Imlie starlife update Friday 18 November 2022


Imlie 18 november 2022: Imlie is surprised to see peon is actually barrister KC and nervously apologizing him tries to leave. He asks why she needs a lawyer. She says her dadda needs a lawyer. He asks what is her dadda’s name. She says Satyakam. He asks revolutionary Satyakam. She says everyone calls her dadda a criminal, but he is the first person who respected dadda. He says he is melodramatic but is talented. She asks if he will take Dadda’s case. He nods yes. Peon informs him that magistrate is calling him, and he leaves as Imlie to leave address and phone number in his office. Imlie feels foolish for her behavior. Adi argues with Malini that she shouldn’t have taken a blame on herself wrongly. Imlie walks to them and says she found a lawyer for Dadda.

Adi says he told her that he will. She asks him to meet him first. He asks is her lawyer. She says he went to meet magistrate and asked her to meet him later. Malini says its a good news, she is happy for her, and says let us go home now. Imlie asks if she will take them to Kunal’s house. Adi says she told she will introduce them to Kunal, where is he. Malini nervously says he was waiting in parking lot and must have left home as he had some work. Adi says he must be going home after work. She says he still must be in parking lot, she will go to washroom and then check on him. Adi asks to go to washroom first then. She nervously leaves. Imlie says Malini tries best to lie but fails, she is sure there is no one in Malini’s life. Their nok jhok starts. He calls her langoor, ullu/owl. He fumes. She nervously leaves saying she has a lot of work. He follows her.

Malini thinks how to handle Adi and Imlie now, she called them lying, now only Imlie’s Seeta maiya can help her, she prays Seeta Maiya and asks where will she find Kunal Chauhan now. Peon says this is Kunal Chauhan’s office. Malini thinks she took a random name just like that, but god helped her.Adi and Imlie waits for Malini in parking lot. Imlie says she feels Malini escaped fooling them, realizes she needs to give her address and mobile number to lawyer and walks towards Kunal’s office. Malini nervously walks into Kunal’s office. Kunal says she should have knocked and entered. She nervously apologizes. He says he is KC. She requests him to become her girlfriend for a day. Her lawyer’s peon gives her divorce file. KC yells that she is not even divorced and is finding a boyfriend, she knows her kind of girls.

She warns him to mind his tongue. He says he needs a life partner and not a one day girlfriend, she must be a gold digger type of girl who wants to trap a rich boy. She warns him to shut up. He asks else what. She says she never thought a moment in her life would come where she would feel like smashing a cake on someone’s face, she walks away saying she will never look at his face, but then seeing Imlie rushes back in and apologizes him. He asks what is happening. She says she will explain everything. Imlie walks in and is surprised to see Malini there. Malini introduces Kunal to him. Imlie says Kunal is fighting Dadda’s case. KC asks Imlie how does she know this crazy lady. Maini tries to handle the situation. Adi walks in and asks what are they both doing here. Imlie excitedly says he is KC, Kunal Chauhan, invisible man. KC asks what she means.

Malini says he is her boyfriend Kunal Chauhan and introduces Adi as Bharat Times Chief Reporter Aditya Kumar Tripathi. KC excitedly asks if he covered rebel Satyakam’s case, he is his big fan. Adi says Maini didn’t inform about him. KC asks who is Malini. Malini nervously says KC is funny and calls her a crazy lady, says she wanted him to meet Adi and Imlie. Kunal also starts acting,, holds Malini calling her baby and says he forgot. Adi says he will leave now. Imlie says she needs to give her details to KC. Adi says Malini will and walks away with her. Malini apologizes Kunal, says she will explain him everything someday, and walks away. She thinks she thought everything will end in 1 meeting and she doesn’t have to meet KC, but if he fights Satyakam’s case, he may inform everything to Imlie.

Imlie tells Adi that she felt weird. He says even he felt same, KC and Malini are poles apart. Imlie says she doesn’t feel KC and Malini know each other since college days. Adi says Malini would never lie to now, now Imlie should tell truth to everyone. She asks again if he felt weird or not. Adi says he knows Malini since years and trusts her. Imlie says KC is dashing, handsome, and continues praising him. He feels jealous. She repeats that she is sure Malini doesn’t love KC. He says he doesn’t want to argue with her now and leaves on bike with her. Malini thinks she needs to speak to KC and opens door which hits KC. KC angrily asks if she is following him. He calls him sir. He says his name is KC. She requests him not to take up Imlie’s case. He says why would he leave such a high-profile case.


She says he must have understood her problem, she will pay his complete fees. He says he doesn’t fight for money and nobody can handle Satyakam’s case better than him. She says she has a better lawyer and will hire him to fight Satyakam’s case. He walks away blabbering she is a totally crazy lady.Adi drops Imlie home and tells her that her promise is fulfilled as she met Kunal, so she should inform family about them as soon as possible. She nods yes. He asks her to wish him bye and calls her Mrs. Tripathi. Imlie walks into home and sees family having lunch happily thinks she cannot ruin their happiness by informing them her and Adi’s truth. Aparna asks her to join them and asks if she met Malini in college. Nishant asks if she saw someone with Adi as he feels she is not involved with anyone. Imlie reminisces meeting KC.

Pankaj asks her next if she met Malini in college. Aparna says Malini must not have gone to college as she must have gone to discharge Dev from hospital.Malini returns home with Malini. Dadi informs Dev that he got a file. Dev asks her to bring it. Malini asks him to rest first. Anu asks what is in this file. Dev says his will and tells Dadi that he realized that life is unpredictable, so he made a will and is transferring his property between Imlie and Malini. Anu reacts and asks if he is giving Malini’s right to a servant. Malini asks her to control her tongue. Anu says Dev can give his wealth in charity to a beggar, her wealth is enough for her and her daughter. Dev says Imlie has equal right on his property. Anu says he has to end all this relationships with Imlie after that or else she will divorce him. Dev asks Dadi if he cannot call his daughter in life and feels sad.

Aparna calls Adi repeatedly and gets tensed when he doesn’t pick it. Pankaj asks her to calm down. She says she is trying his phone since 2 hours and its off, Adi likes troubling her. Pankaj says when she knows her son’s nature, why she gets tensed. Aparna says maybe he went to meet Dev as he is discharged today. Pankaj suggests her to call Malini then. She says she doesn’t know how to speak to Malini after what she did. Imlie insists her to call Malini and asks what is wrong if Malini loves someone, she always followed her DIL’s duty and never misbehaved or disobeyed anyone. Aparna nods no. Imlie says Malini loves them a lot.

Aparna calls Malini. Malini picks call and asks how is she. Aparna says she is fine, how are she and Dev. Malini says she is fine and Dev just returned home from hospital. Aparna asks if Adi came there. Malini says no and asks if there is any issue. Aparna says no and disconnects call.Dev rests in his room. Anu asks how is he feeling, what did he decide. Dev says what is wrong if he gives some money to Imlie, she will not be affected. Anu says she will give money to Imlie as charity, he has to decide whether he wants her and Malini or Imlie as Imlie shouldn’t get his name.

Dev says he will inform Imlie before dying that he is her father and give his name to her, Anu’s threat will not work on him.Adi returns home. Aparna asks where was he, why didn’t he pick his call. He says his phone was switched off and he was in office. She continues scolding him. He apologizes and smells smoke. Aparna says she switched off gas. Harish, Nishant, Rupali walk out asking where is the smoke coming from. They see Imlie coming out of smoke holding a burning coal pot. Imlie says she brought it for remove Adi’s nazar. Family runs away afraid. Adi romantically looks at Imlie. She performs his nazar to ward off evil eyes revolving around him. She then nervously asks what now.

He says everyone left, if she is feeling emotion sickness and tickling in her stomach. She keeps her finger on his lips. Their romance continues.

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