I’m on the edge update Saturday 3 September 2022


I’m in the edge 3 September 2022: Devi is worried because Virat told her Kesari is coming. Kesar reaches the door. Virat takes her from there. adhi says pandit ji do this pooja in my and my wife’s name.

Virat brings Kesar home. He says I am sorry. But I can’t let you come between Adhi and Devi. Kesar says their marriage is broken. He doesn’t love her.
The pooja is going on. Adhi says I want to talk to you come to my room.

Adhi takes her to room. He says you know everything. I didn’t treat you as a wife. I went to take the doctor for you. Virat was there asking for female doctor. He must be asking her for DEvi. How can she go so shameless. Devi is dazed. She says it can be another reason. Maybe he wanted to help someone.

Kesar says I have to do something. I have to tell Adhi. Adhi says devi wrote this letter. She wrote what she did with Virat. i will give you respect of wife form now and forget her.

Scene 2
Kesar picks a broken glass and says I will kill myself. Virat calls Devi.
Kesar says if you come near I will kill myself. Virat says think about your child. Devi comes and says stop this please. Your child will be harmed. Kesar says you fooled me. Devi says no you chose this path. Do you want to kill your child? Kesar throws glass away. Devi dresses her wound. Devi says I can never do anything against you. I considered you my sister. Kesar says you always thought about yourself.

Adhi had tp be mine. you cheated on him. He was mine and you took my right. devi says adhi and I will take care of your child. Kesar says you can’t see anyone other than yourself and Adhi. You didn’t even wish me on my birthday. Devi says no one can take my husband from me. We will take care of your child but he will be my husband only. I can’t give you my sindur. Devi leaves. Kesar says no matter what you do. I will make Adhi mine. Devi says who left my jewelry in Virat’s room.

Kesar says to Devi you can never win Adhi. Devi says who left my jewelry on Virat’s bed. Masa used you a pawn. Forget what she told you. Tell virat everything. we will forgive you and you can live there. Kesar says Adhi will kick you out of his house when he gets to know that you fooled him again. This is a sin. Devi says don’t talk about sins after all that you have done. Anyway please eat this med because I still care for you.


Masa says time is passing so quickly. Urmi says no its so slow. Masa says only two days are left in holi after that we will do munh dikhai of Kesar. Devi is worried. She says I am coming.

Adhi is looking at file paper. Devi says why are you doing this? He says someone faked signatures on a file. DEvi says maybe the letter that provoked you against devi was fake writing as well. He says forget about devi. Even if that letter was fake, what about the thing I saw with my eyes? I saw Virat shirtless with her. Devi says how do I tell him all the was planted. Only one person can help me and that’s Kesar but she won’t help me.

Virat says to Kesar please eat. I know you are a nice person. You are not evil. Devi told me she considers you a sister. Kesar sas why are you so concered about her? Don’t you wanna marry her? He says no I am engaged. Here is my gf. Kesar says what.. I saw you both with such wrong eyes. I will tell Adhi everything that I planted all this. I can’t do all this. How did I go so wrong.

Scene 2
Adhi gets ready for holi. Devi is happy. She comes downstairs happily when Virat tells her that Kesar has realized her mistake and is ready to tell everyone truth. Devi says thank God.
Masa looks at her and says why is she so happy? Urmi says we have to kick this kesar out of this house.

At night, holi function starts. Adhi recalls his moments with Devi. He says why do I feel like I am with devi. I feel the peace I used to feel near her. Devi says in heart he doesn’t know that its his devi behind this ghughat.

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