I do update Monday 18 July 2022

I do 18 July 2022: Seher tells rehaan the entir story, professing as to how when she got to know her true identity, she changed, and isnt a thief anymore, and that tanveer isnt a nice woman, and knows he would find it difficult to believe, as he genuinely cares for her. rehaan remembers tanveer’s fake love for ahil. she continually tries to emphasise about tanveer’s true identity, and how she has blinded ahil with her sacrifices and pretentious love, and tells that she did this all due to property. rehaan is embarassed to hear this, as he knows this all along. He says that she didnt just do it for property, but for him, and seher is shocked, when rehaan reveals that he is the actual son, even if illegitimate of tanveer, and the woman lowlife that she is talking about is his mother. seher stands stunned, and says that this isnt possible, and that he cant be a son to such a woman.

She asks how can she behave like this with her own son. he says that this is because his mother loves money more than she loves him. Seher is shocked. rehaan tells the entire truth about tanveer, and how he knows everything about her and her fake love for ahil. He asks her to understand what he feels when he stands witness that his own mother is showering her love on someone else, and that she doesnt even refer to him as her son, and has made her a servant in front of the world. She is distraught. he tells about tanveer’s indifference to him, and how he just wants a little love and affection and not the greatest riches in the world. He narrates how she always rated money over love for her own son. He says that first he used to believe tanveer, but from what she told and he got to know today, and what she did with her family, and ahil’s father, he doesnt have an respect for her, and the woman, who never loved, never cared, and never understood love’s importance, wont love him too, and now he wont let her ruin love anymore, and shall do anything to get ahil back with sanam.

Seher holds his hand, and says that he is complete opposite of his mother, and is a genuine person, and thanks him for believeing her, as it means a lot to her. He places his hand over hers, and cups it in reassurance. Rehaan says that he swears that he would unite the love couple, sanam and ahil, and expose her true face to the entire world, while seher stands by his side. He says that he hates tanveer, while seher stands determined.

Scene 2:
Location: Farmhouse
haya comes dressed in western attire, taking away faiz’s breath, as he is gardening. She tries to seduce him, saying that he got hot chocolate for him, flirtatiously. He drinks it, and asks what did he mix in it. she says that she just mixed choco powder. He asks whats the extra ingredient. She says that she added love this time. He gets intimate with her, and she says that being the new year, she doesnt want to party inside, and he says that they shant go outside, and she says tht they dont need to go out to maie it special. He asks whats her plan. She comes to his ears sensually, and says that he shall know soon enough. Faiz is captivated. haya eyes him sternly and leaves.

As she stands in her room, tensed, faiz comes from outside, and hugs her, and she is disgusted but doesnt express it on her face. She asks him to get ready, and he says that he will, and sys that he wants to make the last day memorable. he tries to kiss her, and she says that somethings are better awaited and hence asks him to wait. He says that when they both are together, then why wait. She says that she doesnt like this house, and unintentionally too, she gets haunted by her prior memories here, and she wants her coming life to be perfect, and hence she wants to welcome the new year, outside in the lawn, under the sky, in the shine of the stars, with him. She says that if he doesnt like this, then they shall celebrate the way he wants to. She says that nothing matters more than him and his company, and hence she shall comply to his wishes.

He holds her and says that his passion begins from her eyes and ends on her lips, and it would be exactly the way she wants it. he hugs her, while she cringes at his touch, but pretends to be happy.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
In his room, ahil is disturbed by the recent happenings, whereas tanveer enjoys her latest victory over sanam, and her eviction from the house, and that all of sanam’s efforts went in vain, and now this entire property shall be hers, and she shall live her 20 years old dream, and hence she is very happy. While ahil wanders in the lobby, disturbed and extremely upset, he goes into tanveer’s room, who has already composed herself, to pretend to be sick, under covers, lying on the bed. He asks razaak to leave, and give him a chance to serve tanveer. Ahil profusely thanks her for her effort in being such a nice mother, even though she is the step mother, and sacrificing everything for him. Sanam sees this from a distance. He remembers how she took the blame of him killing his father, and says that he shall always be indebted for what she did for him. He says that he shall do just what she wants, and that he wont ever see sanam’s face ever again, as she tried to kill the person, who he loves more than his life, his mother. sanam is shocked and distraught. He says that he loved sanam unconditionally, but for tanveer, he would forget that love too. Tanveer smiles evilly. sanam is in tears. He promises to tanveer, who pretends to be disturbed. While he is feeding tanveer, he again says that he feels he committed a crime by not listenting to her. she asks him not to bother himself over what happened in the past.

He again says that she is noble, and can forget and move on, but he cant and not even forgive sanam, as the one who he trusted so much, tried to take the life of his mother. He says that they cant keep sanam captive, but she should be punished, but is unable to decide what to do. She says that she too cant understand, but sanam’s name is connected with the family, and can be a danger to the family. She says that they should give sanam to the police. Ahil is surprised but complies, when she insists. She smiles. Rehaan comes in saying that they cant do this, and shouldnt call the police, as sanam is innocent and she hasnt done anything. Ahil and tanveer are surprised. The screen freezes on rehaan’s tensed face.

Ahil reminds sanam’s past attempts, at murdering tanveer. rehaan says that its just tanveer’s scare, and that ahil’s impatience is justified as any son would think like this for a mother. tanveer asks if she is mad, and asks ahil if she would wrongly blame her. Ahil complies. rehaan asks if she has any evidence that proves sanam is guilty. When she denies, he says that he has evidence that sanam is innocent. tanveer says that sanam gave her the milk. Rehaan says that sanam didnt get the milk from the market. Rehaan comes and asks tanveer why are they blaming sanam, as she didnt do anything. Ahil asks how can he still advocate for her. tanveer is tensed. Then rehaan says that he has evidence, and shows the milk carton, which tells that the milk had expired, when tanveer took it. Ahil and tanveer are boggled.

Ahil is surprised. rrehaan says that market shopping is done by razaak, and he does anything to save money for himself, and asks her to give punishment to razaak and not sanam. she gets irritated and says that this is all a well covered trap, and that she is very shrewd, and she feels so instinctively. Rehaan says that sanam cant feel or want wrong for anyone, and ahil’s heart knows this, and if anyone has been wronged, its sanam herself. ahil is emotional. tanveer gets upset, asking how can he stay quiet and how can he doubt her, the mother who has sacrificed everything for him. He says that he believes her, and that he can never believe that she can mean any harm to him, but rehaan has a point, and that sanam might actually not be guilty, and till they dont have evidence to prove otherwise, they cant give her to the police. tanveer is upset, while ahil leaves. rehaan faces her.

tanveer asks why did he do this, as he ruined her game. rehaan says that she cant ruin anyone’s life. tanveer says that she shall win only when sanam loses, and that she is doing this for him. He says that he doesnt want the dreams, and the fame and money, that is at someone else’s cost. she gets frustrated. he asks how low would she step down now, and says that there’s still a chance, and beg for forgiveness. she starts guffawing loudly, as that person asks for apology, who is at fault, and she hasnt made any, as she just wants fame and money for her son, and that the only mission in her life is to win, and she can give small sacrifices for that. rehaan says that every crime has a punishment, and that god would give her a punishment, that would leave her dead, and that he can only feel sympathy for her. He leaves.

Tanveer says that she maybe wrong in his eyes today, but one day she wont be mistaken again in the future by him.In her room, Tanveer vents out her frustration at gazalla and razaak, saying that she is going through a tough time, as all deals are falling flat. razaak asks what more can she do, than killing herself, to win ahil’s trust. she is furious, and asks if she wants to concede defeat now, as she has never done so. She says that now she knows, there’s someone who is with sanam, a very shrewd mind, or else she wouldnt have been so daring. She wonders who is it. They all decide that they shall have to find out. Gazalla says that they shall risk their life, in trying to find out. tanveer says that there’s just one thing, that can help them, and she knows what that is. She smiles evilly. Razaak and gazalla are boggled.

Scene 2:
Location: Farmhouse
Haya and faiz get ready for the new year party. He hugs her. she turns around, asking what has he worn, and says that she got a surprise for him, and gives him a suit. She says that she wants to see him in this, as love shall win tonight, and she doesnt want any shortcomings. He leaves, while she stands determined. In the garden area, faiz dreams of having a new year and a new beginning of a new life with haya, while everyone bids the old year goodbye. haya joins him, while he smiles. He starts romantisicing her, asking if she liked the arrangement. she says that she liked immensely, the decor as well as him. She flirtatiously takes him to the table. She pours out drink for him, and mixes a powder in it stealthily, avoiding faiz’s gaze. Haya gives the drink to faiz, seductively, and he drinks and starts gyrating sensually with her, while she cringes at every touch of his, but happy that her plan worked.

She remembers her romantic moments with rahat, and their pure love, and for its sake, she plays along, even though she realises the stark contrast between her proximity with rahat, and with his brother. He is ecstatic, while she plays along, as he carries her in his arms.Faiz gets haya on the bed, to finalluy consummate their relationship. as he bends down to kiss her, she stealthily grabs a knife, hidden under the bed covers, and remembering the torment that he put her through, she stabs him on the back, trembling with fear mixed with rage, taking him by surprise. she throws him off herself, and he falls flat on the bed, with the knife stuck in his back. Haya is distraught to see what she had to do to free herself. The screen freezes on her face.

Faiz is shocked as haya stabs him on the back. She finds his blood tainted hands, and then rushes down the bed, while faiz lies unconscious. In her rush, the candle falls, and the drapes around the bed catch fire. Haya watches as the candle lights the whole bed, afire by the sides, while faiz lies on it, helplessly, writhing in pain, screaming out to her. she ignores him, and runs off to escape. She starts the car, but is scared by faiz screaming for her. finally, he lies dead, and haya runs off.

Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
Rahat wakes up instinctively, sensing something, and opens the door. He doesnt find anything, and then turns around. He doesnt realise that haya has walked in after him, dazed and terror stricken, mumbling that she killed faiz. rahat is too dazed and stunned to see haya, standing before him. She keeps mumbling in shock, and is about to fall off, when rahat catches her and holds her in his arms, as she lies unconscious.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Ahil goes through his pics with sanam, when tanveer comes in. he gets conscious and then comes in to help her sit. She says that she has come to apologise, while he says that it isnt needed. She says that after rehaan and ahil told her, she is sure that she is hallucinating, and she is always scared and restless, as she feels that someone is trying to ruin her ad her family. He tries to assure her, but she says that she is certain about that. He says that good people always have good fate. She says that she has decided to keep a prayer gathering at home, where everybody prays together and that she has called the priest for this, so that they can be out of doubts of darkness. He agrees. she thanks him, while smiling evilly, thinking about her plan.

While sanam gets ready to pray, tanveer comes and congratulates her on her victory, but doesnt ask her to think that this is permanent, as new year shall bring her defeat. Sanam asks her to let go now, as all her efforts failed, and that she wont be able to win, as god favours those who are true. tanveer says that means god is with her, as she too survived many death atacks, and is very truthful. sanam asks her to let it be on time. Tanveer asks if she can hide her secret for too long, as she knows there’s someone, who is behind her, and who is giving her courage to move on, and that having seen the world, she knows that she is being supported by someone, and the day she gets to know who is it, her game shall be over. Sanam defiantly says that there is someone who sticks beside her like a shadow, that gives her strength and courage, her God, who as long as he is by her side, noone can defeat her. Tanveer says that she may need someone, but she is capable to handle sanam alone, and that they shall decide who wins and who loses. she snidely wishes her a happy new year, and sanam reciprocates.

Ahil, in his room, is tensed remembering the latest incidents, and then his romantic memories with sanam. As he walks aimlessly in the hallway, he collides into sanam, who falls in his arms, as fate would have it, and romantic yet awkward eyelock follows. they both compose themselves. sanam asks whats he doing at such a late hour. He says that he wanted to see her, as what happened today wasnt her fault, and had rehaan not told him, he wouldnt have understood. Sanam says that she doesnt know why tanveer feels so, as she doesnt want harm for her. Ahil says that she may not be able to be blamed for today, but she is guilty, of jilting him at the altar, and making a joke of his love and their relation in front of everyone, and for that he shall never be able to forgive her. Sanam asks that she accepts her mistake, and that there should be a punishment too, and asks him what he wants, as she would accept whatever punishment he gives her.

He says that the only punishment for what she did to him, is that he doesnt want anything from her. He leaves, while she stands tensed, wondering when would ahil’s anger subside and she would be able to see the old ahil again. Sanam finds fireworks, celebrating new year, through the window, and thinks that this year took away a lot, but gave too, ahil and rehaan’s company and her sister, seher, and hopes that the lord gives her the strength that she is able to take revenge for her parents’ death, from tanveer. Ahil prays thinking that he doesnt know who to believe or not, as all are god’s people, and hopes that in this new year, he gets to know the truth, and return his love back to him, as he eyes sanam’s pic overwhelmingly.

Seher and rehaan are in the garden, where seher as usual, starts chattering about her new year resolutions, and rehaan overwhelmingly eyes her, amused at her loose ended resolutions. He teases her saying that she wont be able to do anything. She says that she has one that she has decided to fulfill, and thats to never lie to him. He says that he shall also promise never to disbelieve her love ever again, and asks her to promise that she would agree to whatever he tells her. She asks how is that possible. She also says that they need to resolve that they shall never fight as that would stop their love from progressing. they have a good laugh at this.

Some priests come, and are taken inside by gazalla to tanveer’s room. Meanwhile, Tanveer evilly thinks that she has passion for victory, and hence she shall win, this year and sanam would have to lose. She says aloud that the new year shall forever pull sanam into darkness, and then greets the priests. They smile and then take off their beards. They take out their surgical kit and gloves, and begin to get ready for an operation, while tanveer smiles congratulating herself too on the new year. She lies down for the surgery to begin, as the doctors ask if she is ready. she complies. the screen freezes on her evil face.


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