Imlie starlife update Sunday 1 January 2023

Imlie 1 January 2023: Malini’s lawyer Mr Desai calls Harish in dais and asks him to describe what happened that day. Harish says don’t know how whole family was inebriated and when they got conscious in the morning, they heard about this news. Desai then calls Radha who says she also doesn’t know what happened that night. Desai then calls Aparna who says she also doesn’t know anything, they had invited orphanage children for Janmasthami celebrations and doesn’t remember what happened that night. Desai then calls Pankaj who says when he woke up, Imlie’s naani was shouting and doesn’t remember what happened. Mithi tells Imlie that their evidence is supporting Malini. Imlie says truth is still hidden and not coming out.

Desai then calls Rupali in dais who says Malini must have mixed something in their drinks. He says even she is not sure and calls Nishant in dais who also says same, says nobody saw anything. KC says let us call a victim. Desai calls Adi in dais and asks why he alleged Malini that she forcefully got intimate with him, but Malini is his wife. Adi says Imlie is his wife. Desai asks if he didn’t marry Malini Adi says he did, but. Desai says Adi himself is confused, when he has 2 marriages, how can he consider himself as victim; asks if he informed Malini before marrying her that Imlie is his wife. Adi says he tried to inform her. Desai insists yes or no. Adi says she didn’t know. Desai asks how to trust this person who is a fraud who trapped an innocent 18-year-old girl Imlie and then married rich Malini for her wealth.

KC questions Adi next and asks Adi if he told truth to Malini anytime. Adi says he explained Malini everything and they both mutually agreed for a divorce. KC says if he knows Malini has held divorce proceedings. Adi is shocked and says he didn’t know about it and spoke about divorce just during Janmashtami celebrations. Desai interrupts and says divorce proceedings have started or not, legally still Malini is Adi’s wife and he is confused. Adi says only Imlie is his wife. Desai asks if Malini forcefully got intimate with him. Adi says no as whatever happened was with mutual consent.

KC asks Adi to explain what happened that day. He says there as janmastami celebration in his house and he fought with Imlie and was searching her, he doesn’t remember what happened that day. KC asks when he doesn’t remember anything, how is he so sure that he got intimate with Malini. He says he was drugged. Desai asks how can be so sure that Malini drugged him, maybe he drugged and misused her. Judge says without evidence, he will cancel this case. KC requests to let him gather more evidence. Judge gives him one more hearing.

Out of court, Anu tells Malini that Desai did magic, this case will be canceled in next hearing without any proof. Malini says she fears that she will lose Adi trying to win this case. Anu says there is only way to control Adi, his guilt, servant Imlie misused his guilt and forced him to accept her, she has to use same trick. Adi walks to Malini and asks why didn’t she inform him that she held divorce proceedings. She says she wanted to inform him when she got hospital after falling ill and he took her home; she was confused after so much happened in her life and asked KC to hold divorce proceedings; she is sorry for that. He says she need not say sorry as she is going through this turmoil, he is sorry for her. She asks not to apologize him when her own sister file case against her and a friend KC character assassinated her.

He says even he is feeling bad for that. Imlie enters and says she is still not character assassinated yet as mob didn’t stage protest in front of her house. Adi blames Imlie for creating all this mess and walks out. Malini says she feels bad for Imlie and is worried for her as she is alone now; her Babusaheb always ignored her mistakes, but today he ignored her; she will lose this case badly. Imlie challenges she will not. Malini says when there is no evidence, judge will dismiss the case, where will she get evidence from.

At KC’s office, KC tells Imlie that without solid proof, they will lose this case. Imlie asks what about her burnt sari. He says Anu already proved it wrong with her lies. Dulari says when they have to defeat English madam, they need to think like her. KC says he didn’t understand her. Imlie says she understood.Aparna tells Pankaj, Harish, and Radha that she didn’t think she would see this day, Malini’s judge humiliated Adi. Harish says whatever happened has happened, he thinks judge is sensible and will dismiss case during next hearing. Imlie with Mithi and Dulari enters and says it will not discuss with their evidence. Harish says there is no proof at all. Imlie asks him to give her a chance to prove its Malini and Anu’s conspiracy.

Rupali gives props to Imlie to disguise herself as Malini. Pankaj asks what is it. Aparna says whatever it is, because of Imlie, they are humiliated by mob outside their own house. Imlie says mob didn’t come because of her and they all know who did it, she just needs one chance to prove her point. Nishant and Rupali requests Aparna to permit Imlie. Adi enters and asks what she wants to do. She says sometimes they need to use tricks in war, she needs even Sundar’s help. Mithi asks her if she thinks she will get evidence after doing all this. Imlie says she will try and leave the rest to Seeta Maiya.

Anu gets heavily drunk in kitty party and acts weird. Her friends support her and get her into car. She calls Malini and says she enjoyed kitty party and won each time remembering stupid servant Imlie’s dirty face. Malini asks why did she get drunk in kitty party when case is still on. Anu says she is celebrating. Malini says Imlie must be planning something, they need to be careful. Anu says let us plan baking cake and she is coming home. Malini asks her to come home soon. She eagerly waits for Anu and thinks where she must be. Driver enters and informs that Anu went somewhere in some other car. Malini gets tensed. Sundar drives Anu to Tripathi house and takes her in.

Tripathis and Imlie’s team watch hiding. Anu sees house dark and asks servant to switch on lights. Imlie disguised as Imlie walks to her. Anu asks if she was waiting for her. Imlie makes her sit. Aparna says she will end this drama right now. Pankaj stops her for Adi’s sake. Anu says she wants to throw her sandal on servant Imlie’s face as its her lucky day. Imlie thinks how to get truth out of Anu’s mouth.
Mithi tells Dulari that a mother can easily differentiate between her children and others, she is worried that Anu will identify Imlie. Dulari says Imlie is very clever. Anu asks Imlie to call servant Imlie. Imlie asks where did she get that drug from.

Anu says drug is very bad, she should have red wine like her. Imlie says she is talking about a drug which they gave to Adi’s family, where did she get that bottle from. Anu ignores her question and says its her lucky day. Anu says they should do something before Imlie finds a truth. Anu says evidence is.. Tripathis get alert and eagerly wait for her answer. Malini enters and asks what is she doing here and is shocked to see Imlie disguised as her. She realizes that Imlie played this trick to get truth from mom. She gets angry on Tripathi family for supporting Imlie in her heinous act. She says Adi blindly supports Imlie, but she didn’t expect this from Aparna. Radha and Harish apologize her. Nishant asks why are they apologizing when their family is also tricked.

Malini says its not proved yet, how can they do this cheap act to her mother. Rupali says her mom herself got drunk and is not tricked like them. Imlie says even Malini did same with them. Malini warns her to shut up and says she is not speaking to her. She tells Adi if he had told her, she would have given false evidence and went to jail or sent Imlie’s family to jail for forced gunpoint marriage, but she didn’t file any case caring for them and they all gave her immense pain. She she Anu from there.

Adi scolds Imlie that this was not the right way to get out truth, Anu already filed case against them and may worse then situation, Malini is right that they shouldn’t have stooped sow low, so Imlie should apologize Malini and Anu. Dulari supports Imlie and says Malini spoilt their plan, why should Imlie apologize. Adi asks her to keep quiet and insists Imlie to go and apologize Anu and Malini or else he will stop talking to her.

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