It’s not easy to love update Saturday 4 February 2023

Its not easy to love 4 February 2023: Sid talks to Mithai and says I tried to stop this marriage as I thought Karishma would say no after Rohan talks about shifting here but that didn’t work so I can’t do anything anymore. Mithai says Kirti and Rohan love each other so we have to help them.Karishma cries and tells Abha that I will be insulted by my friends if I don’t go to the US now. Abha says we will be insulted in society, we will get better guys here but I chose Rohan because he lives in the US but now he is shifting here. She asks Abhishek to do something. Karishma says then cancel this marriage. Abha says we can’t outrightly say that we chose Rohan because he is from the US only.

Sid comes to Kirti. She says I know you got to know about Rohan and I but I won’t be a trouble for Karishma. I couldn’t tell the truth to anyone as I just fell in love but don’t worry, everything is finished between us. Sid says it’s okay, I don’t know what love is like but I have heard that it just happens. I know you are mature and it’s not easy to handle all this. You can come with me to Singapore. Kirti says Mithai also said the same thing about love. She doesn’t know the feeling of love too. Sid says come with me there. Apeksha comes there and hears all that.

Mithai comes to Karishma and says I am happy that you will stay here after the marriage with Rohan. Karishma says enough, if I had to stay here then why would marry Rohan? I would have chosen Aditya as he is rich and would take me to places but I chose Rohan because he is from US. Mithai says if you don’t like Rohan then talk to your parents. Karishma says my mother wanted me to go to Us but it’s not easy to break this marriage. We can’t go against our elders. She asks Mithai to leave her. Karishma leaves. Mithai trips but Shubham comes there and holds her. He asks how is Indu now? Mithai says she is fine now. He asks if she needs anything for their marriage? Mithai says I didn’t think about our marriage. I thought Karishma would be happy that Rohan is moving back but she is not happy.

Shubham says this marriage will happen at any cost, I am going to meet Rohan now, he leaves. Mithai says everyone wants this marriage to happen but I don’t want this.Shubham and Shaurya come to meet Rohan. Shaurya asks Rohan why did you decide to move back to India? My sister had some dreams. Rohan says why? I wanted to marry to have a life partner but does Karishma want to marry me or the US? Shaurya says it’s not like that. Shubham says we didn’t choose you because you live in US but because you are a nice person so just tell me if you have any doubt about this wedding? Abha and Gunjan come there. Rohan says I don’t have any issue with the marriage. Abha says we will support you in any case but if you come back after the marriage then it will be difficult to settle down.

Mithai comes to talk to Sid but Apeksha says they are busy. Sid goes to talk to Mithai. She says Karishma is not happy with the marriage anymore. Sid says I can’t do anything now, I have asked Kirti to move away with me. Mithai looks on.Sid tells Mithai that Rohan might take Karishma away from here after the wedding. Mithai says but think about their emotions. Sid says it’s their fight so I can’t do anything, leave me alone. Apeksha asks her to leave him alone, he is mine. Mithai says I don’t care. Apeksha says then why are you behind him? Go and talk to Shubham. Mithai says I thought you cared about this family but you don’t. Apeskha says you thought Sid wouldn’t tell me about Kirti and Rohan, he shared it with me but this is all foolish.

Mithai says this is a family matter but you won’t understand beause you are not a part of this family. Apeksha says you have an attitude that you are going to become the daughter-in-law of this house but I won’t let you become one now. Mithai ignores her and goes to Sid. She tells Sid that Maa and I are ready to go to the hospital. Apeksha says we are busy with work so leave us alone. Mithai says I want to talk about a business idea. I want to start my own startup. Why don’t you start your own company here and not leave? You also told Rohan to relocate back here right? Abha hears that and thinks Sid gave Rohan an idea to move back here. Apeksha asks Mithai to stop bothering Sid.

Abha comes to Abhishek and says you don’t know what’s going on in this house. She takes him to Girish and says why did Sid gave an idea to Rohan to move back here? My daughter was happy to go to the US but Sid destroyed her dreams. I think Mithai is behind all this. Girish says Karishma is like my daughter too. Abha says I think Kirti should stay away from the wedding functions. Why is Sid taking interest in family matters now? Can you talk to Shubham to control Mithai? I am begging you to save my daughter’s wedding.

Girish comes to Sid and says I want to talk to you. Sid says I don’t want to. Apeksha says just go and check what he wants to talk about. Sid goes with him.Girish talks to Sid and Kirti. He says Abha talked to me and asked me to keep Kirti away from the wedding. Kirti says there is nothing between me and Rohan but I will stay away from the wedding if Abha wants. Sid says don’t worry about Kirti, she will go to the Singapore with me. Girish says what? you didn’t even ask me? Sid says Kirti is an adult and it’s better for her to leave from here. Kirti and Sid leave from there. Girish says my kids have drifted away from me. Apeksha comes there and says I can handle Sid and Kirti will listen to you but I think Mithai is behind all these mishaps. You have to control her.

Gunjan and Gitika arrive at Dadi’s house. Karishma comes there sadly and sits with Gunjan. Gunjan asks if she was crying? Abha says she fell ill because of the wedding stress. Gunjan asks her to not worry about anything.Karishma comes to the mandir and finds Mithai there. She asks Mithai to pray for her too. Mithai says you should pray for yourself. Karishma says my dream is to go to the US, please make my dream come true. Mithai prays for her too. Mithai finds a flower falling from the mandir and says Karishma you got the lord’s blessings but you have to take action in your life. You should talk to Rohan about what you want. Kavita comes there. Mithai says she wants to talk to Rohan, please make her meet him. Kavita is stressed but Mithai pleads with her to let them confess what’s in their hearts.

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