Imlie starlife update Monday 5 June 2023

Imlie 5 June 2023: Cheeni on her hospital bed asks Imlie if she can have Imlie’s special moti/fat roti. Imlie feeds her moti roti and goes out to get her medicines. She notices Aryan who says he already got Cheeni’s medicine. She says she prepared dal roti. He says he didn’t do all this for her dal roti. She says she knows, he donated blood and needs food. She serves him food. He thinks Cheeni is severely ill, even then Imlie wants to go, he needs to talk to her and convince her to stay back. Imlie says he did so much for Cheeni. Aryan asks her not to thank him for that and says he feels attached to Cheeni and learnt that she is also having same illness which Gudiya had. Imlie thinks Cheeni is Gudiya, but she cannot reveal it to him or anyone as Malini can haerm Cheeni.

Malini visits Cheeni. She offers her chocolate and says her cutie will not have dry roti. Cheeni is amazed to hear Malini calling her cutie. Malini reveals that she is her mother. She acts emotional, shows her photo holding baby Cheeni, and says tries to manipulate her against Imlie saying Imlie took her away. Aryan tells Imlie that she must be worried about Cheeni as Malini may manipulate Cheeni. He says she loves Cheeni like she used to love Gudiya, Cheeni is having same illness that Gudiya had and if Cheen is Gudiya, then he expects Imlie to reveal truth. Imlie thinks she can’t prove that Malini abandoned Cheeni in a temple 5 years ago. She lies that Chheeni and Gudiya having same illness is a coincidence and he shouldn’t bother about Cheeni.

Aryan says maybe its a coincidence and he knows she will not him take care of Cheeni as she is an expert in taking care of people. Imlie says Cheeni is her pride and she cannot lose her, she just knows that Cheeni’s mother is not bothered about her.Malini shows her fake love for Cheeni and says she is happy to get back her daughter from Imle. She says Imlie tricked and snatched her, but she will give her everything she deserves. She gives her chocolate and requests to call her mom once. Cheeni throws chocolates and eats moti roti saying its better than anything; Malini is rude that she didn’t thank Imlie after she saved her life. Malini says Imlie manipulated and took Cheeni from her. Cheeni in her usual rude tone says Imlie informed her that she is not her real mother, Malini should get out from there.

Malini apologizes her for whatever happened till now, she will go from here as Cheeni needs rest. She asks if Imlie is not a traitor, then why she hid a truth that Malini is Cheeni’s mother.Back home, Imlie asks Cheeni why she looks so silent. Cheeni recalls Malini’s words and tries to speak. Narmada informs Imlie that she prepared milk for Cheeni. Imlie walks down. Narmada offers her milk and says she shouldn’t think of leaving Rathore house until Cheeni gets well. Imlie says she will not go tonight as Cheeni needs rest, but will go in the morning. She offers Cheeni’s hospital bill to Aryan. Aryan asks what is wrong with her. Imlie says Cheeni’s treatment bill should be given by her mother. Malini enters and says Imlie is right. She offers cheque to Aryan. Aryan asks reason. Malini reveals that Cheeni is her daughter. Everyone are shocked to hear that.

Arpita asks what rubbish is this. Malini says Imlie escaped with her 3-month-old daughter. Imlie says its not true. Malini says her younger sister Imlie snatched her husband first and then her daughter. Aryan asks if she didn’t realize Imlie was her younger sister when she tried to kill Imlie and sent her to a brothel. Malini says she had a different intention then and will not repeat it, why is Imlie snatching her daughter from her. Aryan says Imlie cannot snatch anything. Malini reminds that Imlie snatched his baby from him. She asks Imlie how can she stoop so low and steal her baby, if she hates her more or did it because she still loves Aditya. Aryan shouts that is enough.

Malini asks Imlie how can she stoop so low and kidnap her daughter. She says she cannot understand if Imlie hates her more or love Aditya more. Aryan warns her to stop and says everyone knows here that Imlie doesn’t like to hear Aditya’s name. Manini asks him to shut up instead and stop supporting Imlie. She questions Imlie if she didn’t steal her baby. Imlie says no. Malini asks if its not true that Cheeni is her and Aditya’s baby and she is crying for her baby since 5 years after Imlie stole her baby and escaped. Imlie stands speechless. Aryan takes Imlie aside and asks her to tell the truth to Malini which she told her that Cheeni is not Malini’s daughter Gudiya. Imlie stands silently. Aryan is taken aback and says she lied to him again and broke his trust.

Imlie says she was afraid that Malini would harm Cheeni like she tried to harm little Gudiya, she had abandoned Gudiya in a temple, and says she need not worry if her partner/Aryan supports her in her justification and protect Cheeni. Aryan refuses to support her in her wrongdoing. Malini drags Imlie aside and asks everyone if they now realized that Imlie stole her baby. Imlie says Malini herself abandoned her 3-month-old baby in a temple and is now throwing all the burden of her sin on me. Malini asks her to stop talking rubbish, why would she abandon Aditya’s love, why didn’t Imlie get her arrested then. Imile repeats she was just protecting Cheeni from Malini. Malini asks Imlie to get out of their lives.

Preeta taunts Imlie that she is a child thief. Imlie shouts to stop accusing her and looks at Rathores. Neela orders Imlie to get out of their house Imlie says she will not go without Cheeni. Malini tells Aryan that Imlie is trying to snatch Cheeni from her. Imlie says Cheen belongs to her. Aryan says Cheeni is Malini’s daughter. Imlie shouts shall she let Cheeni to suffer via Malini again. Cheeni walks to Imlie. Imlie says let us go from here. Cheeni says she doesn’t want to go with her and considers Malini as her mother. Imlie describes how much Cheeni is dependent on her. Cheeni says she is not her mother and lied to her since childhood and didn’t even want to come here.

Imlie cries that Cheeni can treat her the way she wants to and she is ready to be her slave. Malini says Imlie came here as a servantg and ruined their lives. Imlie cries that she will die without Cheeni. Malini says she should die then and stop bothering them. She drags Imlie out and throws her out of the house. Neela throws Imlie’s potli out and shuts the door. Imlie leaves holding her potli. Cheeni dreams of Malini disappearing Imlie via magic.

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