It’s not easy to love update Wednesday 1 February 2023

It’s not easy to love 1 February 2023: Mithai comes to Dadu and says Sid will come to talk to you about going abroad. I don’t understand why Sid stays away from his family, he gets so angry when he talks to his father. why is he like this? Did something happen between them? Dadu says Sid always saw his parents fight, Girish didn’t love Aarti so Sid always saw his mother as a sad woman. He started hating his father for not giving happiness to his mother. Mithai says my parents always loved me. Dadu says we can fill our voids and wounds with love. Mithai says if Girish heals Sid’s wounds then he won’t go to Singapore, this is Difficult but I will find a way.

Rohan is worried about Kirti and tells Rajeev that I have to do something. Rajeev says just marry Karishma and you will learn to love her. Rohan says I will talk to Kirti. Rajeev says don’t even think about doing anything, today is your mehndi so jsut get ready.All family members are at the mehndi venue. Dadu says I don’t feel good. Dadi says you are just worried about Karishma. Gunjan arrives there with her family. Abha welcomes them. Mithai and Indu come there. All family members sit together. Mithai thinks where is Sid? Gitika asks Mithai and Indu to sit with the family. Shubham takes Indu and makes her sit down with him, Mithai smiles.

Dadu tells Mithai that my sons don’t even talk to each other, Sid is still locked in his room. Mithai says don’t be hopeless, just leave everything up to me. Dadu goes to sit down. Mithai says I have to bring this family together.Kirti is crying in her room. Karishma comes there and asks how is she looking? Kirti says you are looking like the best bride. Karishma says come with me, Kirti says I don’t feel fine.Mithai is about to enter Sid’s rokm but stops her. Sid comes there in a towel, she looks away and says come downstairs.

Sid says I have to go to the passport office so don’t tell anyone. Mithai says Karishma is your sister so be with her if you are going to leave.Karishma and Kirti arrive at the mehndi function, Rohan looks at Kirti and smiles. Abha says Karishma shouldn’t have brought Kirti with her. Gunjan blesses Karishma. Girish is handling business stuff, Abhishek asks him to come and have a photo together. Girish taunts that you called me now? Abhishek says don’t be miffed. All family members stand together. Gunjan asks where is Sid? He doesn’t care about his sister? Sid comes there and says why wouldn’t I be here? All smile seeing him. All take a family photo together. Mithai smiles.

The family members pull in Mithai for the family photo. They all pose. Karishma asks Kirti to take a photo with her and Rohan. Kirti is tense and takes a photo with them. Mithai looks on. Karishma makes Kirti stand with Rohan, he smiles at her.The mehndi function starts, all family members sit together. Karishma goes to talk to her friends. The mehndi starts and Kirti is getting her mehndi while Rohan is staring at her. Abha stops the mehndi girl and says this is for Karishma so Kirti should have been careful, she asks her to stay away from all this, she drags Karishma from her friends and makes her get her mehndi. Mithai notices all that.

Mithai talks to Dadu and says we will find a way to stop Sid from going to Singapore.
Rohan comes to Kirti and says we are made for each other, you even got my mehndi on your hands so you know who is made for who. Kirti looks on.The girls force Rohan to get mehndi applied on his hands. They write K on his hand, Rohan smiles and thinks this is Kirti for me.Dadu comes to Sid and says I know you have work so you can leave. Sid thanks him and leaves.Gitika tells Mithai to not get her mehndi as she will need to do it for her wedding.

Sid is leaving but Shubham stops him and says it’s good to see you around. Sid says Mithai said that Dadu will feel nice if I attend so I came here. Shubham tells Sid that if he wants to make Dadu happy then he should make his relationship fine with Girish, he will never accept me but you can mend your relationship with him. Sid says I can’t do it now, just don’t tell Dadu that I am planning to go. Apeksha arrives there so Shubham leaves them. Apeksha tells Sid that he shouldn’t get involved with the family. Sid says I am doing it for Dadu before I leave.

Girish tells Dadu that he is not needed in the function anymore and leaves. Mithai recalls Dadu’s words and goes behind him. She goes to his room and says why are you here when a function is going on? Girish says why are you here? Mithai says I know you and Sid don’t talk because he is miffed with you but you can try to mend your relationship with him. Girish says you want me to beg him? Don’t get involved in our family matters. Mithai says if we start talking then we can sort things out, if you talk to him then he will listen to you. I just want this family to reunite with this wedding function. Girish looks on as she leaves.

Indu tells Mithai that I don’t want you to create any trouble. Karishma and Rohan are going for a dance. Kirti says no. All look on.


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