I’m On the edge update Thursday 4 August 2022

I’m On the edge 4 August 2022: Masa says to pandit ji I am very worried about all this. Do something that she goes away from his life. Adhi comes in. Pandit ji says you think your wife is lucky for you? For next few days you keep her with yourself. if everything good happens, then she is your good luck if not then you will know. Adhi says okay masa if you want I will do this. He leaves.Devi plants water. Adhi is downstairs. SHe says were you looking for me? he says go and get ready. She says are you taking me on date? He says you are coming to office with me. She says I will apologize in two minutes. Why all day there? He says you are educated right? You will work there. Devi gets ready.

Urmi throws a pot on Adhi’s head. it is about to fall. Devi sees it. She shouts move. Adhi is safe. He says how it came? SHe says are you okay? He says i am fine.Masa says are you okay? He says yes i am fine. He says Devi saved me. i will go to office. Masa is angry.In office Devi comes with Adhi. They both walk in together. DEvi makes tea for him. She serves him. She says I am your PA. Some tea spills. Adhi says go and sit on peace.Devi says I will go and see the office.

Shekhar says I don’t know how will I do what masa said. Devi comes to him. She says can I have your phone? He says a client will call me. She says just wanna see features. I will buy a new one. Devi takes his phone. His phone rings. A girl calls. She says your important call is here. She says thats my gf.Devi comes to adhi’s room. He says sit in that corner.Sekhar plans to blast a bulb on Adhi. It blasts on Adhi’s head. Devi sees it. She jumps on him. The glass falls on her instead on him. They are both on floor.Devi saves Adhi from the spar. He says are you okay? He pulls her from the ground and she falls on him. Adhi says in heart she saved me again.

Shekhar comes in. Adhi says you don’t know you have to knock and how did this happen. He says I think there is some fault in main board. Let me check. Adhi sees Devi’s arm bleeding. He dresses her wounds.Devi comes home. Urmi and bansuri look atv her injured hand. Devi says to Masa today is the best day of my life. THank you for sending me with him. I have seen a good husband in him. He healed my wounds. I heard his heart beat. Masa is angry.Masa calls Shekhar. He says the plan flopped. He tells her everything. He says they were really close.Saradh says to Adhi lets watch a movie. Adhi says I can’t sit and see at one place. He says don’t you see what is happening in your house? Your house includes your wife too. She is an integral part of your life.

Devi recalls what happened in office. She smiles.Masa serves Adhi food.
Masa says getting close to your wife? He is shocked.Devi smiles. She says he is a good human and is coming close to me. Masa says you are used to of eating food from her hand and don’t like my food. She picks Devi’s hair from his shoulder.
Devi says I have to control my emotions. Masa says she got successful. She made your husband.Adhi says can’t eat anymore. He leaves.

Scene 2
Devi does arti next morning. Urmi and bansuri spill oil on stairs. Devi is in shock. Adhi applies tilak on his own forehead. He comes from stairs and falls. Devi screams and runs after him. Masa and Devi pick him up. Massa asks devi to go and clean it.
Masa says to Adhi you think she is good for you? Her tilak couldn’t save you? Adhi says let this time pass. Why are you doing all this? Masa says her tilak did this. She can never be good. Adhi says anyone can be good. I fell because I applied tilak myself which confirmed that she is good for me. He says I am goin to office. Masa says you should rest. He says no there are a lot of things to do. Masa says in four days it will be proved that girl isn’t good for you. He says you will also see that she is good for me.

Adhi says I will prove you that she is good for me. Maasa asks Kesar to make rangoli in the hall. She asks Urmi to cook. Urmi says what is so special today? What is all this for? Masa says I will show that girl that my son can never be her husband. He is just my son. I will how she can take my son from me.Devi comes to Adhi and says your choice of sugar in tear keeps changing. She brings the tea in but trips. Adhi holds her. Saradh says you didn’t want to come? Now I know why. So when you brought her in office why you didn’t tell me. Adhi says I thought you would know. Adhi says go Devi and bring two teas. He says this is the report of Devi’s shares. Devi says he took my name? Adhi says we are doing some work go and bring tea.

He asks saradh to close the door. Saradh says why didn’t you tell her about the shares? Adhi says I feel she is lucky for me. So I brought shares on her name.

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