Imlie starlife update Tuesday 5 March 2024

Imlie 5 march 2024: NGO manager gives Manchanda family’s address to Atharva. Shivani says let’s go there. Manager says Manchanda’s told they will be staying at their farm house, he doesn’t have their farm house address.

Atharva in shock asks what? Devika says let us go there and get farm house address. Imlie cries where will she find her little one. Kairi asks her not to worry as bad people tried to snatch little baby from them, they got her always and even today they will. Atharva wipes Imlie’s tears and hugs her. Rudra tells Imlie that god tests the one who can handle it. Devika says choti Imlie/CI will cross all the hurdles and reach her soon.

Imlie notices Manchanda’s car and recalls them dropping her to NGO in it. She informs Atharva that Manchanda’s brought baby in this car. She calls driver out and explains him whole story. Driver refuses to give her farm house address fearing losing his job. Rudra identifies him and asks how is Vivek Manchanda. Driver says he is fine and leaves. Imlie asks Rudra if he knows Manchanda’s, to her to their farm house. Rudra says Vivek Manchanda is Delhi’s biggest diamond merchant and his biggest business rival.

Manish and Akash say whole Delhi know about their rivalry. Atharva says Vivek’s son Ajay doesn’t have any baby. Imlie says whoever they are, she wants her baby back. Atharva says she is with her.

Ranas steal Manchanda’s car and reach Manchanda’s farm house. Devika encourages Imlie to go in silently and bring her baby back. Anu already present there thinks she is here to fail Imlie’s plan. Shivani also encourages Imlie. Imlie enters the house silently and hides hearing someone coming. She hears baby crying and tries to walk towards it.

Ajay and Pooja try to calm CI. Servant stops Imlie and asks who is she. Imlie says she is baby’s new governess and requests him go. Servant says madam didn’t inform him about a new servant. Imlie says she is getting late and requests him to let her go. He agrees. She rushes upstairs. Ajay says baby is remembering her baby. Pooja says she is her mother from hereon and says she will bring milk for baby. He goes to talk to doctor. Imlie reaches CI and calms her down.

Pooja prepares baby milk and notices baby silent. They both head towards baby. Anu calls Ajay and informs him that Imlie has reached to take his baby away, he can stop her if he can.

He and Pooja rush up and asks Imlie what is happening. Imlie apologizes them for stealing their car and reaching there and informs that baby is her daughter. Ajay asks Pooja to let Imlie sit and walks out. He calls commissioner there. Ranas also walk in after informing Vivek. Pooja says they have legally adopted baby and can’t return it to Imlie. Imlie says she gave birth to her baby. Commissioner says he will arrest Imlie for trespassing Manchanda’s farm house and taking their baby. Atharva says baby is their daughter. Commissioner says they can file a case, until then baby would be with Manchanda’s and Imlie would be in jail. Constable arrests Imlie and takes her away.

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