I’m On the Edge update Friday 5 August 2022


I’m On the Edge 5 August 2022: Adhi says you only think about your money. You took shares on her name but don’t respect her. You used to be so nice to people. You used to care about people. But then you did this with your wife. Adhi says I know what is right and wrong. Saradh says if you know what is right and wrong go and tell your mom whats happening in this house is wrong. Adhi says they took my dad from me. My mom suffered because of Devi’s family. Don’t ever bring Masa in between all this.

Saradh says if you hate Devi and her family, then don’t use her name to get money. Adhi says these two families will always be enemy. Saradh says either stop hating her or stop using her for your benefit. This is unfair. He leaves.Adhi says I know Devi has not mistake in the animosity of these two houses. Saradh is right but I don’t know what to do. My hands are tied because of my mom.Masa is getting her jewelry repaired. Kesar comes and says can I get my repaired too? Masa says you couldn’t even keep your husband what will you do with all this? Kesar leaves crying. Saradh says stop. Tears make us weak. I will be going to Dehli. I will try to find where Mukhut is.

Scene 2
Adhi calls Hariya and says bring me oil and massage me. Devi says I will bring it. Adhi says did I ask you? Devi says dont’ act like I didn’t see you without kurta. He says when did you? Devi says nothing. I am going to buy meds for you.Urmi says to Hariyaa do you know how to massage? I will do it. Masa says urmi you make breakfast. I will massage him.Adhi says Masa you? Masa says I will do your massage today. Masa sees the burn on his shoulder. She is shocked. Adhi says what happened? Maasa says you don’t deseve my massage anymore. She throws oil and goes downstairs in anger. Masa throws all the rangoli away. She breaks everrything in anger.

Urmi says Masa please stop. Please calm down. MAsa says he burned the girl because I asked. Then he burned himself. Who asked him to? He will make her his wife. I wont let this happen. She is very angry. Masa says I will ruin her life. I will prove that girl is a curse.Masa and Urmi are keeping an eye on Devi. Masa says she doesn’t know today is last day of her happiness.Adhi is going to office. He recalls what Saradh said. Masa says to Adhi how are you now? He says better. Masa says don’t go office. He says can’t skip office regularly. Masa says I am worried for you. Pandit ji said today is not a good day. He says don’t worry nothing would happen. Devi comes and says sorry I am late. Lets go. Devi goes with him.

Masa says this day will prove this girl is a curse for you.Devi sits with Adhi in the car. Devi says can I ask you a question? Do you ever think about our marriage? It is so weird. We married for different reasons. I had to save my family and you had to avenge for your family. We both married for our families. THe sacrifice I did doesn’t look like sacrifice. I don’t hate your anger anymore. I like it. I don’t know you noticed or not but you talk to me way politely now. When things are changing can we.. Adhi recalls everything. Devi says say something. Adhi gets out of the car.


Devi goes after him. She says what happened? Tell me. He says what are you made of? You have no space in the house. Adhi says nothing changed. Can’t you see the reality? You aare the slipper of my foot which is just good for me. Devi says why are you getting so anrgy? He says my heart changed because I thought you are good for me and my profits. Sit in the car I will show you. He takes her to temple. He says get out of the car. Devi is in a shock.
Adhi says we married in the same temple. That was the beginning your destruction. Ask your God why he made you good for me. Even if the slipper is good for you its always in the feet. You are good luck for me and that is why I was nice to you. You are a slipper and even if you are good luck I can’t put a slipper on my head.

There is only hatred for you in my heart. He leaves her at the temple and goes in his car.Devi is crying. She says why you made me think everything would be okay God? Adhi.. He is so selfish. Adhi is on his way.Masa tells Urmi that she has sent goons to hit Adhi. So he can know Devi is not good for him. He burned his back because he is in love. I have to kill that love.Some thugs stop Adhi. Devi doesn’t feel good. DEvi says I have to be with Adhi. I don’t care what he thinks. Adhi gets out of his car. The goons start beating him. Adhi hits back. They injure him badly. DEvi is on her way. Adhi is bleeding. He faints. Devi sees them. She says Adhi.. She lies on him. Good shoves her. Devi picks a large stone and says I will kill you all. They run. devi is crying. She says I won’t let anything happen to you, Ahi. I am here with you. You will be fine.

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