It’s not easy to love update Saturday 18 March 2023

It’s not easy to love 18 March 2023: Dadu asks Shubham what was he thinking? Aarti brought you here and she never differentiated between you and Sid. How can you plot all this against your mother? You can’t be a part of this family anymore. Shubham says you are throwing me out of the house? Dadu says I would never be unfair to you, I will give you money and I will give you a share in the wealth but we will have no relationship from now on. Abhishek says I am ashamed to hear what Shubham, we will give you your share in the wealth. Girish asks him to leave, and come to the shop tomorrow to take the cheque and papers. Don’t enter this house even if I die. You have lost the right on me as my son.

Shubham says I know this would have happened with me but would you people have done the same with Sid? you people are throwing me out because I was always an orphan in this house. He angrily leaves from there. Girish looks on.Dadu is sitting alone in his room and is sad. He tells Dadi that this seems like I am in a war. Dadi says I am worried about Gitika, she will have to live with Pramod. Dadu says I thought Mithai will reunite our family but this family is breaking. Mithai comes there and hears that. Dadu says I have lost one grandson and another grandson is ill. Mithai says don’t lose hope, Sid will get his memory back soon and Shubham will come on the right path soon.Dadu says I am sure your honesty will bring Sid closer to you again.

Scene 2
In the morning, Mithai is cleaning Sid’s room. He comes there and sees her holding his things. He gets blurry memories and his head starts hurting. Mithai rushes to him and asks if he is fine? Sid says my head is hurting, I am recalling some memories. Mithai says don’t get stressed. Abha comes there and asks him to lie down. She says Sid should spend some time outside. She asks Sid to go to the shop and help her like you did before. Sid says what? Mithai asks him to take rest and takes Abha from there.

Mithai tells Abha that we can’t put Sid in stress, I will go to the shop. Abha says don’t worry, I will take care of Sid. Sid hides and hears all that.Sid asks Shaurya about Mithai’s shop. Shaurya says Dadu gave his old shop to Mithai and her business is performing way better than our own business. Sid is surprised to hear that.Pramod calls Sid and asks him to meet him. I can’t come to your house so can you meet me outside? Sid says okay.Sid comes to Pramod and shows him Mithai talking to Shubham. He asks him to hide and see that. Shubham pleads with Mithai and says I have lost my family, please take me back to the house.

Mithai says your greed could have taken Sid’s life so don’t beg to me. She leaves. Sid comes to Shubham and asks why was he begging to Mithai? Pramod says Dadu is being blinded by Mithai and all family members just follow her. Sid asks what’s going on? Pramod says do you think Shubham would ever attack you? Mithai plotted all this and now put the blame on Shubham. She even took Dadu’s old shop and started her own business, she destroyed Dadu’s business by taking their clients. When Shubham tried to save the family business then she planned that attacked, you tried saving her and got attacked. Now she has put all the blame on Shubham. Shubhamj says no one can win against Mithai, she took away my family and I am an orphan again. Pramod says Dadu just believes Mithai so no one can do anything. Sid is shocked to hear all that.

Pramod and Shubham come in. Geetika goes to make tea for them. Shubham says no one will know our secret right? Pramod says Sid has lost his memory and Mithai won’t know. She will get a surprise. Mithai says to Sid I want to tell you something. He says you’re not educated, look at this. Let me read it for you. 20 lacs.. 24 lacs.. These are shares HM sweets lost in the market. We never had such a loss. She says you’re not well. He says I am not done. He says your business has increased in these months and you must have made enough money to get your dada’s shop back. Return our shop and go back to your dad’s shop. Mithai says why are you saying that? I was gonna tell you the news, I got the papers and keys to the shop back. He says stop this drama.

What’s your plan? You wanna take over HM sweets? Because of you, my brother is out of this house and now you will leave this house. He drags her out.
Dadu stops Sid. He says what are you doing she’s your wife. Sid says stop letting her fool you. She did all this to Shubham. Sid says why? Because Mithai said it? She got her shops back and our business only made losses. Why didn’t she tell you that she got her shop back? She says I thought I would tell you first. He says dadu helped you with everything why didn’t you tell him? She says I was gonna tell everyone together. Sid says stop lying. You won’t live in this house. He shoves her out. Geetika holds Mithai. She brings Mithai in. Sid says let her go. You don’t know what she did.

Geetika says you don’t know the truth. When you find out you will apologize to her. My husband and Shubham planned all this. Pramod and Shubham came to my place. She shows them the video in which they say Sid has lost his memory. They will misuse this situation. Abha says he’s taking benefit of our situation. Dadu says Sid apologize to Mithai. Sid is about to apologize. His head hurts. Mithai says it’s not your fault. She says we shouldn’t give him stress. Sid says I need space.

Scene 2
Dadu comes to Pramod and Shubham. He says you both can never change. Our hearts are closed to you both forever. Abhishek says never go against Mithai or Sid again. I will forget you’re related to us. Dadu says to stay away from Mithai.Mithai brings food to sid’s room. He says I told you not to come here. She leaves the food and medicine. Mithai says food. He says go from here. Why are you talking as if nothing happened? She says because I didn’t forget who you’re to me? She says I am your wife. I won’t force you to remind anything. I want you to be happy. Sid stops Mithai.

Scene 3
Pramod and Shubham drink. He says I feel bad for you. That entire family is under Mithai’s magic. Shubham says I am alone. But now I will face everyone openly. They will all be out of the house and it will all be in my name. Pramod says what will you do?Sid says I know dadu can never lie. He said we got married but I can’t recall it. Mithai says I won’t force you. He says can you do something for me? mitahi says I will do everything for you. He says please go away from me for a few days. Mithai says where? He says just away from my sight. I can’t recall what’s the truth.

I don’t wanna hurt you and feel guilty later. If you are around I don’t know how will I react. Please go away for some days. Mithai says I can do that for your happiness. Don’t get mad at anyone. Take care of yourself. Mithai leaves. Mithai takes her bag.

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