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Imlie 15 October 2022:;Adi helps Mithi pick lamps from floor. Prakash enters and informs Adi that he had gone to book restaunt for dinner, but its closed and will open tomorrow, so Adi can return to Delhi peacefully and not worry about here. Adi says he knows his responsibilities and to fulfill it. Mithi says he can take them for dinner next time. He says he will go to Delhi after hosting dinner tomorrow and hopes someone’s plan is not spoilt because of his plan change. He asks Mithi to take care of Imlie’s studies. Mithi says Prakash will teach Imlie as he studied in city’s biggest college. Prakash says he is BA pass and is qualified to teach Imlie. Mithi noticing Adi’s expressions thinks he doesn’t like Prakash. Imlie enters and takes Prakash along to teacher’s house. Adi feels jealous.

Anu tells Dadi that she knows Malini is hiding her problem from her. Dadi says she need not worry as when children grow up, they prefer to discuss their issues with siblings and friends than parents. Anu says Malini would have discussed her problem with Dev, but he is not here and she doubts if he went somewhere else than Mumbai, she knows Malini doesn’t like her. Dadi asks why would Malini come here then and says even if children grow, they return to mother in trouble, so she should speak to Malini calmly and listen to her. Malini hearing their conversation thinks she troubled her in-laws and now mom is tensed because of her, she cannot defend Adi now she knows he is wrong and mom is right this time.

Adi gets more jealous seeing Imlie playing with Prakash. Mithi asks her to feed Adi first as he didn’t have anything since morning. Imlie asks why didn’t she give him food. Mithi asks Adi to have food at least now. Adi says he is not hungry and she should feed Imlie and Prakash instead. Mithi sensing the situation takes Prakash away asking Imlie to serve Adi food. Imlie offers Adi food, but he angrily walks away shouting at her that he is not hungry. Imlie thinks why he is scolding him. Adi thinks why he is feeling jealous of Prakash and thinks why didn’t he feel jealous of Malini’s friends. He reminisces Malini informing him about going on a trip with her friends and asking if he is not jealous if she goes with male friends and why he is not possessive.

He says he doesn’t mind as he trusts her. Malini insists him to get jealous, but he doesn’t.Imlie walks to Adi and asks if he has any problem. He asks her not to act and marry Prakash as they are childhood friends and she will not gain anything from his and her relationship as there is nothing left between them, etc. Imlie with teary eyes says he would have ignored her and wouldn’t have held burning lamp thread in his bare hands. He says she is mistaken. She says he always misbehaves with her whenever he gets closer to her thinking about his loyalty towards Malini; he insulted her by talking about her second marriage and takes god’s oath that she never did wrong with anyone and followed all her relationships loyally; he can do whatever he wants, but for her, only he is her husband.

Adi stands confused. Dulari hearing their conversation walks to Adi says she knew from before that their relationship was fake and she will inform whole village. Adi tries to stop her and thinks villagers will hurt Imlie if they find out truth. He searches Imlie and rushes out searching her. Dulari gathers villagers and provokes them that Adi is ransacking Imlie. Adi searches Imlie.Imlie thinks she should concentrate on her studies. She notices Dulari provoking villagers and asks if she is inebriated. Dulari asks if her husband didn’t tell her to marry orphan Prakash. Mithi asks if she is in her senses.

Dulari continues shouting. Prakash asks her not to create drama. Dulari slaps him. Mithi asks Imlie to tell that Dulari is lying. Imlie asks why they ask same question repeatedly and doubt her and Adi’s relationship; like any other couple, even they fought and others shouldn’t interfere. Dulari says she is lying. A lady says even she fights with her husband, but her husband never asks her to marry someone else, she should tell if Adi is ransacking her. Adi enters and says Imlie is his wife and he will not tolerate if anyone insults her; he married Imlie under pressure, but he likes living with her and if someone troubles Imlie, he will not spare them; he will be always with Imlie and Nani is lying.

A man says Adi is right and they shouldn’t hear Dulari. Prakash asks everyone to go home. Imlie asks everyone to stop and asks why did they believe Adi and not her and pours her heart out. She says why didn’t they listen to her and forced her to marry Adi; she went to city and proudly told everyone that she is from Pagdandiya, but today she hates them and calling herself from Pagdandiya.Adi follows Imlie. Imlie asks him to leave. She asks why should she listen to him, he showed his right in front of villagers, but she will not listen to his lie. He holds her and asks what if he is not lying. She it is also not truth and asks him to go. He kneels down in front of her and says he respects her decision, apologizes her for insulting her and asking her to marry someone else.

Imlie walks away even then and he follows her. She says enough now, he should leave as he will return to Delhi tomorrow. She requests to return to Delhi with him. She says she will stay in hostel even if she comes to Delhi. He says she should return to his house. She says she cannot wear sindhoor and mangalsutra there. He thinks it doesn’t matter to her and says he will not go until she forgives him. She asks what kind of forgiveness, he should ask his heart and spare her. He asks if she really wants him to go. She says yes and walks away.

Daadi prepares malpua for Malini. Malini says she doesn’t feel like having it. Daadi asks reason. Anu asks if she thinks she is having an affair and didn’t call her since 2 days for the same reason. Malini scolds her that she doubted papa before and now doubting Adi, husband and wife fight, but Anu is exaggerating the issue. Anu tells Daadi that she will go to Tripathi’s and confront them as she cannot let her daughter cry for their son.

Adi continues to follow Imlie. Imlie asks him again to leave. He says he will really leave if she says once more. She says bye bye. He thinks he cannot think of leaving her now. Imlie noticing him missing thinks if he really left, she is fine alone anyways. Mithi expresses her concern for Imlie and Adi’s relationship. Saktyakam says now Adi cleared everything, then why she is worried. A villager informs him that Imlie left Pagdandiya and even Adi is not with her. Mithi gets more concerned. A few goons trouble Imlie and misbehave with her. Adi enters and beats them severely warning to dare not misbehave with his wife. Imlie drags him away and goons escape. She sits crying. Adi asks if she is fine, he is with her. She asks till when. Rain starts and they run for shelter. Mithi gets more concerned for Imlie seeing rain. Satyakam says Adi is with her and even god, so she need worry.

Adi and Imlie reach a house and tell old couple that he and his wife had come out and got stuck in rain. Lady gives them clothes to change. Imlie walks to him after changing her sari. Adi mesmerized with her beauty stammers. Imlie says he stays in Delhi and she is from Pagdandiya. Old man asks wife to bring food for them. Lady brings food and tells Imlie that her husband loves her a lot and if they eat together in same place, their love will increase further. Old man says they can sleep in this room and walks away. Imlie says she will sleep on floor and says she considered rain as her best friend, but it is her biggest enemy and reminds of the night because of which they were forcefully married. He apologizes her again.

She says its not about apology, if even then he feels happy with her forgiveness, she will; this drama went for long and will end from tomorrow and he doesn’t have to follow fake rituals and support her like a husband. Adi says he was not acting as her husband. She asks what difference does it make. He says it matters a lot, he felt weird without her presence in his room, so he came here to take her back and followed all the rituals by heart; he just wants to see her happy and only she is the one who knows about him so much, she knows how he is bonded in relationships; he was divided between right and wrong till now and now its about love and hatred and he is losing from both sides; he couldn’t become a good husband to neither her nor Malini.

He continues pouring his heart out and says if he meets her or not, she should remember that he will remember her always and she made a place in his heart. She promises and gets closer to him. He holds her hand hugs her. She reciprocates.

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