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It’s not easy to love 10 February 2023: Girish ignores Kirti, Sid comes to her and asks how are you? She hugs him and says I am happy. Karishma glares at her and says she took away everything from me. Dadu tells the family that we will do mehndi ritual and have a sangeet function. Mithai sits with Shubham. Shubham plays a song. Mithai wants to dance but Shubham asks her to stay put. Kirti, Rajeev, Kavita, Shaurya, and others start dancing. They pull in Shubham also. Rohan dances with Kirti. Sid dances too. Kirti asks Mithai to dance with them. Mithai is reluctant but Dadu encourages her. Mithai starts dancing with the family. Girish glares at her.

It’s not easy to love 9 February 2023

Kirti goes to the kitchen to drink water, Karishma comes there and glares at her. Kirti hugs her and asks how is she? Karishma pushes her away and says I trusted you but you snatched Rohan from me? What did you do to trap Rohan? You didn’t have any shame to lure my fiance? Kirti says it was not anyone’s fault. We just fell in love.Indu thanks Dadu and Dadi for blessing Mithai. Gitika says Mithai has reunited this family. Dadi gives mehndi to the worker. Abha thinks Mithai’s hands will be burned now. Karishma shouts that you were shameless to eye my fiance. Kirti tries to leave but Karishma grabs her and brings her to the lounge. Karishma says I won’t spare you.

Sid pushes Karishma away and she mistakenly hits the poisoned mehndi bowl. Mithai asks if she is fine? Karishma shouts at her to not touch her. Sid asks her to behave herself. Dadu says I had to see this day also? Rohan holds Kirti’s hand to show support. Sid asks Karishma to leave. Kirti says she is young so let it be. Rohan tells Kirti I told you to not come here, see how they are treating you. Mithai says this is her house too. Sid asks Mithai to stop it. He asks Abha to take Karishma away. Abha takes her from there. Dadu apologizes to Rohan’s family. Dadi says we should continue the mehndi ceremony. Rohan says we should leave. Kirti says no, this is my house too and it’s my brother’s marriage. Sid finds the fallen mehndi burning the carpet and stops Mithai from putting that mehndi on her hand.

He burns his hand in the process. Mithai runs and brings cold water for him. She puts his hand in it. Sid says I am fine. Apeksha checks his hand. Girish says we will do the mehndi function today only. Mithai thanks Sid for saving her.Abha hits Karishma and says I told you to not do anything but you destroyed my plan. Karishma says I couldn’t see Kirti being happy with Rohan. Abha says I am doing all this for you but you failed my plan. I have to think of something else because I won’t let Mithai get married to Shubham.

Kavita and Gitika make mehndi for Mithai. Dadi scolds the mehndi applier for bringing poisoned mehndi. She says I don’t know how this happened. Gitika asks Mithai to pray for her wedding. Mithai prays to make everything fine. She turns to see Sid saving Diya in the mandir. Shubham comes to him and asks what happened? Sid says diya was blowing off so I saved it. Sid and Shubam both look at Mithai.Mithai is trying to sell her jalebi but people find her hands filled with mehndi and say we can’t buy from you. Mithai thinks that this marriage will be a blocker to her dreams? She imagines her father telling her that don’t worry about things, just focus on her dream and God will make a path for her.. it turns out of being Mithai’s dream.


She wakes up and thanks God for making her recall her dream. Mithai goes to the mandir and prays for her dream.In the morning, Mithai is making jalebis. Sid comes there and says you are making these again? Mithai says you should eat sweets sometime, I am starting my business today. Sid says you are getting married and doing this also? Mithai says I will handle everything together.Indu comes to the mandir and prays for Mithai’s marriage. Mithai comes there and says I saw my father in my dream and he told me to focus on my dream so I will start selling jalebis from today.

Indu says what? You are going to be a part of this family and they might not like you sell. Mithai hugs her and says I said yes to this marriage for you but this is my dream so don’t stop me. I know Dadu will understand me.Abha gives some poison bottles to Karishma and asks her to take them to Mithai.Dadi asks Sid where is Mithai? Sid says Mithai went to sell sweets. Dadi says what? Dadu says it’s okay if she wants to sell. Karishma comes there with the bottles but slips and the bottles fall down. Sid rushes to her and finds the bag burning which had poisonous bottles. Sid asks what is this? Karishma says it was just trash.

Mithai sells her jalebis in the market and comes back home. She finds Sid confronting Karishma. He asks Karishma if she mixed this same liquid in Mithai’s mehndi? You were behind that? You wanted to hurt her? Sid tells Dadu that see what this family is up to. Sid shouts at Karishma to speak up. Mithai says let her be. Sid asks her to shut up. Dadu asks Karishma to tell the truth. Abha comes there and says she is a kid so forgive her. Indu gets dizzy seeing all that. Mithai asks the family to calm down. She says I am fine so it’s okay. I know Karishma is angry but she will soon understand that I did all that to save 3 lives. Dadu says but I won’t let her destroy your life. He tells Indu I am tired of all this, I can’t trust these people anymore so I can’t promise you about this marriage now. Indu says these people hate us this much? Dadu says I am sorry for her trying to burn Mithai’s hands.

He says this family is filled with hatred now. Indu cries and says I don’t know if Mithai deserves to become a part of this family but I won’t allow anyone to hurt her. Mithai says don’t cry. She gives her money and says I earned these today. Dadu says I am sorry to you both and I am announcing that Shubham won’t marry Mithai. Indu says if this family doesn’t accept my daughter then I won’t marry her in this house. Dadu says sorry to Mithai and says I can’t marry her in this house if this family is against her. She is my daughter and I will protect her. He tries to leave. Mithai and Sid help him.

Girish tells Shubham that we can’t let Mithai go easily, you have to take revenge for me. Shubham says I will do as you say. Mithai will go to the mandap but she won’t become part of this family.

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