I’m On the Edge update Friday 15 July 2022

I’m on the edge 15 July 2022: Urmi comes to Devi’s house. She says I wanna help you Devi. Whatever happened with yoou is wrong. Ambika says you can’t fool us. We don’t want anyone from your family here. Urmi says listen..She says life is short. Mine is not ending. I can’t forgive myself for what happened with ambika. That is why my life is ruined too. I want to repent my helping Devi. There is no life in that house for me. I want to help devi. Adhi is on his way. She says please give me this chance. I will handle everything. She gives them money for sending devi away from him. Ambika says you think he won’t know? Urmi says I have a plan. She explains them. Devi says no we won’t do this. I don’t know your intentions but I wont’ risk my family. I know that your family will harm mine when he learns the truth. We will solve this problem ourselves. She leaves.

After that Adhi comes. He has shagun. He says welcome me. Bharat says why are you here. He says you should be lucky that you have this gentleman marrying your daughter. Where is devi? Ambika says you can’t meet her. He says why can’t I? She says because it is not right. Rekah says after haldi bride and groom don’t see each other. Saradh says this is the ritual. Ask her to come. Have you sent her away?
Saradh says ask her to wear this chunri and come downstairs.Devi comes donwstairs in the dress. Adhi says if you send her away you would be in trouble.
Adhi says ghughat looks good on you but I have to see your face. There is something less in your dress. Let me make you wear this red chunri. He ties red dupatta around her waist. She is crying. Everyone looks down. Devi is sobbing. Ambika asks ishu to go upstairs. He takes of her dupata and makes her wear red one.

He says these tears make me so happy. I want wife who speaks less and cries more. This red color is of fear for you. He throws money on her. He says don’t try to be smart. Any of you. I know you wont’ risk that. He leaves. He leaves. Devi sits there crying.Devi is in tears. Ambika comes. She says don’t cry. When I see you I feel my past. They have ruined our both lives. Just that their way is different. She spoke so ill about my character. That it ruined my whole life. I don’t know where will it end. Devi says I will end this. I will face them. Someone has to go inside them and break them. Ambika says he will ruin his life. Devi says I have seen his weakness. He wants to see fear in my eyes. Get ready for this wedding, I will stop this animosity.

Urmi says to her mom I have to do something. Devi won’t agree. Her mom says we should do something. We can’t give up. Urmi says yes you are right.
Devi is worried. She says I will have to end all this. Ishu comes and says why are you crying? Devi saays no I am not. Ishu says everyon said you are going to that bad uncle. How will you meet me. Devi says you are always in my heart. I will always meet you. Don’t worry about me. We should always do things for our family. Ishu says this lehnga is so pretty you would look good in it.Adhi says to Saradh that contract is so important for me. Please do something. I only like winning.Bharat is crying. Rekha says please dont cry. He says I don’t know what to do. How to save my daughter. I feel so helpless. It her days to be happy and this is happening with her.

Scene 2
Devi gets ready as a bride. She is crying. Bhart, rekha and everyone is crying too. Ishu comes and says you look like a princess. Bharat says I couldn’t do the promise I made to your dad. She says please whatever I am is because of you. I am strong because you are with me. He says God took so much from you. I thought your husband will make you happy but that monster is marrying you. She says dreams never end. She says we will fix all this.Bell rings. DEvi opens the door. A thug like man comes in. He puts hand on her face. He says Vikram Rathor, senior inspector from Dehli.

Kesar is getting ready. Saradh sees her. He smiles. Kesar sees him. He says you look pretty. She says it doesn’t matter. My husband never liked me. Devi is pretty too but see how is her fate going to be. I couldn’t help her.Bharat says Devi please he is right. You have to go from here. AMbika says no one would help us. Adhi will marry you. She says I won’t risk your life for mine. Bharat says I will handle him. DEvi says he won’t let me go. Vikram says its my responsibility to take you out of here. You don’t have another option,Masa is getting things ready. She says is everyone ready? Prohit says we are running out. Masa says to Kesar go and check stuff. Saradh comes. She says you look so good. Where is my adhi? Adhi comes too. Masa says you look like a prince. You will win today. She will come here as a my slipper. Lets go. Its the beginning.

Masssa asks Urmi’s mom where is she? She says urmi went to temple to see the arrangements.Masa says ti adhi lets go.
Devi says I didn’t ask police to take me here hidden. Inspector says we can’t do anything here right now. Adhiraj rules here. The only way is you go out from us. Bharat says Please Vikram said he will take Vishu and you from here. He will take us too. Virkam says you don’t have another option. Hurry up. AMbika says please Devi.Ambijka, Bharat and Rekha come with the bride. Its Urmi under the ghughat.Devi is with Vikram. He says you got so late. We should have left earlier. Anyway we will be out of here in a while.

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