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It’s not easy to love 11 February 2023: Girish tells Shubham that Mithai has to reach the mandap for you to leave her. Shubham says what you want will happen for sure, Mithai will reach the mandap but she won’t become part of this family. Girish hugs him and says don’t delay this. Shubham says I will convince her today only to marry me. I won’t disappoint you as a son.Mithai comes to Dadu and says you called me? Dadu says I was not sure if you would come. Mithai says don’t say that, I will always come when you call me. Dadu gives her resins and says they are precious but I know you will use them in sweets the right way.

Mithai eats the sweets that Dadu has made. She says it’s too tasty. Dadu says I am giving this ritual to you now, you will make these sweets from now on. I will teach you. Mithai starts cooking and Dadu teaches her. Dadu says you will start your business and I will help you.Mithai brings the resins to the mandir that Dadu gifted. She says Dadu has paved a way for me to fulfill my dreams. I was feeling suffocated with this marriage but now I feel liberated. Shubham comes there and asks her to come, he wants to talk to her.

Mithai goes to Shubham’s room. He shows her cycle with lighting around it. Shubham says I have given a name to it which will become your business name. I just want to become your partner. Mithai says so much has happened. Shubham says just hear me out. I want to marry you because you are independent and take a stand for rights, I want to fulfill your dreams so this relationship will not be based on a compromise, your dreams will become my dreams, and you will not lose your identity by marrying me and lastly, we both love making sweets so we will be perfect partners so tell me will you marry me? Mithai says you have heard what Dadu said. Shubham says he was just angry but I really love you. Mithai says I respect your feelings but I am not thinking about marrying right now. I have to get my mother treated and fulfill my dream of becoming a businesswoman. Shubham says this marriage is important to me.

Mithai says I thought your family was most important to me. I will win the hearts of everyone soon but I am requesting you to not pressurize me for the marriage, she leaves. Girish comes there and says what about your promises? Shubham says I tried my best but she didn’t agree, she doesn’t want to get married. Girish says you are a weak man, I announced you as my son in front of everyone but what did you do? If you can’t take revenge from her for my insult then you have no right to be called my son. Shubham sits at his feet and says I will do anything to take the revenge on her, just give me a chance. Girish says don’t you feel angry that she will become part of this family and wants to sell jalebis on the roads? Women should stay at home but that girl has no manners.

Shubham says I will do as you say. Girish says I will give you the number of the person who will help you. He gives him some instructions.In the morning, Mithai is cooking sweets. Sid comes there and says it smells bad here. Mithai says it’s a good fragrance but you are tasteless. I have to work hard to make a name like Dadu. Sid says you can’t make a name by selling sweets on the cycle. Mithai says then what can I do? Sid says you should have stability in life first, Shubham is a good man so you should marry him. Mithai says so he sent you to talk to me? Sid says yes but I mean it’s not a bad thing to marry and then start a business. Mithai says then why don’t you get married? I want to focus on my dream, I won’t use marriage to fulfill my dreams.

I was losing myself because of this wedding but I am trying to find myself back. Sid says how will you pay the loan and get your mother treated alone? Mithai says I always work hard and find a way. I have never cried in life. I lost my father when I was 10 but he taught me that there is always a way if I have a will. I am not a coward but a fighter. Your dream is to go to Singapore and my dream is to become a businesswoman. They are both dreams and we are both working to make them come true. Sid says it’s not that easy. Mithai says losing hope before trying is also wrong so let me try. She leaves from there. Sid looks on.


Mithai tells Sid that if he has questions about her business then he should come with her and see how she fights with problems. Sid says only on a condition that you will remain silent. Mithai glares at him and leaves. Sid goes behind her.Mithai and Sid come to the market to sell jalebis. Mithai starts singing for her jalebis. People start buying from her. Some goons come there to extort money from the stalls. They come to Mithai and say we own this area so you have to give us a bribe to sell jalebis here. You are a woman so sit at home. Mithai says why wouldn’t women work? If we stop working then you will die hungry. I will sell here. He asks her to give them a bribe. Sid comes there and says she is from Chubey family.

Mithai says I have recorded everything so I will complain to the police if you don’t leave. The goon says I won’t spare you and leaves. Mithai tells Sid that I can handle the problems. Sid says why take this risk when you can marry Shubham and live comfortably? Mithai says I want to do a business so I have to face the issues. She starts selling jalebis. Shubham’s man calls him and says she is here, I will do your work. He buys jalebis from her and adds a bee in it. He tells Mithai that you have bees in your jalebis. Mithai says you must be mistaken, I make jalebis with love. Other people take Mithai’s side saying we always buy from her. Mithai takes a stick and runs behind Shubham’s man.

Another man comes there and asks Sid to sell him jalebis. Mithai is running behind Shubham’s spy, he falls down and hurts himself. Mithai rushes to him and says I will take you the hospital. Sid goes with them.The doctor treats the spy. Mithai pays for him and doesn’t let Sid pay. The spy sees that and cries. Mithai asks what happened? Was there a bee in my jalebi? He says no, I had added it because someone told me to. He tells her everything. Mithai and Sid look on.

Scene 2
The spy comes to Girish’s house and gives the money back. He says I won’t do your work. That girl is so nice, she got me treated when I got hurt. I can’t work for you to destroy her. He starts leaving but Sid and Mithai come there. Sid says I got to know what you were up to.

Sid calls the family and tells them about Girish hiring a spy to spoil Mithai’s business. Sid tells Dadu that he is so disgusting, that he wanted to destroy Mithai’s small business. Dadu tells Girish that if you are angry with Mithai then you should have talked instead of doing all this. Sid says what would be a reason for that? Girish says I did that for Mithai only. Shubham wants to marry her but she wants to do a business. Dadu says so what? Girish says that the girl is innocent, she doesn’t understand that it’s not easy to work on the roads. She needs a man in her life. Abhishek says he is right, Mithai is destroying our name. Abha says she doesn’t deserve to become our daughter-in-law. Sid says give her respect, I know life is tough for women in our society but I have seen Mithai is a fighter.

Mithai is surprised to hear that. Dadu says I have already canceled the wedding. Shubham says I have realized that I can’t get a better partner than Mithai. I want to marry her. Girish says everything happened because of Karishma and Kirti so what’s Shubham’s fault. Mithai will remain happy with Shubham. Dadu says but if Mithai doesn’t want to marry? Mithai says no, Girish is right. I need a man’s support to start my business. I am ready to marry Shubham. Girish says she took the right decision. Abhishek says so you have forgotten that my daughter’s life was destroyed because of this girl? Girish looks on.

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