I’m on the edge update Friday 2 September 2022

I’m on the edge 2 September 2022: Devi says he is my friend. I was just helping him when he was ill. He says I saw you close to him. Your jewelry was on his bed. SHe says listen. He leaves.Adhi’s car is down. Devi comes in her car and says I can drop you. He says no thanks. After a while he comes and sits in her car. SHe says this show how much you love me. He says I want to go home. She says seat belt. Adhi turns off music. Devi turns it on again. He leaves.

Devi comes home as kesar. Masa says where are bananas? She says I brought them I saw temple and gave them there. Masa says urmi go and bring bananas. Devi’s pallu gets stuck in the door. Masa sees side of her face.masa comes near devi and says why did you go to temple alone. Adhi comes in and she doesn’t see Devi’s face. Adhi is not feeling well. Devi takes him to room. Devi takes him to bed and he sleeps.Virat calls Devi. She comes out. Devi says Adhi saw my jewelry in your room. He thinks I spent night in your room. Someone placed it there. Send the mehndi night photos.

Adhi gets up recalls his moments with devi. He says what should i do? Was she right? I have to meet her again. Devi comes to her room and checks the photos virat sent. She sees Kesar stealing her jewelry. devi says how can kesar do this to me? i have to tell this to Adhi. Adhi says should I call her or not? Adhi calls devi. He says I want to meet you. She says come. Adhi says I will meet you at the same place. She says okay I will come.Devi is leaving. MAsa stops her. she says I am going to market. Masa says there are servants in house you don’t need to go. She asks hariya to bring what she wants. Adhi is in park. He keeps calling devi. Devi is sitting with Masa. She says why are you making such fat rotis? Adhi says where is she? Masa goes upstairs. Devi rushes towards the gate.
Devi goes there but Adhi has left. Devi cries.

Scene 2
Devi comes home and sees many water filled pans on the floors. Masa sees her face in the water. She is dazed. Mas says Devi.. I won’t leave her this time. Devi goes to her room and takes off her ghughat. SHe says I wanted to tell Adhi truth. He has to know the truth.Masa says this is not the right time. I should let her play her game and find Kesar first.

Adhi comes home drunk. Masa says you need to forget that Devi. Kesar is your wife now. Masa takes him to his room. Devi sees that Adhi is in room. She sees that Adhi is asleep on the bed. devi comes close to him. He says I love devi in unconscious mind. Devi says one day our distances will be over. She covers him with sheets and leaves the room.

Virat calls devi. He says Kesar is not well. Devi says arrange a doctor I am coming. Devi is leaving the house. Adhi comes. He says should I take you to doctor? Devi says no no. He says I can take you if you want or bring you meds. She says okay bring these meds. devi is worried for Kesar.
Virat comes to doctor and says there is a girl who is not well. She is not well. I need you.

Adhi is there. Adhi says you are here to take doctor for devi? Do you have any shame? Virat says if you don’t trust her I don’t want to explain. Doctor says calm down. She goes with Virat. Kesar runs from the house.

Masa says prays help me God so I expose this devi in front of everyone. Adhi comes and sits next to Devi. He holds her hand for the pooja. Virat sees that Kesar has ran. She is on the road. She says I will tell everyon that devi has fooled us all. She married Adhi instead of me. Virat calls Devi. But she can’t pick it because she is in pooka. Devi reads Virat’s text that Kesar has ran. SHe says what will I do now.

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