Every Girl’s Dream update Friday 3 February 2023

Every Girl’s Dream 3 February 2023: Devraj says we have to make Krisha Maya. Life feels incomplete. She’s there and I am doing this ritual? That one accident changed everything. Krisha is outside. She drops the plate. Devraj says what are you doing here? She says came to ask about ritual. He says later. Krisha leaves.Devraj was with Maya. They saw the accident video. Maya said you burned the car? He says the accident happened because you were driving fast. The man came in front of you and he died. I had to burn the car. I can’t let you go to the jail. So I hid his body and you have to hide. If anyone sees you it will be a huge problem.

Every Girl’s Dream 2 February 2023

You have to stay here. She says here? In store? Devraj says until I find a solution. I love you so much. I can’t let you go to jail. I can’t lose you. Krisha is imagining it. She says this must have happened. She is hiding because she might have killed someone and Devraj wants to frame me for her crime. That’s why he wants to make me Maya. Devraj comes downstairs. Krisha says I am just a pawn in his eyes and he will sacrifice me. But I will pay a game you won’t be able to understand. I won’t be punished for maya’s crime. I will bring her truth out in front of everyone. Krisha says in 2 days my plan would work. I will go far away from him. Krisha reaclls her moments with Devraj. She says I was used and you fooled me. She wipes her tears.

Scene 2
Rati wakes up in pain. There’s no water. Rati comes out. She sees Ugra outside with Naina. She gives money to a man and says get my son out of the jail. No one should know. Naina and Ugra see Rati. Rati comes out. Ugra says what are you doing here? Rati says I can’t hear anything.. What are you saying? Ugra says nothing. They go inside. Ugra says my medicine is working. Her senses would stop working now. Naina says I thought Rati got to know about our plan but she can’t even hear. Ugra says she doesn’t even know what we are doing with her. Stupid girl. Rati hears it. She says mummy ji is doing something. but what?

Scene 3
Krisha says Jaya maa said I have to give you three gifts. what do you want? He says anything. It’s just a ritual. Krisha says what did Maya give you? He says Maya didn’t follow ritual. She wasn’t well. Krisha says what would she give you if she was okay? He says I don’t know. Krisha says you want to make me Maya but then you don’t help me? He says I thought you might know by know. Krisha says sorry that I asked you. I will not ask you again. You will get your gift. Krisha says also, someone is upstairs. I heard someone. Devraj says there are workers. She says at this time? are you sure there are workers? He says it’s a huge castle. People work here day and night. Krisha says in heart he’s such a big liar.

Scene 4
Krisha asks Rati what is Ugra doing with you? Rati I have no idea. But there’s something. Krisha says you shouldn’t trust them. I was shocked when they start behaving so good with you. Rati says yeah she would give me juice, tea. Krisha says after that you started falling sick. Rati says I saw something black in the juice. Mummy ji said she added a tonic in it. Krisha says don’t trust her. Don’t eat or drink anything she gives you. Rati coughs. Krisha gives her water. Ugra says Rati have this juice.. Krisha takes the glass and takes a sip. She says it’s so spicy. Take it back. Ugra says it was for Rati. Krisha says the food was very spicy. I will get Rati another juice. She gives water to Rati. Krisha says something is wrong. This juice will tell us. Something wrong is happening. These people are powerful but we are truthful. We won’t give up on ourselves. We will expose all of them. Are you with me? Rati says yes.

Scene 4
Aarav says Maya is alive? This can’t be true. Rati is shocked too. Krisha says Jaya is coming. They pretend to talk about lights. Jaya says you all are doing decorations. Well done. Krisha says I went upstairs and saw a woman there. Aarav says I also heard someone coughing. They’re shocked. Krisha says to Rati.. I told you. Don’t tell anyone. Aarav says I told Devraj someone was coughing but he got mad. But how can we be sure it was Maya? There are so many workers in this castle. And why would Devraj do all of this? Why would he lie? Krisha says he has lied about everything. He hid his marriage and first wife from me. There is someone there. Aarav says we can go there and check. Krisha says Devraj keeps an eye on us. Devraj comes there. They talk about lights. Krisha says we have to prepare and find out all the secrets. I will bring Maya in front of everyone. Aarav says if she’s alive then you. Krisha says I will go away from this house. We will talk about it later. Rati says but how did he hid her for so long? Krisha says I have a plan.

Scene 5
Jaya says as first ritual you’ve to shower Devraj with haldi. Krisha says before going away from you I will make enough memories to live with them all my life. She applies haldi on Devraj’s body. Krisha wipes her tears. The song tera naam ishq plays. Devraj says why is she acting so strange.Krisha applies haldi on Devraj. He holds her. Aarav comes to Jaya’s room. He tries to look for the proof. He finds a small box and gets keys from it. Jaya comes there. SHe sees her drawer open.

Jaya is worried. She comes downstairs and says Krisha I need to talk to Devraj. Krisha leaves. Jaya says the keys are not there. Devraj says did Roma take them? She says Roma took them but she kept it back. Devraj says I need to find it back. Jaya says you stay here, I will find it. Krisha looks at them and recalls she said to Aarav open the door first adn we need to worry them so they make a mistake.Krisha says to Devraj this is your first gift. He is worried. Krisha says won’t you open it? Devraj opens. It’s a perfume. Devraj recalls Maya got it for him.

She said this is strong so everyone knows you are my baby. Krisha says do you like it? You liked everything about Maya. Soon your maya will be with you. Let’s go now for the second ritual. She holds his hand. Krisha says I will expose Devraj’s secret.

Scene 2
Aarav looks for Krisha. Krisha bathes Devraj with milk and removes his haldi. The song kalank plays. Krisha falls. Devraj holds her. Devraj says is something different? She says nothing and everything. Maya.. isn’t Krisha. But yes, Maya is Maya. Aarav comes there. He says I am sorry I will come later. Krisha leaves.Krisha comes to Aarav. He says I am sorry I came there. He says I have the keys. Jaya says to Devraj the keys are nowhere. No one went upstairs. Aarav says to Krisha I don’t think Maya is alive. You and Devraj look good together. I hope all misunderstandings end. Aarav throws the keys for Krisha to catch. They fall. Jaya and Devraj hear.

Jaya comes upstairs Krisha tries to pick the keys. Jaya says Krisha.. What are you doing on the floor? She says nothing. Jaya says I heard something falling. Aarav says Jaya dehanchand is looking for you. Krisha says this arti plate fell. I picked it. Aarav takes Jaya from there. Krisha picks the keys.

Scene 3
Jaya says Krisha tie this turban on Devraj and once he’s ready come downstairs with him for havan. Krisha ties Dervaj’s turban . She says this is the first and last time. Then Krisha will leave your life forever. Krisha ties the turban. Krisha says our second gift. He sees a branded handkerchief. Maya got him one imported and got her named embroidered on it. Devraj sees it. Krisha says for you. Devraj says what are you trying to do? She says you wanted to me become Maya. Devraj says I wanted but not you. What’s going on in your mind? Do you plan on running? Krisha says I am standing here. Until Maya come, Krisha won’t go. Once she comes, Krisha will leave. Devraj says what are you saying? Krisha says you said there’s no more Krisha. I am repeating the same.

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