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I do 15 July 2022: Ahil is strolling in the garden, thinking about last night and what sanam did and professed why she did it, and gets tensed. Tanveer comes with coffee, and he gets angry that she has to do work, even if many servants are present. She points out that servants are as important as masters these days. he apologises for hurting her, even in unintentionally. She says that he knows but she is concerned not for herself, but for him and this family, and she doesnt want him to be torn between the truth and false. She says that sanam has returned back for the property, and she was awake last night, thinking about it. He says that he doesnt feel so, as she cant stoop so low, as she is very self independant, and she has never even been seen lusting for money. she says that this is sanam’s trap and plan, to turn down small gifts, to get in the big haul. Ahil says that he isnt convinced, as if she wanted property, then she wouldnt have jilted him at the altar.

He says that she cant even trasnfer the property for a year. He is surprised. she says that she and ahil knows this, but not sanam. He is susprised. She says that she is thinking the same thing that he is thinking. Tanveer tells ahil to play a game, that she should get the lawyer, and ask sanam to sign the property papers to ahil’s name, and that at any cost she wouldnt give her half of the property to him, nd shall refuse. he refuses saying that this isnt required, and tanveer asks if he doesnt even trust the mother now. He composes her and agrees to get the lawyer. Ahil says that he too is frustrated with the battle between the heart and the mind, and wants the truth to be revealed now. tanveer evilly smiles.

Tanveer crushes light buls, into a fine powder, and mixes it in another packet containing flour, and then seals it. while azhar’s parents are shocked, and that the property that she did so much for, instead of bothering for it, tanveer is upto nonsense. they tell her that sanam would go to any length to prove her genuinety to ahil. They ask what if sanam actually signs the papers, and ahil knows about her innocence. tanveer says thatshe would sign when she is able to sign. She presents them the sealed packet and asks them to keep it in the kitchen, and asks them to take care, that they arent seen while doing so. they leave, confused and baffled about her plan. tanveer thinks that sanam may have danced in glass shards, but now she would shed tears of blood, due to glass pieces.

Sanam sits on the stairs, remembering tanveer’s manipulations on ahil, and wonders there must be some way, to prove to ahil that tanveer is wrong and fake. She remembers reading the diary, as to how she had uncovered the truth about ahil’s father’s murder. She wonders where it all is, as she lost it when she last got exchanged by razia. tanveer comes and asks if she is plotting against her, as she has good news for her, that ahil wants to eat an apple pie made by sanam. she remembers ahil loving it, and says that she wont be able to understand their love with her crooked, evil mind. She leaves, while tanveer smirks. As sanam goes to work in the kitchen, she spots the flour packet, containing glass pieces, and decides to use it in her dish. she begins to open the packet.

Scene 2:
Location: Farmhouse
Faiz presents her a rose and apologises for his behaviour and his words, saying that small fights just increase the love between the couple, and he knows that she loves him too, but she shouldnt have left eating. haya says that she doesnt love him, and just loves rahat, and it would be good if he understands it too. He gets angry and crushes the rose, in frustration. But then he composes himself, saying that its okay, and that he has arranged entertainment for her. he gives her a bowl of popcorn, and then switches on the tv, that shows rahat getting arrested. while faiz is amused, haya is shocked and apalled. Faiz pretends to be very smypathetic, that rahat is in jail, and now they have each other only. haya asks why is rahat in jail, and what has he done to him. He says that rahat did this, and he murdered haya, and the police convicted him.

Hay says that she wont let rahat be harmed, and that she would tell everyone that she is alive. He says that she cant be found here, and for the world, she is dead. She is speechless. He asks her to freshen up, as he is waitingfor her at the breakfast table. She is distraught while he leaves.As faiz waits for her at the dining table, setting a grand spread of breakfast, she arrives tensed. he says that he knew they both wouldnt disappoint each other, and starts explaining the culinary spread, while haya eyes the knife. He asks if she is really silly, that she would be able to kill him with this small knife. she says that he is right, and if this knife cant kill him, it sure can kill her, as for the world she is already did. haya takes a knife, and threatens him that she would slit her vein, if he doesnt do exactly that she tells him to do, as she is capable of doing what she is saying. He asks her to put the knife away and stop this madness. she asks him if he wants to see her alive, then he should comply.

haya asks him to put the phone on the speaker, and call the police station. He tensedly and resignedly complies, while she eyes him angrily, the knife placed on her vein. as the inspector picks it up, she is about to speak excitedly, when he cancels it, amused. He says that he would give her a better death, and points a pistol at her, instead. she is shocked, as the knife drops from her hand, in amazement. he grabs her by the hair, and asks if he should kill her right now, and she is using him and his love. He reminds her that if she kills herself, then rahat wont be spared at all, as the police would get a dead body, that would make rahat’s crime a proof. He says that the only thing that can save rahat is haya being alive, and leaves it on her. he leaves. She is apalled.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
tanveer calls the lawyer, and he comes saying that he got everything ready the minute she asked them to. Ahil and tanveer sit down with him. Tanveer smiles as ahil and the lawyer keep getting impatient when sanam doesnt arrive. he hollers at latif to get sanam, while tanveer says that she would herself get it.Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Sanam takes the flour, and mixes it with water, and the minute she places her hand in the dough mixture to knead it, she winces in pain. She is shocked, to find her hand full of blood, and injuries, due to the glass shards. She rushes out of the kitchen, leaing behind the blood filled bowl.

Tanveer meets azhar’s parents in the hallway, who is told that there was blood all around, but sanam wasnt to be seen. tanveer smiles evilly. Tanveer says to azhar’s parents that she had told them that sanam would sign only when she is able to. She smiles evilly. The screen freezes on her face.Tanveer takes this chance saying to ahil that sanam wouldnt come nor would she sign the papers, as she is after the property, and shall not give away her share. tanveer is boggled to find sanam coming in. sanam comes and says that for ahil, she can give away hr life too, and that this is too small a price to pay. She arrives with her hand folded and hidden underneath the dupatta. Sanam comes and asks the lawyer where to sign and he clearly explains to her, before signing, that after she signs, her rights or any claims to ahil’s property shall be relinquished. Sanam in unfazed and happily asks where to sign. Ahil looks at her surprisingly.

Sanam stakes out her hand which is perfectly fine. Azhar’s parents recount as to how they had seen blood, and assumed that its all sanam’s. They tell the same to Tanveer who is frustrated and shocked. The lawyer asks her to rethink, and she says that she doesnt need to, as she has no doubts about the rightful owner of the property. She is about to sign, when ahil rushes to her, overwhelmed, and tears off the papers, saying that she doesnt need to sign anything to prove anything to anyone, pointing at tanveer. he says that he blieves her. she smiles at him. He tells tanveer that he knew and now she knows too that sanam cant do anything this low level, and how she was wrong about her. Tanveer fumes silently. sanam, which is actually seher, thinks that she, being a thief, is giving away everything that was hers, but for her sister, who she loves terribly, and hence doesnt regret it at all. she smiles at tanveer’s fury, and her change of behaviour.

In her room, while tanveer fumes and paces around nervously, wondering where did her foolproof plan go wrong, and if this continues sanam would win her way back in ahil’s heart, which she cant allow. Azhar’s parenmts ogle at the food, and beg tanveer to eat, being incredibly hungry. she complies. as they get down to eat, seher comes asking if the food is delicious as they are made from the flour that they specially prepared for her. tanveer and azhar’s parents are shocked and start drinking water profusely. she asks them to relax as the flour is fine. She again reminds tanveer the challenge, and says that she, asad and zoya’s daughter, shall see to it, that she fulfills her part of the challenge. Tanveer fumes, while she tries to give her food, and she declines. seher smiles and leaves. while tanveer wonders what all sanm is capble of, azhar’s parents ask her not to worry, as she is befooling them. Tanveer is still tensed and unconvinced. She asks azhar’s parents to take the will to a new lawyer to find any loophole.


In their hideout, sanam and seher discuss as to how low tanveer can go. sanam says that it has no limits, while seher is still shocked at tanveer’s cruelty. She narrates ahil’s happiness to sanam, finding her innocent, and sanam is happy. sanam tells seher that this is their first step to victory and that now they shall be onbe step closer to exposing tanveer’s true side to ahil, who saw today that tanveer was clearly wrong. sanam gets up to go to ahil, but seher is worried about her hand. She says that she would hide it, and if its exposed, then she can come with an excuse. She still cautions sanam to be careful. sanam smiles and complies.

Scene 2:
Location: Farmhouse
Faiz shockedly stares at Haya who is dressed entirely in western wear and bringing tea and cookies for him. Faiz is baffled and asks whats all this. She says that she knows faiz cxares for her, and oesnt want her to work, but this was the only way to get him to understand her concern and care for him. Laying out the spread, she asks for an apology from Faiz, for her misbehaviour and misunderstanding him. She says she was confused but now knows what she wants. She tells Faiz that she only needs him adding that she loves him immensely, and that he is her first husband, and every breath of hers, should have his name on her. He is baffled. He asks whether the lord has actually been this kind to him, or this is just a dream.

He is still baffled and asks howcome this sudden change after her murder attemtpy at him yesterday. To prove her geuinety and innocence, she herself eats it first for faiz’s proof. Seeing this, he gets emotional and hugs her, thinking that this true love finally won. He is oblivious that he clutches her tightly exactly where she was hurt, while she yelps muffledly in pain. She thinks that she would have to go through this with this person, if she wants to reach to Rahat, her true love.faiz finds haya making their bed, and is boggled at the sudden change, in her, and thanks the lord for this miraculous change. He hugs her from behind, and she is shocked. He invites her for a long drive. She is surprised but complies.

He dceides to freshen up before they leave, and keeps his mobile on the table. She uses this chance to dial someone, and warn. He comes out just then, to find her with the phone, and she says that she was just putting in on the charger, hiding her fear. To double check, faiz checks the call history but doesnt find anything, and haya sighs in relief, having deleted the call history just in time.Later, the doorbell rings, and faiz thinks that haya must have alarmed someone, and gets angry on her, and reprimands her. she tries to explain, but he doesnt let her. He lashes at her to go and hide, while he checks. She complies. He finds a delivery guy with a cake. He is boggled. he takes the delivery and then goes with a sorry face to haya, who is sad and upset.

She begins to leave, while he apolgises profusely, while she says that there’s no use for their love, if there’s no trust. he vehemently says that he trusts her, and shall always keep her happy, and never again make her cry. He asls her to get ready for a celebration and then a long drive. he hugs her, while she complies resignedly. The screen freezes on her face.While the gardener is watering the plants, the new bride comes and instructs him to put the plants in shade, back in light, and does so herself, despite him telling her not to. Just then, ahil arrives and is very angry to find them like this, and when he gets to know that the new bride did this, he lashes out at her. sanam sees this from a distance and jumps in her defence, saying that had she known, she wouldnt have done this, and next time she would take care. both ahil and sanam pick it up, to put it back. their eyes meet romantically. the new bride leaves tensedly.

She meets gazaalla inside, who is tensed and then when asked by gazalla, whats bothering her, she doesnt respond and goes to her room. gazalla is shocked.meanwhile, ahil asks the gardener to get the plants, that tanveer wants, which are drying away. Ahil leaves to attend a phone call, after he notices sanam’s wounds, and asks her to get it properly treated with a doctor. sanam moves to the gardener saying that she wants to do this, and that she would go and get the plants for ahil. the gardener points that its very far away, but sanam gets the address from him, saying that she shall manage. gazalla pverhears this and calls someone. In her room, tanveer is ecstatic when gazalla comes and tells her that sanam has gone to the nursery and that she has sent one of her men, to take care of her, so that she never returns. she praises her and then gives her a handsome reward. gazalla is overjoyed. just then, the pone rings, and razaak asks gazalla to put tanveer on line.

Tanveer asks the new lawyer if there is any loophole in this will. He surprised her by saying that indeed there is, which might cause ahil to lose the property. He tells her that in one year, if by any chance, Ahil’s wife dies, all of his property will go to trust. Hence they have to ensure that nothing happens to haya during this time period. Tanveer is shocked and apalled to hear this.Tanveer and gazalla immediately go out in the car, while she continues to try the contract killer’s phone number, but he isnt picking up. tanveer is frustrated and asks her to continue trying, and continues to ask the same thing again and again. She hopes and prays that nothing should happen to sanam, and save her today. gazalla is shocked, thinking that anything is impossible, however miraculous it seems.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Faiz takes haya out on a long drive, and she pretends to be happy and smiles, as faiz takes her in his arms. She asks to have some coffee, citing a coffee shop. He denies at first, but when she insists emotionally blackmailing him, he agrees. they sit and order for coffeee. She expresses her desire to use the washroom. He insists on walking her there. She complies. As she gets in, she uses her eyeliner, to send as SOS message, giving a number, and the writes that she would be at the dargah today, and asks for Rahat to come and meet her there. Outside, faiz keeps wondering whats taking her so long. Before he can react, she comes out asking whats the matter. he asks what took her so long. she says that she isnt feeling well, and expresss that she wants to go home. He complies.

Back in the car, faiz says that he is very happy at his perfect date with her. she asks if she can ask something from him, and he romantically says yes. She says that she always wanted a normal life, but life has treated her to harsh situations, and that she had completely given up, and that she had prayed that when she gets her life back on track, she would go to Badi Dargah, for praying. She asks if she can be taken there. He asks if going today is necessary. she remembers her message, and then says that its not necessary, but the sooner the better. He sees her sad face, and says that they shall go today. she pretends to be happy, and hugs him, wondering if anyone even saw the message or not.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road and Mirza Nursery
Sanam, while in the auto, driving to the nursery, thinks that for ahil, she would not just get plants, but would make an entire garden, if thats what makes him happy, as that means the most for her. She finally arrives in the nursery and leaves. As she walks around, sanam is unaware of the killer that gazalla has sent for her, who eyes her cruelly. he gets sanam to a closed nursery area. As sanam picks up flowers and plants in the nursery, the same person turns on poisonous gas, and then closes the door. Meanwhile, tanveer and gazalla finally arrive. the killer comes and tells them that sanam is breathing her last, and that he did what he was told to do.

As sanam tries to come out, she is unable to, and finally the gas overpowers, and she becomes semi-unconscious, trying hard to scream for help. the screen freezes on her face.

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