I’m On the Edge update Tuesday 2 August 2022

I’m On the Edge 2 August 2022: Adhi recalls Masa’s words about keeping her as a servant. Saradh says I feel like someone from office was involved in the fire. Saradh says devi heard someone talking on call about it. Sometimes small damages help us in bigger benefits. Also we have to plan a party for investors. You have to bring Devi as well. Adhi says will have to take Maasa’s permission. Saradh says investors will expect her there.Devi acts like Adhi. She says I have to go with him to the party. Devi comes to his room for arti. Arti is thinking. Adhi says you don’t do anything on time? She says you could directly say that I should apply tilak. I will come on time tomorrow. He leaves. Devi says he didn’t ask me about party.

Adhi comes to Masa and says how are you now? Eat your medicine one time. he says I am throwing a party for my investors. Masa says sure do. Adhi says I don’t want to do any mistake. The investors.. I was thinking that girl. Masa says don’t worry I won’t let her come near your party. Adhi says you know foreigners will speak in english. She will help me. Masa says she wont go anywhere. She says we brought her here as servant. She wont go there. Adhi says okay will do what you say. He leaves.devi overhears.

Scene 2
Devi says to Saradh all employees will be there in party. He says no we can’t ask aabout the person in the party. Kesar says did he ask you? She says no. But he wants to take me. He took Maasa’a permission but she said no. Saradh says but you will come for sure. Will see you in the party. Devi gives him high five.Masa prays for Adhi. Adhi comes. Masa says good luck. He leaves. Saradh says Adhi this is how you will go there? adhi says that party is my careeer’s good turn. I am worried. I hope no mistake happens.

Masa says I have to be careful. Won’t let her go there. Today is Adhi’s big day.Devi gets ready in black and gold. She says wow I look so good. Don’t know what he wore. Kesar comes and asys you look so pretyy. Bansuri and Urmi come there. Devi says you don’t want me to go to the party and you came here to stop me. You can’t stop me. They ties her with the trunk. Devi says leave me. They tie her and leave. Devi says you can’t stop me. Urmi says but we did. Try to get out of here if you can. Devi says I have to go. Urmi says don’t shout. They leave. Devi says I have to go. SHe tries to break the chains.

Masa says to Urmi you better chained her. Today is Adhi’s bigg day. She should stay away from him. Kesar sees Devi. Devi says I have to go. Today is an important day for me. I have to be with Adhi. Devi says the key is with Bansuri. kesar says let me try something.Kesar sees Saradh and tells him everything. He says where is key? She says bandsura has keys. Saradh comes to Bansuri and says I wanted a safety pin. You look so beautiful. You look so young. You look like her younger sister. She is shy. She says I was very young when I got married Saradh says everyone in party would be looking at you. He looks at the key. He says you look tired. Put a rose on your eyes and you will feel better. Her applies rose water on her eyes. He says I am going. he takes the key from her chuni.

Devi says I want to be with Adhi. Kesar comes there with key. She opens the lock.Everyone comes to the party. Adhi welcomes all his guests.The guests ask Masa how she is. Urmi says to Masa don’t worry Devi will be in store and locked.Adhi is trying to read english. He is worried. Devi comes there. She says don’t you need your assistant? Adhi says you have no permission to be in this party. Devi says why are you so nice. he says don’t butter me. You can’t come to this party. She says I know its Masa’s order. As a husband do you want me there? he says I only think what Masa thinks. SHe says I am your assistants. Mr. Jonathan will ask you about. He says go from here. Devi says okay if you want then be it. She says at least I can tell you. I will tell you how to greet them. Adhi says go from here.

Adhi says this day is very important for me. She handcuff his hand with her. She says we will be together in whole party. He says guests are waiting for me open it. She says key is here tied to my waist. he says take it and unlock. She says you take it. She throws the key. Their hands are tied together. Adhi takes out his pistol and places it on her head.Everyone hears a gunshot and are dazed. Saradh goes upstairs to check. Masa says everything is okay don’t worry. Adhi tried to shoot the chain but it didn’t break. He says I don’t know what to do. She says it had only one bullet? He says I am very angry. She says there are guests downstairs. you wnt the contract right? We can go and make this party better.

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