It’s not easy to love update Sunday 19 March 2023

It’s not easy to love 19 March 2023: Mithai recalls Sid’s hurtful words and cries alone. She comes to the mandir and prays for Sid.Sid is sitting alone in his room and recalls how he found out that he is married to Mithai.In the morning. Mithai packs her bag and starts leaving the house but Dadu stops her and asks where are you going? Mithai says I thought to go to the mandir and pray for Sid. I will come back when he gets his memory back. Dadu says you know Sid needs you here. Mithai recalls Sid telling her to go away. Mithai tells Dadu that if my presence is hurting Sid then I have to go away. Dadu says where will you go? Mithai says God is with me so don’t worry. Dadu blesses her and looks away. Mithai is about to leave but some goons enter the house and hit Mithai. She falls down and faints.

All family members come there and ask what’s going on? Pramod and Shubham come there. Sid comes there and asks what’s going on? Pramod says it’s good that everyone is here. He says this is our house now. Sid is shocked and asks Shubham if he lied to him? Shubham says yes, you wouldn’t understand because you got everything from the family without proving anything. Sid says you are doing this with your family? Shubham says this is not my family, you people never accepted so I want this business in my name now. All are shocked. Sid asks how can you change this much? Pramod says Girish used to control Shubham till now but he has taken control of his life and I am his new battery, nobody can change his mind now.

Shubham says if you people give everything to me then I will send these goons away. The goons are holding guns at the family. Girish says this man is thankless. Shubham shouts at him to stop it, just sign the papers and we will leave. Sid says you can’t do this. Shubham says just put everything in my name and I will leave. He tells his goons to take action if they don’t agree. Sid starts beating the goons. Girish and Abhishek help him too. Shaurya is beating some goons but Shubham beats him. Giriwsh comes there and slaps Shubham. Mithai wakes up and sees the family fighting. A goon is attacking Girish and Abhishek, Mithai goes there and tries to save them. Sid sees that and have flashbacks.

Mithai holds a stick and Sid recalls how the same thing happened at the shop. A goon is about to hit Mithai but Sid holds the stick and beats him. He shouts how dare you try to attack my wife? She is my wife. Mithai is shocked to hear that. The police arrives there and takes the goons away. Dadu asks the inspector to arrest Shubham and Pramod. Sid comes to Mithai and asks if she is okay? Mithai says I am totally okay now, Sid hugs her. Mithai looks at Shubham and says you will regret doing this with your family. She says they should be punished. Shubham says please forgive me if you can, I did a big mistake. I want to apologize before leaving. The inspector takes them away.

Sid comes to the family and says we have to work as a team, I have prepared something for Mithai as it’s her birthday, we won’t say anything to her. We will give her a surprise party, he asks everyone to pretent that we don’t remember. Karishma says he has changed. Sid asks Dadu and Dadi to not slip on their plan. They all nod.Mithai gets ready and is excited about her birthday, she says I am expecting a gift from Sid today.Mithai comes to the family but they all ignore her. She greets Girish but he doesn’t say anything. She thinks where is my mother? She didn’t even wish me.Indu is hiding in Dadi’s room and says I can’t ignore her. Mithai comes there and says I want to talk about today. Indu says I am preparing to go to the mandir so come back later on, Mithai is confused.

Mithai comes to Dadu, he blesses her and asks her to go away. Mithai is sad and thinks no one remembers my birthday. Sid hides and sees her. Sid calls everyone there, Mithai thinks he might have remembered my birthday. Sid tells the family that we will go out tomorrow so you all should prepare, he leaves. Mithai thinks even he doesn’t remember.Mithai comes to Sid and says I want to talk to you. Sid says I have some work, he acts like he is busy on his laptop. Mithai asks if he is forgetting something? Sid says oh I remember that we had to call some clients. Mithai asks if he remembers anything else? Sid says I don’t think there is anything else to remember. Mithai sadly leaves.

Scene 2
Gitika comes to Dadu’s house, she cries and pleads with the family to forgive Pramod for one last time. He will change this time. Mithai says he is a family so we can forgive him, Sid angrily leaves.Mithai comes to Sid and says this is his house so I think we should forgive him. Sid says what he did was wrong so don’t trust him again. Dadu comes there with Girish. Girish says Mithai is right, he is Gitika’s husband so we can’t keep him in the jail for long so forgive him. Sid says this is his last chance. Mithai thanks him and says we will bring Pramod and Shubham back from the jail.

In the evening, Mithai comes home and all lights are off. She is confused. Sid comes there and smiles at her. He sits on his knees and gives her a rose. He says you think I wouldn’t remember your birthday? Happy birthday. The lights turn on and all family members wish her. Mithai hugs Sid and smiles. Sid brings a cake for her. They both smile at each other. Mithai cuts the cake and feeds it to Sid and others. Gitika comes there with Pramod and Shubham. Pramod says I have no words to ask for forgiveness. Shubham pleads with Dadu to forgive him. Dadu says if you have realized about your mistake then you are back in the family. Shubham hugs him.

Pramod asks Sid if he can forgive him? Sid says you are my elder so don’t apologize. Pramod thanks him. Shubham hugs Sid. Pramod wishes Mithai. Sid says I have to announce something before the party. He says Mithai has won the ‘best businesswoman of the year’ award. He hugs her and says I am lucky to get a wife like you. Mithai gets emotional and says my dream will fulfill now. Indu says your father would be proud today.



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