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Imlie 22 January 2023: Aditya over phone tells Malini that she should have gone home instead of a hotel. Malini says she was feeling safe with him and doesn’t want to return to her parents’ house, he should focus on Imlie as she may not like them speaking as its Imlie’s special day today and he should make sure Imlie is happy today. Adi tries to speak, but Malini disconnects call as per Anu’s advice. Imlie hearing their conversation asks if something happened. Adi tensed says Malini is staying in a hotel and not even telling its name. Imlie says her amma told Malini went to her parent’s house. He asks if she is spying on Malini. Imlie says she is worried for Malini.

He says if she really was, she wouldn’t have kicked her out of house at midnight. She says its Malini’s plan. He says their lives are stabilizing and he divorced Malini, but she always wants to blame Malini and forced her to stay in an unknown hotel.In the evening, Tripathis ready for karva chauth celebration wait for moon sighting. Harish says he is watching news to check moon sighting time. Adi tries to convince Malini to tell hotel name. Nishant asks family to play music and dance for time pass and plays Chand Chupa Badal Imlie imagines dancing with him and gets when she sees Adi standing far away. Sundar informs everyone that moon is sighted and takes everyone up.

Adi looking at Imlie thinks whatever happens in life, he will never forget its Imlie’s first karva chauth and he wants to make it special for her. Imlie thinks his trust is her biggest gift. Family reaches terrace and sights moon. Anu asks Malini its time to execute her plan. Malini hopes Adi gets back to her. Just when Imlie start karva chauth ritual, Adi gets Malini’s call and he leaves. Imlie looking at moon prays Seeta maiya to let her be Adi’s wife for lies. She turns to see Adi’s face and doesn’t find him. Adi goes aside and picks Malini’s call. Malini asks him not to worry about her and acts as falling down. Imlie searches Adi and finds him leaving on his bike.

Imlie sits sadly. Family walks to her and tries to console her. Aparna says Adi must have got some important work, so he left. Pankaj and Harish act as scolding Adi when he returns. Nishant says he should have informed them and gone. Adi returns with Malini and says she got unconscious. Aparna gets worried for her. Malini acts as weak and dizzy. Adi takes her to room. Imlie drops her ritual lamp. Dulari says she feels Malini is acting again. Adi makes Malini rest on bed. Malini asks him to give her water and smirks at Imlie who is standing at door. Adi serves her water. She apologizes him that he had to leave the rituals midway. He says its okay and goes to get her food. She taunts Imlie that she had told her that Adi will not perform karva chauth ritual with her.

Imlie asks what will she get doing this, her cheap acts are short lived and she will be exposed soon. Malini says she is tired of hearing all these dialogues repeatedly and challenges her that Adi himself will kick Imlie out of house in 3 days.Imlie returns to her room. Adi asks if she is angry on him. She says she is not, but why did he bring Malini back home. He says he is helpless. She says its Malini’s plan. He says Malini didn’t want to accompany him, but couldn’t leave a pregnant woman alone. Imlie continues arguing when Aparna brings food for them and reveals that Adi is also fasting. She suggests not to let any differences creep up between them and walks away asking them to have food.

Adi and Imlie feed each other. Imlie remembers Malini’s challenge and prays god to handle the situation. Malini cuts Imlie’s photo and thinks Imlie’s babusaheb will separate from her forever.Next morning, Dulari enjoys gulab jamun while Tripathis enjoy feast. They discuss about getting new things for Dantheras. Sundar requests a new cooker. Radha demands jewelry for Imlie. Harish gets angry hearing about expenses. Aparna says she wants to buy jewelry for her new bahu and laxmi of this house. Malini enters saying she is laxmi of this house. Everyone frown hearing that. Malini says maybe her baby is a girl and thought of buying something for her, but lets buy something for Imlie first.

Imlie asks if she wants to buy something for her baby or herself. Malini says its for baby and she wants to buy something for her first. Imlie says there is no competition between her and baby, so she herself will buy something for baby. Aparna says its decided that they will buy some gold for baby, silver for everyone, and utensils for home. Harish gives his credit card, takes back, and then gives money. Radha calls him miser. Malini smirks at Imlie.Tripathi family is busy decorating home temple when Malini calls Aditya. Everyone rush to her room and see lots of knives.

Aparna says getting utensils was Imlie’s task. Imlie thinks Malini is trying to defame her purposefully. Malini says shopkeeper by mistake delivered wrong order. Pankaj asks her to relax while they clear knives from her room. Malini rests on her bed and gets a cut on her hand. Adi checks and finds knife on her bed. Malini says its good knife cut her hand and not her stomach. Adi thinks who must have done this heinous act. After sometime, Radha selects Diwali gift hampers for Pallavi’s mother, Meethi, and Anu. Malini shows her baby’s bought gold bangles. Aparna says Adi will fix it in his baby’s hands. Pankaj gives Adi moral gyaan on fatherhood with a long explanation.


T family then performs Dantheras pooja. Adi prays god that he wants to become a good husband, son, brother, and a friend to become a good father. Imlie prays to send peace in her family and when her baby/Malini’s baby arrives in the world, he should be free of any problems. Dulari sees baby’s bangles burning in lamp. Harish says they ordered gold, but this is not gold. Radha asks where did bangles go then. Anu receives T family’s gift hampers for her and Meethi. She removes baby bangles from box and remembers Malini informing her that she hid bangles in gift hamper and she should keep it at the right place. Meethi performs karva chauth rituals with Satyakam in her house and passes by when Anu stops her and says she got a charity from Tripathis.

Meethi asks why is she calling diwali gift as charity. Anu says gifting is done among equal people and not servants. Meethi taunts that even she got a gift from her daughter’s in-laws. Anu hears sound from Meethi’s room and asks who is there. Meethi nervously says she kept window open and walks away. Anu thinks rat itself has entered a trap and now servant junior has to leave T house because of it. Meethi returns to her room and asks Satyakam to maintain silence. Satyakam asks to show gifts she got from daughter’s house. She opens box and finds baby bangles in it.

Back at T house, Nishant asks who must have stolen bangles. Dulari panics and says she didn’t. Harish says they are not doubting her and should find out if jeweler made a mistake. Whole T family gets Meethi’s photo holding bangles with Satyakam. Radha asks what is Satyakam doing there. Malini asks Imlie if she sent bangles to her mother. Imlie says she didn’t. Malini starts her emotional drama and says she didn’t expect Imlie to play with her baby’s emotions, she sacrificed her right for Imlie, but didn’t expect Imlie to stoop so low. Adi says he can understand Malini’s feelings, but Imlie will never give anything to anyone uninformed. Imlie says she really doesn’t how bangles went to her mother. Pankaj says they trust her.

Malini says more than losing bangles, she is worried about Satyakam’s return and reminding Satyakam shooting Adi fears for her baby. Imlie blames Malini that Sayakam shot Adi because of her. Malini says she never called Satyakam and doesn’t even know him well, she even doesn’t know what happened that night, but Imlie is continuously blaming her. Imlie continues shouting. Aparna stops them both. Harish says there is not need to fight at home, he will bring baby’s bangles. Malini thinks she needed this drama to separate Adi and Imlie.

Meethi tells Satyakam that bangles must have come here by mistake. Satyakam says he can be a rebel by opposing law and run away from police, but he cannot run away from his family and wants to repent for his sins by meeting Adi and apologizing him. Imlie calls C house and asks Anu to let her speak to Meethi. Anu denies and disconnects call. Meethi agrees to take Satyakam to Adi, but finds room door locked and thinks Anu must have done this to trap Imlie as she found out Satyakam is here. At T house, Adi asks Imlie if she knows Satyakam is in Delhi. She says she didn’t . Adi says they should inform police about his location and get him arrested. Imlie insists to get Malini also arrested as she provoked Satyakam to shoot Adi, dadda didn’t want her life to be like her amma’s.

Adi says Dev betrayed her amma, but he never betrayed her and Satyakam knew about it. She says he is wrong. He asks if Satyakam can shoot anyone if someone provokes him, what if Satyakam harms Malini and her baby if someone provokes him again. She says dadda will never do that and continues blaming Malini instead. Adi says he will trust her and will not call police, he also is sure that Malini cannot snatch him as he has trust on himself. Imlie continues that the bitterness between them is because of Malini, but he will never believe her.

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