Imlie starlife update Sunday 7 January 2024

Imlie 7 January 2024: Chini points gun at police and Ranas and refuses to get herself arrested. Imile points inspector’s gun towards Chini. Chini asks if she will shoot her sister. Imlie says she got courage from her parents, Chini never stopped doing sins and should pay for them. Chini delivers a tacky dialogue threatening to kill Imlie and shoots at her. Atharva interferes and bears bullet on his shoulder. Family is shocked to see that. Police arrests Chini and takes her away. Imlie rushes to Atharva and asks why did he do this. Imlie says she knows the answer and loses consciousness. Family rushes Atharva to hospital. Doctor starts his surgery.

Imlie comforts Devika. Devika says she cursed Imlie for 5 years, but she is still worried for her. Imlie says Devika is her mother and how can she stop worrying for her mother. Devika apologizes Imlie for all the atrocities she did towards her. Rudra asks Devika to return home as Kairi is alone and would be missing her parents. Devika refuses to leave her son and asks Imlie to go as Kairi likes her the most.

Doctor comes out of OT and informs that the bullet just touched Atharva’s shoulder and escaped, Atharva is fine now. Devika sends Imlie home with Shivani. At home, Kairi refuses to have food from Ginni’s hands and demands to meet her monkey paa. Imlie reaches home. Ginni asks about Atharva. Imlie says he is fine. Shivani takes Ginni out. Kairi asks where is monkey paa and BFF. Imlie says they are out of town. Kairi asks who will sing her a lullaby and make her sleep, she hopes Imlie was her mother. Imlie says her monkey paa will return home tomorrow and asks her to sleep now.

Next morning, Devika and family feel happy seeing Atharva normal. Atharva demands to meet Imlie right now. Devika says how will he go without discharge. Atharva says he wasted a lot of time and doesn’t want to waste any more time, thinks he has to inform Imlie that Kairi is her daughter before someone else informs her. Imlie makes arrangements for Atharva’s welcome. Rudra calls her and informs that they got Atharva discharged and bringing him home. Kairi says they decorated the house, but themselves didn’t get ready. Imlie asks Kairi to go and get ready and says there is no one to look at her, so she will not get ready.

Shivani says Atharva is there to see her and says her 5 years of waiting is ending today. Imlie talks about losing her daughter, etc. Shivani says even Atharva lost his child, they should start afresh again.

Atharva heads towards home with family and feels restless to meet Imlie. Devika taunts him. Atharva calls Imlie and asks if she is also eager to meet him. Imlie asks if he will finish is talks on phone itself or will talk even at home. Atharva says he is eager to meet his amigo. Imlie says him bye and disconnects call. She gets ready and imagines Atharva embracing her. A romantic song plays in the background.

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