Instagram will now help you manage your time, find out how

In the wake of excessive use and social media addiction, instagram has taken up the initiative to help it’s users globally manage the amount of time they spend scrolling through the app.

As a line up of new features expected in the next update of the app, time management will become a thing. All Instagram Users can go to ‘Activity’ section of their profile pages, there they can be able to check the average time they spend using the app in a day and consequently work towards balancing it.

Instagram official logo

The new update reads:


We have begun to roll out new tools to help you manage your time on Instagram. Go to profile and tap “Your Activity” in the settings menu.

Your Activity: See your average time for Instagram on a device. Tap any bar to see your total time for that day.

Daily Reminder: Set a daily reminder to give yourself an alert

Mute Push Notifications: Tap “Notification Settings” and turn on “Mute Push Notifications.”

These tools will be available globally in the coming weeks.

Screenshot of the update

Hopefully, other apps like Twitter and Facebook will follow soon. So get ready to update your instagram app once you get the reminder from play store.


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