Meet in love update Wednesday 3 August 2022

Meet in love 3 August 2022: Meet Ahlawat tells Babita that Meet is cooking kheer, and starts laughing, he smells kheer and says it smells so good, Manushi walks in with kheer and says if you liked the smell of kheer you will love to eat it, Meet Ahlawat says Mom I can’t wait to have it but Meet is cooking too so I will wait for her. Meet walks out, Babita asks where is kheer, Meet says I didn’t cook it, I tried but couldn’t make it. Meet Ahlawat says no worries come we will have kheer Manushi got, Manushi says I cooked it so let me serve, Babita says Meet I told you, to get it from outside, now don’t say I didn’t give you fair chance.

Meet Ahlawat about to eat kheer, Meet stops him and says I didn’t make kheer but something else and shows him tea, Manushi says you made this such easy tea. Meet Ahlawat picks tea cup and smells it and says I will have tea, it can never be easy, because it is a feeling, its so tempting and kheer I can have anytime even after having tea and has tea and says its same tea we both had at Shahbad, Manushi gets angry. Meet Ahlawat says its mind blowing.Meet remembers practising for perfect cup of tea and Raj walks in and says did you practice tea all day, Raj tastes tea, and says its yummy, its superb and its so satisfying, I told you remember you are unique, you are hardworking and can never loose, and congratulations on this success.

Meetthinks today Papaji’s blessing helped me and Meet Ahlawat tasted tea instead of kheer.Manushi says taste this kheer I specially made for you and it’s your fav kheer, Meet Ahlawat says I don’t want to loose this tea taste but since you have worked hard, give it to Meet, and I have some work and leaves.Babita says I asked for kheer, Meet says point was winning hearts and your son choose tea over his fav kheer, so you know what he likes most, Babita leaves. Meet stops Manushi and smiles, Meet says since you prepared kheer with efforts let me taste it, very yummy and tell Dadi she cooked very well, I know you very well, this is definitely cooked by Dadi, you can lie to Babita and Meet Ahlawat, but not me.

Manushi says point was kheer, however it may be and you a cheater, Meet says I will do anything for my husband, and we are connected with hearts, if you want to aee lets fry 5-1 and before I say 1, Meet Ahlawat will call me, Meet counts, Meet Ahlawat calls her, Meet smiles and says look I told you, bye now my husband is calling me. Babita sees everything.Meet thanks God, and says I won’t lie to you, I purposely ruined Meet Ahlawat’s cream so that he calls me, and I had to do everything I don’t want to, to teach Manushi a lesson and wont let her hurt Meet Ahlawat again.Sunaina says to Masum, Tej won’t go anywhere, Masum says who will stop me you, Raj walks to them and asks what all is this, Sunaina says she is throwing Tej out of his room, Babita asks why Masum, Masum says my room is small and Duggu fell of his bed, so exchanging rooms, Raj says buy duggu a bed or you can shift somewhere else, Tej won’t go anywhere, Sunaina take him to his room.

Masum says to Raj, am I not your daughter, that my comfort doest matter to you, Raj says you will never usne things, I will have to work on it now and leaves, Babita says Masum you are so stupid, you could talk to me once, now I can’t help you.Meet asks Meet Ahlawat how did these creams got mixed, Meet cleans the tubes and says everything is fine, Meet Ahlawat says I have your recorded lectures on mail, study now. Meet sees Meet Ahlawat trying to fix his bag, Meet asks what are you doing, Meet Ahlawat says trying to fix this, Meet says you never fix things, Meet Ahlawat says it was given to me by Mom, I have emotions attached, Meet says let me help, Meet Ahlawat says you study I can do this.Meet starts studying, and sees Meet Ahlawat is struggling.

Babita says to Manushi, you didn’t just lose but are now a cheater too, firstly I thought you are behind my sons pain, but now I know it was because of Meet, Manushi smiles, Babita says my son didn’t get wife he deserves, and so I want you to give best, I want my son to have his happiness, so do your best because you are his happiness.
Meet Ahlawat says to Meet, I can’t do this help, Meet makes fun of him. Meet helps Meet Ahlawat but their hands get stuck with glue.

Meet Ahlawat in hall. Manushi stops her and says can you drop me to dry cleaners because I want to pick design for Babita aunty so can you please drop me. Meet Ahlawat says yes and walk away. Manushi says to herself how can Meet be so stupid gave me easy task now I’ll call her from front seat and walks to car. Meet come out. Manushi ask her what are you doing here. Meet Ahlawat says I called her is there any problem. Manushi says no I was just asking. Meet Ahlawat says you want to take medicine and have ice cream come we will do both come sit with me on front seat. Meet walks to car and sit in front seat and says Manushi you can sit back and relax. Manushi sees her phone says thank god I saw this message they will deliver at house address so I need to be here to receive it you both can carry on. Meet Ahlawat help Meet to wear seat belt. Meet thinks I stop Manushi from completing her challenge but how will I ask Meet Ahlawat for dress.

Sunaina talking to lawyer on phone saying I need to send a notice to Ahlawat family and an article in newspaper write it down that I’m Mrs. Sunaina Tej Ahlawat and I have been married to Tej Ahlawat last 6 years which means my current marriage is valid, my other marriage was done forcefully in single day which do not allign with normal rules so please send notice as early as possible and publish article in newspaper one more thing I have no relation with Ravi. Lawyer says don’t worry and disconnects the call. Sunaina walks to Ravi and says I’m sorry but I need to send this notice to your family so that I can give answer to Masum. Masum hear everything from outside and saus I’ll give you answer Sunaina, your legal notice will come to house but things will be mentioned what I want.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat in room. Meet pray to god says I want to ask him dress according to challenge but I feel ashamed in praying to you how will I ask him. Meet Ahlawat give her water says now you will not eat anything oily or fry in some time you will be good and then we will ho to have ice cream. Manushi walks in says I need your help to deliver dresses, Meet Ahlawat says okay and leaves. Manushi says I will charm him with my beauty all the way, Meet says he is my husband, Manushi says okay but he will be mine and soon I will be daughter in law of this house.

Meet Ahlawat walks in and says lets go Meet and Manushi, Manushi says she can’t come there is no space in car, Meet Ahlawat says okay fine and both leave. Meet says its been long I haven’t jumped around.Meet Ahlawat and Manushi reach near and sees there is no front seat. Meet walks to them and says seat wasn’t working fine and so I sent it to repair.
(Meet jumps of her room and changes seat)Meet says Meet Ahlawat can reach botique with boxes and come let me drop you on bike. Meet Ahlawat says good idea.Manushi says to Meet you are a cheater, Meet says let me tell Meet Ahlawat about empty boxes, Manushi says shutup and even you haven’t done anything about your challenge.

Raj sees Sunaina upset, and walks to her. Sunaina and Tej praying, Raj asks Sunaina did anyone misbehave with you again, Sunaina says don’t worry about me, I have learnt now to fight and someone taught me never to give up on self respect, Raj sayd I trust you and I am proud of you, and you will surely win this fight.Raj asks Tej what is he doing, Tej says pooja, Raj asks Sunaina did he eat anything, Sunaina says no, Raj says Tej come with me let’s have jalebi.

Meet thinking about how she will ask Meet Ahlawat, Meet writes on a paper but throws it, Meet Ahlawat catches it, and is on call with Deep, Meet sees Meet Ahlawat is picking paper balls she has thrown, Meet goes picks them. Meet Ahlawat picks his file and leaves.Raj looking for his specs, Meet helps him and says look there, and frame is breaking, Raj says screw is loose thats it, Meet says one minute sit here and on ipad shows him Lens kart app. Raj says how will I know it suits me, Meet says it has AI feature and will recommend you frames scanning your face. Raj says it’s wonderful, very convenient.

Everyone in hall, Meet Ahlawat receives parcel, Meet says to Manushi look Meet Ahlawat ordered my dress, Manushi says thats impossible and says I will go check and pulls the packet and everyone gets shocked seeing the dress.Meet remembers ordering dress from Meet Ahlawat’s app and calls delivery person and says there are two deliveries and the night dress one I want it at night.Meet walks to Meet Ahlawat and asks what is this, Isha says Meet Ahlawat I never knew you were so romantic, Meet Ahlawat whispers to Meet I didn’t order it, Meet says I did, Meet Ahlawat says whats wrong with you, all are laughing at me, Meet says okay let others laugh at me, I want to wear this, Meet Ahlawat says I will tell everyone I ordered but why, Meet says I will go pack this and leaves.

Manushi stops Meet and says Meet Ahlawat looked shocked so I am sure he didn’t know about this, Meet says he did and he was shocked because this is private between us and this is not cheating, and everything is fair in love and war and my husband can never be yours.Meet goes to her ro sees dress and says I can never wear this, can’t even donate this what should I do now, I will throw it away and throws of the window, it hits Meet Ahlawat walking outside. Meet Ahlawat says why did she order if she had to throw.Meet says to prove this letter wrong, I have to get Kunal here.


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