Imlie starlife update Tuesday 22 August 2023

Imlie 22 August 2023: Chini blackmails Atharva to accept their relationship and marry her or else she will commit suicide. Atharva walks to Rudra in shock. Rudra says they never had a cordial relationship to give him advice, but a son is a father’s dream. Atharva says he is in a dillam. Rudra says he should have trust on himself and has a choice between 2 path, he should think what will he get by gaining it but should it if he can happy losing it, and if losing one is more painful for him than gaining the other, then that is the best choice for him. Chini gets ready as bride and tells Keya and Anu that she will become only Atharva’s bride.

Atharva walks to Imlie’s room to speak to her and finds her packing her suitcase. Imlie says she is leaving his house. Atharva asks in shock if she really going. Imlie says Rudra’s health has recovered now, whom shall she stay here for now. He says for her. She says she wants to focus on her work, life, and herself. Atharva requests her to stay back for some more days. Imlie requests him not to stop her and gives promise of their friendship, thinks she can’t go forever if she stays back today. Atharva walks behind her. Chini stops him. Atharva stands anxious seeing her as bride. Chini says baraat has reached their door, she is going to terrace, he should take a decision or else consider it as her final goodbye. He stands in a dilemma seeing Imlie going down and Chini up to terrace and prays god for help. He recalls Rudra’s advice and imagines Chini holding his one hand and going far away in dark and then Imlie holding his hand and going far away in light. He thanks god and says he knows where to go now.

Atharva walks to Chini. Imlie feels disappointed. Chini feels happy that Arto returned to her and says he took a first step, she will support him in each step from hereon. Keya and Anu grin seeing that and discuss that their plan is successful. Anu taunts crying Imlie that she should leave instead of staying in pain here. Abhishek’s assistant takes signatures on charity papers. Imlie asks Anu and Keya about Chini. Anu says with her groom and taunts her that she is a servant’s daughter and should search herself. Atharva tries to speak, but Chini senses he wants to tell something else and doesn’t let him speak. She hugs him tightly and asks him to relax. Imlie sees that and recalls Chini’s challenge. Atharva asks Chini to leave. Chini says its okay as its just Imlie. Imlie tells Atharva that she had some ray of hope which is gone now, she was a fool to think that things can change between them again, but has lost hope now.

Chini asks her to give her lecture somewhere else. Imlie frees Atharva’s hand and says she meant it for Chini who will never stop her dirty tricks and will never change. Atharva says whatever she saw is not true. Imlie asks when will he learn that she trusts him completely. Chini warns her to stop interfering between 2 lovers. Imlie asks Atharva to speak his heart out and makes things clear for once and walks away from them. Chini tells Arto that Imlie must have brainwashed him. Atharva says Imlie doesn’t have time for all this nonsense and warns her to stop talking about Imlie. Chini says they were happy before Imlie’s entry. Atharva says Chini was happy and not Imlie; he doesn’t love Chini. He says he made 3 decision, first he will not betray his family, second he will not be a culprit of Abhishek and his family, and third he doesn’t love Chini anymore. Chini says this is not true. Atharva says he doesn’t have any reason to lie. Chini says Imlie must have brainwashed him against her. Atharva asks her to relax as her words don’t make any sense. Chini says now Imlie is his favorite and he hates her. Atharva says he doesn’t hate her. chini asks if he loves Imlie then?

Chini tells Atharva that he hates her and loves Imlie. Atharva says he doesn’t hate her. Chini asks if she loves Imlie then. Atharva says Imlie is her bestfriend. Chini says Imlie is trying to separate them. Atharva says Imlie showed her truth and truth is Chini was his love but not now. Chini says he is breaking up with her for Imlie. He says she will realize what he means later. She shouts she hates Imlie. Rupali looks at the jewelry set she bought for Chini, thinks she could manage according to her status, and hopes Chini likes it. Sundar and Arpita walk in and ask her to come out soon as wedding will start. Abhishek sits in mandap. His parents taunt him for his eagerness to marry Chini soon. Panditji starts mantras. Keya and Anu try to upset Imlie more with their taunting words.

Chini insists Atharva to accept that he loves her. Atharva refuses and says he finally realized with Imlie’s help that he truly doesn’t love her and walks away from there. Chini thinks she truly loves him and realized it just now. Atharva joins family. Keya and Anu discuss what is he doing here instead of being with Chini. Panditji calls bride to mandap. Abhishek smiles seeing Chini walking in. Chini recalls Atharva pleading earlier not to break up with him and now refusing to acknowledge her love. Imlie takes Chini towards mandap and says she knows she wants to marry Abhishek for his money and doesn’t love him, so she sshouldn’t marry him. Chini sits besides Abhishek. Abhishek says she is looking very beautiful, he is very lucky that she is going to be his life partner. Chini stands up and says she cannot marry him. Everyone are shocked to hear that.

Imlie thinks if the miracle she was waiting for happened really and Chini is accepting truth. Abhishek in shock asks Chini what is she saying. Chini says she can’t marry him as she doesn’t love him. Abhishek says he loves her immensely though. Chini says one-sided love is not right. Abhishek says he will prove his love for her, shows charity papers and says he didn’t sign her without her permission, and says he can do anything for her. Chini asks him to forget her then. Abhishek promises to transfer all his property in her name and gives her a blank cheque. His parents warn him not to do that. Devika feels sorry for Rathore who upbring a greedy orphan and Abhishek’s parents whose son has gone blind in love. Rudra says he pities Abhishek’s parents who will lose everything to greedy Chini.

Chini throws property papers in havan fire and says she always valued status and money over love, but now realized that love is everything. She tells Abhishek that she can understand his situation and like him, she wants to lose everything and get her love Arto. Atharva asks what the hell is this. Chini says she loves him and requests to trust her. Rupali slaps her and asks how dare she is to take her husband’s name during her wedding. Chini says she just took her love’s name and apologizes Abhishek to forgive her if possible; says just like he is fighting for her, she has right to fight for her love. Atharva says he doesn’t love her. She says everything seems dark around her. She pours water in havan fire and walks away from there.

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