waiting for Sid on the dinner table, it’s a family function so he should be with his family. Sid says fine and goes with Kirti. Mithai locks Apeksha in the garden and says she has to stay away from Sid for some time.All family members sit to have dinner together. Sid glares at Girish.

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Apeksha is trying to leave the garden but Mithai comes there and snatches the passport from Apeksha. She says if Dadu sees this with you then he will be hurt. You should go there without this passport. I will give it back to you. She runs and hides the passport. She gives her an envelope and says the passport is inside so Dadu won’t know that Sid gave his passport to you. Apeksha takes it and leaves.Mithai tells Kirti that she gave something else to Apeksha and have hidden the passport. Rohan is calling Kirti so Mithai tells her to take a right decision.

Mithai comes to Sid and says I know you are miffed with me but I want to prove the power of love.Rohan talks to Kirti that I know you don’t want to hurt your family. I will not bother you anymore. I won’t be happy with Karishma but I just want you to be happy. Can you forget me and move on? Mithai shows Sid all that and says they love each other. Do you think it’s right with the three of them that Rohan is marrying Karishma? Kirti tells Rohan that I can’t move on but we have to for our families. Rohan says I want to look at your happy face before separating. I will marry Karishma. They hug each other tightly. Sid sees all that.

Rohan and Kirti come back to the function. Sid comes there too. Rohan tells Rajeev that I did what you wanted me to do. Mithai tells Sid that look at your sister, Kirti is sad and Rohan won’t be happy with Karishma. Sid says enough, why are you riling up my sister? Mithai says what’s happening is wrong so you can stop it. Sid says stop planting things in my head. I just know that Karishma is happy with this marriage and Rohan doesn’t have guts to speak up. He might be playing with my sisters. Mithai says Rohan loves Kirti and you would want a right person to marry Karishma. You should talk to Rohan.

In the morning, Dadi asks Dadu to stop taking stress now. Mithai brings tea for them and thinks to talk to Dadu but Sid comes there. Mithai leaves from there. Sid asks why are we marrying Karishma first? She is the youngest in our house. Dadu says Abha wanted her to get married so I didn’t say anything. Sid says if you think it’s not right then you should speak up. Dadi says Rohan is a good guy so there is no point in talking about all this now.Mithai comes to Karishma with tea and asks her if she said good morning to Rohan? Karishma says I forgot, I will message him now. Mithai asks if she knows everything about Rohan? Karishma says I know about his favorite color and what he doesn’t like.

Abha comes there and says Karishma has a lot of things so don’t disturb her, she throws her out of the room. Abha tells Karishma to stay away from Mithai, this marriage is important for us as it will bring respect for our family.Rohan tells Rajeev and Kavita that I cut ties from Kirti. Kavita says you did the right thing, Kirti will understand. Rohan says Karishma is not mature like Kirti, for Karishma this marriage is just about show off, she just wants to move to the US and create her social media presence. She doesn’t

understand anything about feelings. They turn to see Sid there. Sid says do you want to amrry Karishma? Rohan says I don’t have a connection with Karishma, I wish I could ask her if she is marrying me or America. Sid says you want to marry Kirti then? Rohan says I wish I could answer you easily but it can’t happen. Kavita says Karishma won’t say no for this marriage. Rohan says can you do something? Sid looks on.Kirti sits alone and recalls her time with Rohan. She silently cries. Mithai comes there and says don’t hide your tears from me. I understand your pain so cry. Kirti sobs and says everything is finished. How can I snatch my sister’s happiness? It hurts me a lot. Mithai says I was never in love so I don’t know how it feels but how will you see Rohan and Karishma together? Kirti says I will change my university and move away so that I don’t remember him. I will stay in shadows from now.

She says I won’t attend your wedding. Nobody cares if I am here or not. Mithai says you are trying to run away from the situation but Sid knows about you and Rohan. Kirti says what? He doesn’t have any emotion, he will just do what he think is right. Mithai says it’s not like that, he will do what’s right for you.Rohand comes to Girish’s house and says I have news. He says I have got a good job here in India and I am thinking to move back to India from US to start a new life with Karishma. All are shocked. Abhishek says how did you change your thoughts? I thought you wanted to stay in the US but I don’t mind if Karisham and Abha are okay.

Abha says it’s good that my daughter will stay here and we would be able to meet her. She asks Karishma to say that she is okay with this decision? Karishma says if Rohan has decided to move back then I am okay. Dadu says Rohan took a right decision. He tells Karishma that it’s good that you will stay closer to the family. Rohan looks on and leaves from there.

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