I’m on the Edge update Saturday 16 July 2022

I’m on the edge 16 July 2022: Bharat and everyone come with the bride. Its Urmi in ghughat. Masa says start the wedding.The wedding starts. Bharat does adhi’s arti. Adhi says to his mom are you happy now? He says to devi I wanna see fear on your face. He is about to take off the ghughat.Devi says your plan is not good. Where is your sir? Inspector says he is planning to get your family out of there.Adhi is about to take ghughat off. He stops and says I will see her face when I win completely.

Devi says you think they will leave him? They will harm my family;. He says please we had to save you from him.
Adhi makes her wear the garland
The pheray start. DEvi says hope my family is safe.Adhi says to Bharat where is ishu? Bharat says she was very upset. Didn’t want to bring her here. Adhi says okay. Ishu is with her kaka.Kesar wonders where is urmi.They stand for pheray. Urmi stands up and trips. Kesar sees her face. She is dazed. She says urmi. She doesn’t say anything, Kesar says stop. Masa says what happened? She says he forgot to tie knots. Masa says oh you are right. Ambika ties the knots. Kesar says in heart devi’s life is saved.

Pheray keep on going.Devi is reaching the border. She says we will get our family out of Sujhan garh as well.Masa says you fulfilled my promise. I will ruin your life. Bharat says to Rekha we saved our daughter from this evil. She says I hope we all leave from here as well.Vikram and Devi reach police station. She has crossed the border. She texts bharat that she has crossed the border.Ishu is with her kaka. She says to her doll. Devi didi is here. A constable listens. He is spy of Adhi. He calls Adhi’s friend inspector. He calls Adhi. Adhi’s friend picks the call. He is dazed. He whispers in Adhi’s ears. Adhis stops the pheray.

Adhi takes off the ghughat. Bharat says but the pheray haven’t ended. Adhi saays take it off yourself or should I? He takes it off himself. Its Urmi. Everyone is dazed. Adhi says what are you doing here. Masa hits Urmi.Adhi calls his police men. They point gun at Ishu. Masa hits Urmi. She says I am sorry masa. She says my head hurts. Bharat says Devi and Ishu are not here so I can teach him a lesson.Bahrat says where is my daughter? Adhi has kidnapped her. What is this urmi doing here? You put it in ghughat. If I don’t find devi I won’t leave anyone. Why are you silent Adhi? This is my revenge for everything you did. You better take seventh phera and end this. Adhi says where is devi? Bharat says you can’t do anything. She has gone. Urmi says please marry me. My dignity will be torn.

Please. Adhi laughs. He says how dare you think that? How can I marry my bhabhi. Urmi’s mom slaps her and says why did you do this. You have killed our dignity. Bharat says devi has gone from here. She won’t come back. Marry her and save your dignity.Masa says to Adhi I told you this game would give her space. She ran. Adhi says I will marry her I promised you. Now you see what I do. He goes out.Devi gets a call from Adhi. He says what you thought you would go and I won’t know. Now come back time is leaving. She says I wont come back. He says Ishu.. I have her. If you want me not to harm her come here running. I will kill her. Devi says no please. He says come in 30 minutes here. Devi says stop the car. She says thank you I dont’ want any help. She runs from there. Urmi sits crying.

Pandit ji says we should complete this marriage. She won’t come back. Masa says shut up. Adhi said she will come back so she will. We will wait until he is. Bharat says keep waiting. Adhi you have lost already. You have nothing left. Devi has gone. Wait if you want. Adhi says I will wait for 30 minutes. Devi is running on her way back. She begs a man for lift. She recalls her moments with Ishu.Devi comes to mandap everyone is dazed. Bharat says why did you come here. You had left already. Devi says to Adhi I am ready to marry you. She ties her knot with him. SHe says lets get married. Bharat is crying. Adhi grasps her hand and takes pheray with her. Adhi fills her hairline. Bharat sits down crying. Pandit ji says wedding is over. Devi says where is ishu? You married me. Now tell me where is ishu. Rekha starts crying. She says where is my daughter. What did you do to my daughter. Devi says we didn’t harm anyone.

You should be ashamed of yourself. You are not a human. You have married me now give me my Ishu back or I will kill you. Please bring her back. Tell me where is she.


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