Every Girl’s Dream update Saturday 11 February 2023


Every Girl’s Dream 11 February 2023:Roma hears that and is angry.Krisha is waiting for Devraj and says I will have to sleep alone. Devraj arrives and says you don’t need to. Krisha hugs him. Devraj says you promised me that you won’t do anything foolish. Krisha says I just agreed to go on a picnic with Daksh, I didn’t do anything else. He says good. Krisha hides her tattoo and says he can’t find about this otherwise he will be angry.

Daksh is preparing for the picnic. Devraj tells Krisha to be careful. Krisha says I think his confidence will increase if he goes on a picnic. Devraj says let’s go then. They both leave. Aarav and Rati are going with them too. Ugra says Rati is going with them but they won’t get medical help there. I have put medicines in her sandwich so she will get heart palpitations. Naina says I will go them and keep you informed.All family members arrive at the picnic spot. Naina sits with Rati and asks her to take care of her health. She says I will. Krisha sits with Rati and asks if everything is fine? Rati says everyone is here except Raghav.. let’s leave all that. They all start playing games. Daksh says let’s play antakshiri.

Roma hides and hires a goon. All family members are singing and dancing. Devraj and Krisha smile at each other, they imagine dancing together.Krisha is playing games with Daksh. Krisha asks Daksh to eat something. Naina gives a sandwich to Rati and asks her to eat. Krisha thinks why does she want her to eat so badly? Devraj sees Daksh gone and looks around for him. Daksh comes out of hiding and says I fooled you all. Devraj scolds him. Krisha sees Rati about to eat a sandwich but stops her and says we will play a game first. Krisha puts the sandwich away. Roma’s goons are looking for them. Krisha asks Daksh to not go too far away. He says I am going to the lake. Naina takes Rati from there. Roma puts a blindfold on Krisha and asks her to play a game. Krisha is searching around blindly. Goons follow her.

Krisha is blindfolded and looks around for someone. Devraj comes there and she recognizes him, she takes off her blindfold and says I knew it would be you because you protected me from sunlight. Devraj smiles. Krisha says it’s your turn now. Devraj says we should look for Daksh first, she nods and goes with him.Roma’s goons are looking for Daksh in the jungle. They find him alone there. Daksh gets scared seeing them with a gun. Devraj and Krisha are looking for him. Devraj asks Krisha to go back to the site and look for him. They both separate and look for him. The goons gather around Daksh as he tries to leave. The goons start beating him.


Daksh is crying for help but suddenly raises his hand and punches a goon. He starts beating them and says I am not scared of you as I am a lion. He beats them all up and says you think I am ill and weak? I treated myself and then started acting like a weak man in front of the world. My brother lives in guilt and I want that, you know why? Because I wanted to keep taking advantage of him. He has to work in an office and take care of everything while I enjoy life. He says I always hated Devraj, they always got everything because he was born 5 minutes before me? He was praised by everyone and got everything but why didn’t I get anything? I hate Devraj since childhood. He tells the goons that I will destroy Devraj, I will take everyone that he loves away from him. I have made a plan so I have to keep acting like a fool. Don’t tell my secret to anyone.

He hears someone coming there and says I don’t trust anyone. I should kill you all. He ties up goons and throws them in the river. Krisha arrives there and finds Daksh alone there. She asks if he is fine? He acts and says I slipped, I was scared. Krisha says don’t worry, I will take you from there. Daksh looks in the river and smirks. He goes away with Krisha.Krisha brings Daksh back to Devraj, he asks if he is fine? He says yes, I slipped and my clothes became dirty. Devraj hugs him and says don’t go anywhere alone again. Daksh smirks and says I am lucky to get a brother like you. He thinks that I hate Devraj, soon I will take everything away from you. I will start with your love Maya.. I mean his Krisha.

All family members come back. Naina shakes her head at Ugra telling her that Rati was saved. Roma thinks what happened to the goons I sent? She sees Daksh entering in the house and totally fine. She is confused. Daksh smiles at her and goes away. Roma is confused.

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