Lost in Love update Thursday 28 July 2022

Lost in Love 28 July 2022: Sai questions everyone that if their ego and respect is more than the little girl’s life. She says you haven’t thought at once, about the pain which your daughter has gone through all these years. She says you have kept her away from her husband and daughter, you had told her that she has no children, but a mother’s heart can feel the distance from her daughter. Bhavani says I am Devyani’s mother and knows well about her pain. She says even I have gone through the same pain seeing her in pain. She says she never wanted her to get the pain, but she has to do that. She says if anyone chooses the wrong path in this house, then it is my right to rectify them, sadly my own daughter starting walking on the wrong path. She tells that she has to choose between Devyani’s happiness and the family’s prestige and tells that she has sacrificed her daughters happiness for the family.

She says I have suffocated my daughter’s happiness for you all. She says I know my truth and don’t care for others’ thinking. Omkar tells Sai that she can talk big, but it is very difficult to take the big decisions. He says if Vahini had not taken that decision that time, then don’t know what would have happened. Ninad asks him not to see the past through the present. Sonali says it was important else our family’s respect would have been ruined. Ashwini tells that what wrong did she Harini do? She says she had done mistake and would have thought before taking birth in Chavan’s family. She cries and says you have snatched a little girl from her mother and gave to Orphanage. She asks if your heart didn’t melt doing this and asks where is that girl now.

Sai tells that Pulkit jiju didn’t given up and searched for his daughter. She says he has taken care of Harini and brought her up, now she is 10 years old. Ashwini thanks the God and says our Devyani is very lucky to get husband like Pulkit.Mohit says it means we are Mama. Virat says along with Samrat, we have become Mama. Mohit thanks God that Harini is with her Baba. Karishma asks Pakhi why Sai is scolding Kaku, when Harini is with her Papa safely. Sai says now Harini stays with her Aai and it is difficult for her to accept her Aai’s childish behavior. She says that girl is staying with her parents, but has refused to accept Devi Tai as her mother. Virat says I can’t think of your bad behavior with Tai. She says I met her yesterday, but didn’t know how Harini reached Pulkit. He says today this truth came out due to Sai and tells that whatever she did is for the family betterment.

Pakhi asks Virat to stop it and says Bhavani is telling how she saved the family’s respect and you can’t stop praising your wife. Sai cries and says Devyani didn’t know if her daughter is alive or not. Ashwini says there might be more secrets of Bhavani which she has hidden from us and says she can’t think that she can be so stone hearted. Ninad is about to slap Ashwini. Virat comes infront of Ninad and says you can’t do this with my Aai, don’t think of it.Sai says Virat is right, don’t interfere. Virat says whatever you and Kaka have done is not justified and you both knew well that whatever questions I asked you after coming back, you have answered me that you brought Devi Tai from the hostel as her mental condition worsens, but you didn’t tell me why it happened. He says it happened as you had snatched Pulkit and her daughter from her.

Bhavani says she didn’t want to hurt her, and didn’t know that her mental condition will worsen. She says she has done what she was expected to do being the elder of the house. She says I didn’t do any mistake. Sai says whatever you have done is a crime and not a mistake. Omkar gets angry. Sonali stops her. Sai says there is still time to rectify your mistake, accept Harini and tells that Virat and I want to celebrate her birthday with Chavans.Bhavani refuses to be a part of the birthday. Virat asks why? Why the family members will not attend harini’s birthday party. Pakhi says so you was involved in your wife’s plan. Sai says Virat was not involved in my plan, but if was his plan to celebrate Harini’s birthday. She says I thought he can celebrate being her Mama. Virat says I can’t believe that she was sent to orphanage even though she has a big family.

He tells Bhavani that whatever happened is a sin and they all have to do penance for it together, have to give love to Harini and have to make her realize that she has a big family who loves her and that’s why I have promised Pulkit that Harini’s birthday will be celebrated with Chavans. Bhavani says you should have asked us before promising. She says I feel pain seeing my daughter’s pain, her each tears ruptures my heart, but then also I can’t attend harini’s birthday. She says I have accepted my daughter, but not Pulkit and his daughter. She asks everyone to come home. She starts leaving while Ashwini tries to stop her.Everyone follows Bhavani. Ashwini asks Bhavani to listen to her and asks her to try to understand her. She says Virat and Sai are doing this for Devi’s happiness and that little girl is your grand daughter, and asks if she don’t want to see her.

Bhavani says she is not my grand daughter. Sai says the truth will not change if you don’t agree. Virat says did you know that Harini haven’t accepted Tai as a mother, and he fears that she might call her bad mother just like Devi. Sai says you are responsible for Devi’s condition and says you might feel how it feels when a daughter refuses to acknowledge her mother and that’s why Virat wants to celebrate harini’s birthday with Chavans. Bhavani asks them to stop it and asks if they think she has come from other world and don’t have the heart. She says she never wanted Devi to get hurt and says Sai is blaming me. Sai says your decision has ruined many lives. Bhavani says enough, I just want to see my daughter happy and if you think that my daughter will be happy if I attend the birthday party then I will attend it for her. Everyone is surprised. Sai smiles.

Virat tells Sai that he is very happy as Bhavani agreed to celebrate Harini’s birthday. He calls Pulkit and informs him that they will celebrate Harini’s birthday with Chavans. Pulkit asks really? Virat informs him that Bhavani agreed. Pulkit is happy that his daughter will get love from her maternal’s house. Virat says the family have got the chance to rectify their mistakes and prays that Harini accepts Devi as her mother.Pulkit says even I pray the same. Virat asks them to reach by 6 pm and says they have planned something special for Harini. Pulkit says we will come surely. Sai tells Virat that they both want Harini and Devi to unite, she has a plan and needs his help. He says I wanted to come with you for shopping, but you went shopping alone and asks how did she manage, as his card is still in his wallet. She says she had some money. She says last time, he refused to let her pay for the lunch, so she thought to contribute for Harini’s birthday. He says your self esteem is bigger than you. She says she got this quality from her father. Virat says Kamal sir was great, I spent less time with him. Sai says I miss him a lot and gets teary eyes. Virat says he must be feeling proud to see you. He wipes her tears. Sai smiles and says my Aaba used to wipe tears like this. Virat says once you had said that I have your Aaba’s qualities. She says yes. He checks her and asks if she is fine? Sai asks you like my angry look and you don’t like my happy mood. Sai says I like all your moods. He praises and then teases her.

Mohit comes there and asks them to tell if they need help. Sai says we have to do something to unite Devi Tai and Harini. She tells Mohit that she has some work which only he can do. Mohit asks what is it?Pakhi comes to Bhavani and apologizes to her for telling that she has told her about orphanage thing. Bhavani asks why are you apologizing to me, you are the one who stood by me, I am lucky to have bahu like you. Ashwini and Sonali hear them. Bhavani says though I agreed, I fear how will I control myself. Sonali tells Ashwini that bhavani had told a big secret to Pakhi and not us. Ashwini says Vahini has done wrong and had told the one, who supports her. She says I consider myself lucky, as Vahini haven’t told me this truth, else I would have become part of her sin. They go from there.

Mohit says he can’t do what Virat and Sai are asking him to do. Sai says it is a gift from Chote Mamu from Harini. Mohit says how will I do in such a short time. Virat asks if your words was a lie and asks where is his passion for acting? Sai tells that she has seen his passion for theatre and tells that this skit is a game of his left hand. Mohit asks where is the script? Virat says Sai will explain everything. Sai says we have to make Devi and harini see a show. Mohit says ok.Later Virat hopes Harini likes the decoration. Mohit says she is my niece too. Virat misses Samrat and says my heart says that he will return surely. Sai says surely he will return and then we will have a big party. She calls Mohit to sit and asks if he thought of casting. Mohit says I think Virat will be perfect for the Narrator. Virat agrees. Mohit says Sai will be perfect for Harini’s role. Virat says perfect casting, she is stubborn like children.

Mohit says for Devi’s role. Karishma offers to play. Mohit says it needs intensity. Karishma asks who will agree? Mohit says Pakhi will be best for Devi’s role. Virat asks really? Karishma laughs. She says if Pakhi will agree and act with Sai. Mohit says we can ask once. Karishma says Pakhi can agree for Virat, but not for Sai. Sai looks at Virat. Virat says she will not agree. Mohit says we have no options. Sai looks at Virat. Virat asks what is going on in her mind. Sai says Pakhi will agree if you convince her. Virat says I don’t know how she will react?

Pakhi gets shocked. She says you are behaving strange with me and now came to me asking me to act in the skit. She refuses and asks him to go. Virat says we think that nobody can do this role, other than you and says you had told me that you used to take parts in skit and organized it too. Pakhi says I had told you when we met in Nasik, but you had forgotten it all, then why you want me to remember that. Virat says I haven’t come here to talk about past, just came to ask for your help and wants you to take part in the skit.He says we are doing it for a good cause, we want to unite a mother with her daughter and bring everyone together. He asks her to keep her ego on side and help him if she can. Pakhi looks at him.


Lost in Love 29 july 2022: Virat tells Pakhi that he didn’t know about his niece until yesterday, whom he met her yesterday. He says his happiness was short lived, as Harini couldn’t accept Devi Tai as her mother due to her mental condition. He says my heart broke seeing this and that’s why planned this surprise. He tells Pakhi that he wants to gift this skit to Devi and Harini both and needs her help. He says I asked for your help being your friend. Pakhi looks at him. Virat says I can’t force you to help me. Pakhi holds his hand and stops him. She asks him to say what to do, as you regarded me as your friend. She says but you are more than a friend to me. She says I will fulfill my friendship with you. She says I don’t want to share anything with Sai, but will play Devyani Tai’s role in this skit for you. Virat thanks her and thinks Sai and Pakhi both don’t like each other, hopes nothing wrong happens today.

Lost in Love 28 July 2022

Sai is waiting for Virat. Karishma sees Virat and Pakhi coming and goes to inform Mohit. She says sorry to him and says your first play is going to be flop before the start and that’s why I said sorry. Mohit asks her to be silent. Karishma says if you don’t want the divine learning then its ok. She says it will be blast if heroine and villain are together. Mohit asks her to keep her mouth shut.Virat and Pakhi come there. Virat says Pakhi agreed to help us. Sai says you agreed even though you know that you have to act with me. Pakhi says your existence doesn’t matter to me, I am doing this role just for Virat and haven’t thought about you. She says I would have done this role with someone else too, as Virat asked my help as a friend. Virat asks Bappa to stop Sai from answering Pakhi. Sai says we have to make devi and harini feel special. Virat says we shall start the rehearsals. Mohit says you both are actors in the play so all the responsibility is on you. Ashwini and Sonali come to the party hall. Virat teases them. Ashwini asks Sonali to tell the guy not to tease the young girls. She laughs. They ask Virat how are they looking? Virat says awesome and asks shall I call Omi Kaka to praise you. Sonali runs behind him. Ashwini says she is excited to see Harini, as girl came in their house after Devi. Sonali says yes.

Ashwini says she brought gift for Harini. Sonali says if Bhavani gets upset. Ashwini says she don’t care. Virat asks her to be polite today as the day is of Devi and Harini.Ninad, Omkar and Bhavani come there. Virat tells that he is happy to see them here, and asks them to ignore something if they don’t like. Bhavani says she has come for her daughter and will not do anything special for his niece. Virat says you are harini’s nani and you both are her nanas. He gets pulkit’s message and tells Bhavani that chavans shall welcome them. Bhavani says ok. Ashwini and Sonali ask about Sai, Pakhi and Mohit. Virat says they are planning for a skit. Mohit asks Pakhi and Sai, if they are ready with their dialogues. Pakhi and Sai say ok. Sai says lets go and unite both mother and daughter. Pakhi says she knows responsibility of the house and worries for the home more than her. Sai says atleast our thought match somewhere. She gets a message and goes to welcome Harini.

Pulkit comes there with Devi. Madhuri brings Harini. Pulkit holds her hand. Sai and Virat come wishing her happy birthday. Sai does her tilak and aarti. Devi hugs Bhavani. Virat says this is not the part of our plan. Sai says it was surprise. Virat likes her. Devi and Bhavani compliment each other. Bhavani asks Pulkit and Harini to come. Virat asks Harini to greet her Nani. Pulkit asks her to greet her Nani. Harini greets her. Bhavani blesses her. Virat introduces Ashwini to Harini. Ashwini gives a gift to Harini. Harini says she likes Bappa. Devi says your Mamma and your liking is same, and says same pinch. Harini pushes her hand and gets upset. Pulkit holds Devi’s hand.Virat calls Harini and makes her meet Pakhi. Pakhi gives her a gift. Harini asks where is my elder mamu? Pakhi gets sad. Harini asks Virat, why her elder Mamu is not with Bade Mami. Virat says you will meet him soon, he is very nice guy than me. Pakhi thinks even he knows that Samrat will not return. Virat takes Harini to stage and says surprise.

Devi asks Sai if she decorated all this and tells that it is all lovely like Harini. Harini gets upset with her. Devi says my Harini Pari and claps. Sai stops her and says there are many surprises. Virat asks if she likes it. Harini says yes. Pulkit tells Harini that as she is meeting her mother’s family for the first time, they did all the arrangements. Harini says they are so good and makes face seeing Devi. Sai tells Harini that she will make her meet an angel who loves her very much. Harini asks who is that angel? Sai asks her to sit with her Nani until then? She asks Madhuri to take her. Bhavani is upset. Virat hopes everything goes fine.

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