I’m on the edge update Tuesday 16 August 2022


I’m on the edge 16 August 2022: Adhi comes to a cliff with Devi. He says I wanted to bring you here. He takes off her seat belt and takes her hand. Devi comes out of the car. She falls. Adhi holds her hand. He says you fall deliberately. She says you look at me that way that I fall. Adhi caresses her face. Devi feels shy.

Heera gets the whole house decorated. Urmi says why is all this for? Masa says you will know on right time. She says in heart Devi will die and we will celebrate today.

Adhi says to Devi do you wanna come to the cliff? She says sure. Adhi takes her hand. Devi says this is such a pretty place. There is silence and beauty. Adhi says people come here and say whats in their heart. Adhi says what do you want to say here? He says you will know.

Kesar tells Masa crow touched Devi its not good. Masa says yes people usually die. Adhi shouts I really love Devi. Devi comes forward. Adhi says your turn now. Say whats in your heart. Tell the whole world how much you love me. Devi says I just need to tell you. Adhi says say it out loud. He comes to close to her and says I want to hear from you how much you love me. I can’t wait. tell the whole world how much you love me.

Devi comes to the corner of the cliff and shouts I really love Adhiraj. Adhi comes close to her. She steps back. Adhi recalls his promise to Heera. She keeps stepping back. Adhi says what happened? devi says there is no more space. Adhi says do you fear to fall? Deiv says I know you will save me even if I fall so I am not scared. She stands on the fence and says see I am not scared. She shouts again I really love Adhirja. Adhi comes forward and tries to shove her. He says why can’t why hand do it.. Devi slips on her own when she tries to come back. Adhi says fate ddid itself.

Heera says the good news is coming very soon. She says send this letter to Ambika’s house. they should come here and see her dead. Adhi has taken her to seek my revenge. He will kill her today and put herr dead body in my feet.

Ambika is in market. A guy comes and gives her a letter. She screams. She and rekha come running to Heera’s house.
Devi is stuck with a trunk. She says Adhi save me. Adhi stops. He comes to see her. Devi says Adhi please save me. Devi says what are you thinking. He gives her hand. Devi tries to take his hand. Adhi recalls What masa said. He says I have to leave her hand. Adhi slips as well. He holds Devi’s feet. They are both hung. Devi says please don’t leave. Devi says I will save us both.


Scene 2
Ambika and rekha come to Heera’s house. heera says you came. Today we have celebrations. Ambika says where is Devi? Urmi says wait wait. She shows her Devi’s photo with garland. AMbika is dazed. Heera says welcome welcome. The chief guests are here. I have taken my revenge. See what we did to this girl. She isn’t alive. AMbika says I will ruin you and your family. You have played the dirtiest game ever. Ambika says how can you be so evil. Heera says cry cry today is your day. Rekha says please tell us where is Devi. heera says she is with God.

Scene 3
Devi wakes up in a dump of grass. she says Adhiraj.. Where is Adhi? is he okay?
Ambika says tell us where is our daughter. Heera says go and cry first. Ambika is in tears.

Devi finds Adhi. She says I was so scared. Who would take care of you if I died. He says what if I died? She says don’t say that. Devi says I wont let anything happen to you. They look for a place. They see some people for picnic. Devi says we should ask for their help. Devi asks them if they can join. They say yes. They are doing a bon fire. He says join the them. They are students of the same college Devi studied in. Adhi says thank you. He says she is our senior. We have to serve her.

Ambika brings police to Heera’s house. Heera says welcome. Ambika says you will be arrested this time.. Heera says they are accusing us. Ambika says where is our Devi? Heera says she has gone out with Adhi. she is just wasting your time inspector.

Devi changes. They join the bonfire. They ask Adhi to sing. They give them wine. Devi and Adhi drink. Adhi drinks them all. Devi sings a song for adhi. Devi recalls their time together. Devi and Adhi go to their camp.

Police leaves. Heera says to ambika don’t mess with us. Now take sweets. Ambika says you and your son are trying to harm devi. Saradh says Adhi really loves Devi. He can never harm her. Ambika says I know their games. Saradh says he accepted her in front of everyone. Ambika says I need to see my daughter first.
Saradh says why were they saying it? Heera says my son is fine. Saradh says what about Devi? Heera says she would be too.

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