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I’m on the edge 17 July 2022: Adhi says don’t shout. I think you still didn’t get the lesson. Your parents were running when they got killed. You did the same thing by running. That accident can happen again. This time the car would hit the baby. Then you would remember the lesson forever. I wanted to see this fear in your eyes. It will stay here forever. Bharat grasps his collar and says where is my daughter? He sits in his feet. He says I beg you please give us our daughter back. Ambika bows down too. She says please give me my daughter back.

Adhi says don’t worry. What happened to your victorious face? Adhi says she has been left at your house. Devi and everyone run towards house. Masa says top. Go and prepare we will send doli at your house.Masa says to urmi this is your last day in your house. Get lost. Everyone comes to house and look for ishu. She is nowhere. Rekah is crying. She says where is my ishu? They hear ishu crying. Devi goes after the voice. She is crying inside the bookshelf. Devi brings her out. Ishu hugs her and cries. She says I was so scared. DEvi calms ishu down.

Bharat says I knew nothing would happen to ishu. Nothing would happen. Devi says because of that urmi you sent me with that policeman. I told you so many times don’t do this. I told you he would find a way to get me back. This won’t happen again. He scared ishu. This all is happening because of me. I am married now. I will go there. Kesar comes to Devi. She says please dont do anything. Please come out for bidai. They won’t ever let you go anywhere.Devu comes to her room and cries. She packs her bag. Ishu comes there.Devi says to Bharat I will go there now. And I have a dream.. I will be my own hero. Everyone hugs her. They come out but there is no one with doli. Its just empty doli. Rekha says where are they?

Adhi says who will bring her? Masa says empty doli means her insult. He will come here and beg us to accpet his doctor.
All the women start taunting on the empty doli. Bharat says to Devi this is the chance we were looking for. You should go to Dehli and forget all this. DEvi says I won’t run anymore. Bharat says this is not married. Devi says this is truth that I am his wife. No one can deny that fact. Not even him. I will take my doli myself.Bharat says what are you saying? You should go from here. Devi says I can’t get you all in danger again. I would have to come back. I will stay and tell him what we have faced.

I will write it myself. Its his worse day that he married. Dreams never die. They can’t kill our dreams. God kept me alive for a reason. TO end this animosity. I will take love to that house. I will make that animaal beast. I might lose. I won’t give up.Urmi’s mom is hitting her. She says I will burn you. I will kill you. Kesar and Masa come there. Masa says stop. Are you mad? She says this urmi did so wrong. I will burn myself too. Masa says she has made mistake. SHe says where will we go if you ask us to leave. Masa says you don’t have to go. We can’t forgive her. But if she makes a mistake again I will burn her. They leave. Urmi and her mom laugh.

Devi’s family hugs her. She has called all women pandits. They take her in doli. Bharat is crying.Masa says I won’t let her come here. When bharat comes here and begs us to take his daughter then we will let her in. I will ruin their lives.Adhi says to saradh do something. I want that land. I feel like I will have to lose this time.
The pandits come out. They do mantra outside Masa’s house. DEvi says I came to a devil’s house. I will write this story myself.Masa says to the pandits thanks for coming here. Your presence gave us blessings. We are going to temple. Masa thinks the woman inside is the servant of idol. She bows down to her and washes her face. Devi says I will surprise you sasu ma. Masa cleans her feet. Devi comes out. Masa makes her wear chunri. She does her arti. Masa says thank you for coming. Pandit asks her to keep the doli inside. Masa gives Devi money.

 Devi comes in the house. She puts the kalash on the door and kicks it and enters the house. Masa says you didn’t go with the pandits? She still thinks its the care taker of the idol. Adhi gets a call from Saradh. He says court is taking decision in your favor. Congrats. Masa says you didn’t show your face. She takes off ghunghat. Its DEvi. She is dazed. Adhi is dazed as well. Masa says you..She touches her feet. Devi says my doli was left there. The right place of a bride is in her house. So I came here. You welcomed me here so well.

urmi’s mother says you shouldn’t be here. Devi says but she welcomed me in this house. I am her lakshmi. Masa says you Chauhans always fool people. Devi says masa i didn’t call you. If the bride of Rajawat came alone people would have talked. I came with the pandits.
Masa says you will be the servant here. Devi says come come adhi. Husband and wife should stand together. Adhi says Devi Chauhan.. you.. She says no I am Devi Adhiraj Rajwat.

Adhi looks at Pragati dazed. Adhi says in heart see how I ruin your life now. Masa says tell her she is a servant. Devi says this is what I was saying. Servants and owners are equal. We will respect everyone equally in this house. Adhi grasps her hand and drags her to the room. He shoves her towards the bed.

He locks the door and comes near her. He says you think you can say anything in front of me and my mom> I will take revenge. She says you want to take revenge? When hero takes heroin to room like this it means something else. They must be thinking the same. Adi comes close to her and says yoou call me namard (not a man). What do you want? You wanna see my manliness right? He touches her stomach with his fingers. Devi gets scared. Adhi comes near her. He unties her purse and takes it. He opens her purse. He takes out her phone. Bharat is calling her. She tries to take her phone but he doesn’t let her. He cuts the call.

Scene 2
Bharat says her phone is off. I should go and check. Ambika says no don’t go there. She will handle it. We have to trust her. If we can’t contact her then we will have to go there.Adhi says your kaku doesn’t understand you are just married. Its your first day he shouldn’t disturb us. This phone shouldn’t come between us. He takes her phone. She smiles. Adhi leaves. devi says you are right. You are my husband after all. Your room my room. My room yours. Thank God you took my phone it was old. I know you will get me a new phone. You are mine and so is your phone I will call from your phone. He leaves.

Adhi says come meet all the people in our house. He takes her to store. It is fill of rats. He says these are family members too. You have to spend this night with them. Devi says my husband is a lion and his strength I am not scared of these. He says okay then show what you say. He shoves her in and locks her inside. When you scream I will know you gave up and I will take you out. He leaves.Devi is scared inside. She keeps herself away from rats. She is scared.

Kesar comes to open the store. A maid comes and says adhi asked not to open the store. She leaves.Devi is scared.Devi is scared. She says I dont’ have to cry. I have to be strong. I promise kaku sa. I can handle this relationship. I can make Adhi a better human. I will fulfill my dream. I will become a doctor too.Adhi is getting things ready for Saradh. He takes out wine and drinks the whole bottle.Devi reads mantras. Adhi recalls Devi. He says my wife is a lioness she said. I have to know everything about her that she didn’t tell me. What makes her so brave. Only then I will know how to cage that sparrow.

Devi says he must be thinking he won and I am his toy now. One day I will make you a human. She keeps saving herself from the rats. She says when I win you will accept me as your wife.Devi’s dupatta gets stuck. She falls down. A rat falls on her head. She throws it away. Adhi comes outside. He says she didn’t give up yet. devi sits on a ladder. She says I have to stay strong. She says I have to be strong. These are just rats. There is a beast outside. She says to rats. I am new here you can’t scare me here. I am adhi’s wife. If you are his pet then you are mine as well. I will call yyou small adhiraj. We have to be friends. Don’t be scared of me. I am here to befriend you all. She makes the rats eat. She says eat is and don’t annoy me please.

Devi falls asleep in store.Masa asks dholki how much she screamed? She says didn’t at all. Masa says yes she didn’t scream. Dholki says she should have. The rats are wild. She might know magic. What if she does magic on Adhi as well. Urmi says what if she wasn’t there at all. Adhi says I locked her no one can dare to get her out.Masa comes to store. Kesar sees Devi sleeping. She says devi.. Devi says you all here. Welcome mother in law.Masa says you see what I do next.

Scene 2
Ishu is crying. she says my sends be back home. All kids make fun of me now. Reha says they have destroyed lives of two of our daughters. Bharat says i am going to police. Ambika says no we shouldn’t do that.Urmi brings milk for Adhi. She says I don’t wanna annoy you. I know you are mad at me. I.. I didn’t know they were fooling me. He says masa forgave you. She pardoned you and so did I. Go now. He leaves.Kesar says to DEvi you are so brave. Devi says we shouldn’t be scared. We have fight hthis all together. Kesar says I never heard about hope here before.

Urmi is angry in her room. Her mom says you are doing nothing. Urmi says she will catch Adhi. Urmi saays if Adhi falls in love with her we cant do anything. We have to provoke masa to kick her out of house.
Kesar says to masa should I give her food? Masa says you are our daughter in law and she is servant. You shouldn’t be talking to her much. Devi comes there. Masa says ask her to make food. DEvi says as you say masa. Masa says to kesar tell her duties of servants here.

Devi gets the dinner table ready. Kesar tries to help her. Masa says let the servant work. Devi serves masa. She says urmi give me your leftover daal. She takes leftover from everyone and gives it to devi and asks her to sit on floor and eat.Adhi comes in anger. He is angry.

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