I do update Thursday 4 August 2022

I do 4 August 2022: As seher turns around, stuck in the jam, she is startled to see someone. Meanwhile, sanam tries her phone, but it doesnt get through, and she starts getting concerned for seher, and hopes that she is alright.The new bride thinks that now seher shall leave where she wants her to go, and not at the dargah. She says that she wont spare anyone now, and that seher wont even be found by anyone. meanwhile, in a cage, seher wakes up from her dizzy stance, with a heavy head, unable to grasp the situation. The new bride taunts that sanam must be worried to death at home, while she is amused seeing her plight.

Seher is kept captive by the new bride, who taunts her at her sister’s new found ferocity, and her plans to throw the new bride out, and promises her that she shall make sure, that her sister isnt even able to stand on her own feet and hence would ruin her completely. She guffaws loudly, while seher is tensed for her sister. she asks if she actually thought that tanveer’s death would stop their problems, but she reminds that evil doesnt die, but changes its form, and that first it was tanveer, but now she is the Begum of Bhopal, and that she would spoil sanam’s life completely. she guffaws, while seher tries to break free in vain.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Sanam learns from latif that seher did go out, but she didnt tell anyone, where she was going. Ahil dismisses her, and then sanam wonders where she went, if not at the dargah. They find a letter beside their parents’ pic. She sees that its from seher, who apologises for hurting her by this, and that after seeing them together, she misses rehaan badly, and every corner of this place reminds her of rehaan, and hence she feels suffocated here. she says that she did want to wish her goodbye but couldnt muster the courage, and that she is leaving for dubai hence, and that once she reaches she would call to ensure her safety. sanam is disturbed.

She starts crying incoherently, while ahil expresses her how can they understand her pain, and asks her to compose herself, as he has many friends in dubai, who he would just talk so that they can meet seher there. sanam is a little relieved. just then, gazalla comes in to tell ahil that nawab is waiting for him. Ahil and sanam are tensed. She asks them to come down as the lawyer has come. He says that he shall just come. gazalla leaves. He then goes out too, while sanam is very tensed.Downstairs, ahil tells the lawyer in front of nawab, that he wants the divorce papers ready so that the new bride can be out of this relation asap. the lawyer complies and leaves.

gazalla and razaak hear this intently, and narrate to the new bride. She asks them the time for all these proceedings. Gazalla says that it would be very fast, in the next couple of days, while the bride thinks that she would change everything in a couple of days. She asks them to go and not create any problem, or else she shall ruin them too like the sisters. They hurriedly leave. she is startled to see ahil, who comes in talking about her meher, so that she can live comfortably. she is visibly tensed. He is about to leave, when the new bride says that how would she manage without her husband. he says that he understands her pain, of bearing this unnecessary torture of this relation, and had it been in his control, he would have gone back in time, to stop the marriage.

He informs her about the divorce papers being ready, and how she has arranged for her stay in a five start hotel. she says that she doesnt need it, but wants a small corner in this big mansion. He says that this is necessary and better for the three of them, and their interests. she tries to insist, but he denies to talk, and leaves. She is tensed.Outside, in the car, nawab waits for ahil, who comes with sanam, insisting her to come too. but she says that she has lots of preps to do. he romances with her, while she asks him to hurry and go to his father.

he expresses the emotions he feels for her, while she shyly smiles. She asks him to remember the taveez everytime he misses her. He asks what when she misss him. She teases that she wont miss him at all. he flirts and clenches her to him, asking if thats really possible. He tries to get intimate with her, and seal a kiss, while she is embarassed. the new bride sees this from the roof’s balcony, and is angered. she tries to cast black magic, but is unable to due to the taveez. she is irritated. sanam frees herself from his grasp, and leaves, while he smiles at her. As sanam comes inside, she find a anote from ahil, on the fridge requesting her lovingly to make apple custard for him. she smiles and gets to work. the new bride finds her working, and turns towards the kitchen. She faces her stoically, asking that she must be very happy, as thats happening what she wanted.

sanam says that what god wills is happening, and not hers, as whats happening, is for the god’s will, and for their benefit. The new bride asks sanam to keep control of her happiness, as every happiness come with the price, and for prayers to be answered, sacrifices have to be made. sanam is visibly tensed. The new bride leaves.In the corridor, gazalla and razaak wait for sanam to approach, and when she does, they start acting, fighting for seher’s purse. she gets anxious and asks them where they found it. they say that they found it outside the outhouse, in the backside of the kitchen. She finds seher’s passport and other stuff inside, and wonders whats it doing here, and how she left without this, and why are they fighting over her purse.

she reprimands and wards them off. She wonders why seher felt the need to sneak out from the backside. Sanam searches for and asks latif that when seher left the house, if she saw a big suitcase or a bag. latif denies. gazalla and razaak watch the fun. Sanam is tensed, wondering how its possible, that seher didnt take her stuff, and left her passport too. latif is dismissed. sanam prays to the lord to keep seher safe wherever she is, incredibly tensed for her sister. gazalla and razaak send a message to the new bride, that her allotted work is done.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
In the car, the new bride receives the message, and says that to trap the bird, she has to use a bait. Just then, she gets sanam’s call on seher’s mobile, and is amused. She sends a picture to sanam on her mobile, of seher in captivity. The new bride thinks that she sent seher’s picture to buyers and traders and also to sanam, and now its just a matter of time, before they found out, who claims seher first, the buyers or the lovable sister. She smiles evilly.

Scene 5:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Sanam is worried that seher’s phone isnt going through. Just then, she gets a message. sanam is shocked to see seher’s picture in a captive cage. she tries to trace the phone. She thinks that she thought their troubles were over, but who is this now. she remembers the new bride’s words, and deduces that she is behind this. She decides to ask latif. She finds gazalla and rzaak stealing themselves out, and wonders that they too must be culprits in the plot.

Scene 6:
Location: Undisclosed Location
The new bride tauntingly sings seher a song, as she wakes up from her dizzy state, and is baffled. The screen freezes on the two sisters.In her dizzy state, sheer comes across the new bride standing in front of her, taunting her for her intentions. Seher murmurs incoherently. The new bride smiles evilly. Later, when the buyer comes and likes seher, saying that she would fetch a wonderful price, the new bride says that her sister shall come too, equally good, and she shall give away one for one free.

Meanwhile, Sanam asks the autodriver to follow razaak and gazalla’s car, while they intntionally drive around, to lead sanam in the wrong direction. While seher is in a dizzy state, the new bride solds her off to the sheikh who pays her a hefty amount, who compliments her beauty profusely. Finally, sanam reaches the place, but a little too late, as seher is thrown in a truck full of sand bags, despite her protests and screams, on seeing sanam, and taken away.

Inside, gazalla and razaak are overjoyed to find money, while the new bride smiles, as they praise her galore, belittling tanveer in front of her. Just then, sanam storms in, and they hide themselves. Sanam eyes the cage and recognises it from the pic. she asks where is her sister and where has she sent her. the new bride says tht she got a little late, as she sold seher off. sanam comes to her boggled, and shocked. She says that she isnt here for her nonsense. The new bride keeps repeating the same. sanam slaps her in anger. she starts reprimanding her for her shameful act, as a woman herself. The new bride asks her to shut up. She asks how could she think that when she cries, ahil would give her a divorce and she shall leave easily.

She reminds sanam about her debt on her to allow her to stay here, and says that she paid the debt by keeping seher alive. sanam says that she was at fault to think that she shall improve. She says that she would call ahil and tell him everything. the new bride says that if she does, her men would treat seher very badly, and then she would be dead too along with seher, which she doesnt mind. Sanam asks why is she torturing seher, as she is her enemy. the new bride says that she would give a last chance to save her sister, as she doesnt know where she is being taken, but knows this much, that she is in a truck right now, and gives her the number of the truck, and the route, and asks her to go ahead and wish her sister goodbye for the last time.

She says that once it leaves the city sanam would never see her sister. sanam is dumbfounded. the new bride asks her to rush out and hurry, as she doesnt have much time. sanam screams that the lord shall never forgive her, and spitting on her, she leaves. the new bride smiles evilly.Outside, sanam frantically rushes out in the auto, while the new bride continues to use her black mgic, and raises a dark storm. the auto fellow refuses that he wont go further. Sanam is frantic and gets down. the new bride says that she didnt want her to get to her destination, but now she would bear the same fate, and the more she progresses the more she would be dragged behind. She again does some black magic, as a result of which, sanam finds herself next to a bus stop, with a person sleeping underneath it. She runs from there and again finds herself at the same stop over and over again.

On the road, the new bride suddenly appears in her devilish avatar, donning complete black and looking like a witch, thinking that today on Amavasya she shall become the world’s most beautiful woman, and ahil shall be her prize. She says that she would be undefeatable and most strong after this night.Meanwhile, sanam tries to hitchhike her way towards the toll gate, but in vain. she prays to the lord to help her. She starts running. meanwhile, the truck containing seher and other ladies in drugged state, is found to proceed towards the toll. meanwhile, sanam finally reaches near to the place where the trucks are in line, and starts going through their number plates. The drivers leeringly talk about the girls, and suddenly find the police cheking the goods in the earlier trucks, creating a barricade.

they are scared, as they are asked to get down. The driver says that its just rice bags, but the police doesnt believe, and ask him to show it to confirm. They shows that its rice bags actually, and just then, seher wakes up from her drugged state, but before she can react, the driver takes the police aside and bribes him and he agrees. sanam sees this and is shocked.Sanam finally finds the truck, bearing the same number, and is very scared and worried. The screen freezes on the two sisters’ faces.


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