Imlie starlife update Saturday 25 March 2023

Imlie 24 March 2023: Narmada thanks Harish and Pankaj for making her son’s marriage a lavish affair. Pankaj says she is taking their moon Imlie away. Narmada says they can meet their daughter anytime. Rupali, Sundar, and Arpita prepare sky lanterns. Sundar notices the mess on floor and asks who did it. Arpita says they did and explains that they fly the lantern pray for their love.

Sundar says even he will fly one. Arpita gives him one and says she didn’t know he has a girlfriend. She is about to take her name but stops and feeling shy recites a lame shayari/poem.Badimaa feels jealous and plans to ruin Aryan and Imlie’s rituals. She asks Gudiya to do as she says. Rupali drags Nishant to apply mehandi. Badimaa taunts that she never saw such cheap mehandi designs since years. Gudiya backs her and asks mehandi designer to write ABD/Ary’s Baby Doll on her hand. Arpita gets angry and tries to confront her, but Narmada stops her. Aryan and Imlie walk down for mehandi ritual.

Narmada applies nazar ka teeka on Imlie’s ear and prays for her and Aryay’s jodi. Meethi gets emotional seeing Imlie and says she will apply mehendi to Imlie.

Meethi says she will apply mehandi on Imlie’s hands which will be more darker than Aryan’s love. She gets emotional and says she made mud pots for living and prepared mud toys for Imlie. She pours her heart out continuing describing how she is feeling seeing her daughter getting married and tells Imlie that she is lucky to get a true and loving partner and there won’t be any problems in her life again. Imlie remembers Aryan’s condition to marry her and thinks she cannot reveal the truth to amma. Aryan thinks he is not what Meethi thinks and is not her daughter’s choice.

Narmada consoles Meethi and says their children think marriage and rituals are a game and hence had a court marriage, but we will show them via rituals the importance of togetherness. She makes Imlie and Aryan sit on chairs and asks mehandi designer to apply shagun mehandi on Aryan. Imlie and Aryan maintain a distance. Arpita scolds them to stop fighting and sit closer and stop giving an enemy look at each other. Rupali says they are adamant and hence she has an idea. She makes them sit on a single chair and get mehandi applied. Once they all leave, Imlie pushes Aryan away. Their nok jhok starts. Family laughs seeing their nok jhok and Neela Badimaa and Gudiya frown in jealousy. They finally sit together.

Aditya enters and asks Imlie why did she stop when she like pre wedding riutals, doesn’t she want to marry. Imlie shows her mehandi hands. Aryan thinks what is she doing. Imlie thinks he doesn’t know what she can do. She apologizes family for apply mehandi without informing them as she realized that only she has right on her palms and lines, she just wants Aran’s name on her hand forever. Family smiles. Gudiya and Badimaa continue to frown. Rupali announces sangeet ritual and says both bride and groom’s family should dance. She dances around Aryan and Imlie on Main To Evi Evi Lautgaya.. song. Both family join. Aryan dances with them. Imlie and Aryan’s nok jhok continues.

Sundar asks jealous Aditya to drop his anger and dance with them. Aditya angrily shouts to stay away from him and raises hand. Harish asks why is he venting out his anger on Sundar. Aryan comments that one should show anger on the dear ones. Aparna confronts Aditya for calling guests home and ruining the function. Aryan says this house belongs to Imlie. Narmada stops him and apologizes. Harish says she need not apologize. Aparna takes Aditya from there. Imlie apologizes Sundar seeing him hurt, but he doesn’t show it and acts normal.

Arpita gives sky lantern to Imle and Aryan’s lives should be brighter like this lantern. She gets emotional and says Imlie brought happiness in her, Narmada, and Aryan’s lives and Aryan needs Imlie, etc. She asks them to light the lantern together and prays for their happiness and walks away. Imlie says he should think about Arpita’s pain and stop his revenge game and prioritize Arpita’s happiness. He says she doesn’t know what his priorities are. She says their prayers will be individual and not together. He says his dream is getting fulfilled as soon she will be with him and hence she should pray for herself. Imlie replies. They both light lamp together.

Imlie ligths lantern with Aryan and prays Seeta Maiya that she wants multiple mannats/prayers from her as she has become greedy now after she got so many loving family members and wants their happiness; she needs a way to escape from a forceful marriage and hurting her dear ones. Aryan prays that Imlie doesn’t get tears in her tears again. Aditya prays to get Imlie. Meethi prays to fill Aryan and Imlie’s lives with colors. Narmada prays for Aryan, Imlie, and Arpita’s happiness. Aparna prays for Imlie. Sundar prays to get Arpita’s companionship. Arpita prays Arvind’s happiness wherever he is. Badimaa prays to get Imlie out of Aryan’s life soon. Gudiya prays to make her as Aryan’s wife and get his property soon.

Imlie tells Aryan that her wish is fulfilled as she wished for dear ones and he wishes for revenge. He says let us see and tries to fly the lantern but it doesn’t while everyone’s lantern flies away. Rupali and Arpita ask Aryan what happened. Aryan says he doesn’t know what is the problem. Narmada gets worried. Badimaa remembers poking a hole in Imlie’s lantern and taunts its a bad sign. Gudiya taunts if this lantern doesn’t fly, Narmada will cancel the wedding. Imlie asks Sita Maiya if she will be trapped in a forced marriage again.

Aditya taunts Aryan its not easy to fly his dreams, he can force Imie but not fate. Aryan says he is forcing him to insult him by repeating same words, he didn’t get punishment even after doing so much and almost ruining Imlie’s life, tried to slap Sundar, and killed Arvind. Arpita stops him. Aryan warns him to stay away from him and Imlie. Aditya says he is sure that Imlie will return him ending her fake marriage with Aryan as he loved only Imlie and she cannot forget his true love. Aryan says Aditya has expertise in forgetting love, he first forgot Malini, then, then Imlie, and again Malini and wants Imlie to be back to him. Harish asks them to stop their argument.

Narmada gets worried and asks why Aditya said it’s a fake marriage. Aparna consoles her saying marriage has already happened and these rituals are just for fun. Imlie checks the lantern. Aryan asks her to be careful or else she will burn herself. Imlie notices a hole in the latern and fixes it It flies away. Everyone rejoices to see that, while Badimaa and Gudiya stand frowning. Imlie taunts Aryan that her wish got fulfilled. Lantern falls down. Badimaa laughs that someone’s wish is not fulfilled. She checks the lantern and notices Gudiya’s lantern. Gudiya feels sad seeing that. Badimaa says it’s just a ritual, her wish will be fulfilled for sure.

Meethi asks Imlie not to think much as everything will be good in her life. Imlie returns to her room and tries to remove her jewelry. Aryan walks in and tries to help her. She stops him and argues with him. He removes the necklace and checking her hand asks when she denied to have mehandi on her hand, how did she get it. She says he tricked her and hence even she tricked him and applied mehandi sticker on her hand. She removes the sticker and says he won the engagement bet and she won mehandi bet, soon she will end this wedding drama. He says she can’t do that. She says she has 4 mothers, Meethi, Aparna, Narmada, and Seeta maiya and when they don’t find mehandi color on her palms, they will realize their marriage is incompatible and cancel the wedding.

Aryan says she played well but has to play it again tomorrow as the game hasn’t ended and situation may turn in his favor. He looks at Imlie’s name on his hand and thinks he will not let anyone change that name in his fate.Next morning, Meethi with other ladies walks into Ilie’s room and wakes up Imlie. Imlie hopes they notice her colorless hand and cancel the wedding. Meethi says she got a dark color on her hands. Arpita says it’s Aryan’s love. Imlie is shocked to notice mehandi on her hands. They all walk away. Aryan walks in and taunts her that he heard she got a dark color on her hands. Imlie frowning asks if he did it.

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