Illusion update Wednesday 2 February 2022

Illusion 2 February 2022: Pooja walks towards Kalyani bua/her mother and touches her feet. Kabir nervously takes Pooja’s mother away. Pooja feels dearness touching feet and over phone informs same to Amma. Amma says she is with Shayl and will see how much intelligent Kabir is. Kabir and Sonali make Pooja’s mother lie in a room. Sonali asks Kabir if they are doing right by keeping Pooja’s mother right under her nose. Kabir asks her not to think much and settle down things here, he will wait outside. Pooja forcefully pushes him aside and enters room. Kabir yells he told bua is resting and she shouldn’t disturb her.

Illusion 1 February 2022

Pooja says she heard Kalyani bua speaks only truth, let her inform how PK burnt her father alive and tried to kill them. Sonali wearing veil warns Pooja to stop her drama,she knows what she did to her family as Pooja, she should get out of her view right now. Pooja leaves. Kabir praises Sonali’s acting and asks where is Pooja’s mother. Sonali shows her on floor and lying her back on bed says they need to be careful.Amma calls Pooja and informs that her mother’s location was found at railway station last night. Pooja cries that Kabir sent her mother far away and is torturing her even after knowing about her illness. Amma asks her to relax as they have 1 more day to find her mother. Pooja angrily walks to Kabir’s room and shouting why he is torturing her mother and where he has kept her hits him with bat. Kabir holds her hand and pulls blanket and sees Ranjeet on his bed instead.

Ranjeet writhes in pain and says he came to know what Kabir is upto and found out Kabir has kidnapped Pooja’s mother, he will go and inform Chopra. Kabir warns not to and kicks him out. He then yells at Pooja that because of her mistake, Chopra and Ranjeet came to know that he kidnapped her mother. Pooja asks where is her mother. Kabir orders her to bring halwa for her first, else forget her mother. Pooja prepares halwa for him and serves. He tastes it and says it is too sweet. She says she doesn’t care. He asks her to prepare again if she loves her mother. She prepares again. He tastes it and asks to prepare once more. She does. He tates it and says its okay, now as a sarvagun sampanna bahu, she will serve halwa to his family.

Pooja takes halwa towards Kabir’s family. Dadaji in room tells Chanda and Suman that Kalyani did not speak a bit after meeting after a long time. Chanda comments with her overacting. Suman thinks she should inform truth to babuji and is about to speak when Pooja walks in with halwa. Chanda yells she did black magic on halwa. Pooja says Kabir asked to prepare halwa for his family, so she made it, it is up to them whether to have it or not. Suman thinks good she didn’t speak and she doesn’t want Kabir to marry evil Pooja. Pooja serves halwa to Rani next. Rani asks if she prepared it on Kabir’s order. Pooja asks her to enjoy her sister’s prepared halwa forgetting everything and feeds her. Rani says it is tasty. Pooja hopes her mother would have tasted it. Kabir hears their conversation. Rani thinks she will not let her marry Kabir and hires goon to kidnap Pooja, picks bridal dress and says she will marry Kabir instead. Kabir feeds halwa to Pooja’s mother. Mother says it is very tasty, even she would not have made such a tasty halwa, he had promised to let her meet Pooja and Rani, where are they. Kabir promises to let them meet soon, but now she should rest. Amma calls Pooja and informs she found one more clue.Suman before apply haldi to Kabir suggests him to rethink before marrying Pooja as he will his life. Kabir applies haldi from her hand and says he is doing this after thinking well. Chanda yells when girl and boy are happy, then why Suman in interfering; Kabir has to marry Pooja to get back their wealth from her. Dadaji says where is Kalyani, she has not come out since yesterday. Kabir says she is feeling unwell, so is resting in her room; Pooja should be here for haldi rituals. Pooja checks railway station’s CCTV footage and sees a girl taking her mother.

Amma asks who must be this girl. Pooja says she is wearing unique bracelet. Sonali enters and informs that Kabir is calling her out for haldi ritual. Pooja walks towards door when her mobile falls down and she bends in front of Sonali to pick it, but doesn’t notice Sonali’s bracelet.

Pooja goes and sits next to Kabir for haldi ritual. Suman walks to her and yells that she is becoming her bahu again to ruin her family and curses her throwing haldi bowl away. Amma asks if she didn’t want to perform ritual, then why did she call them. Suman continues panicking. Kabir sends her away with Sonali. Kabir asks to pick haldi from floor and apply it on Pooja. Amma is shocked to hear does, but obeys on Pooja’s insistence.Dadaji walks to Kalyani bua’s room and asks why she is still angry on him, he is sorry to hurt her feelings. Pooja’s mother turns instead panicked and asks where is Pooja. Dadaji asks who is she. Pooja’s mother shakes his wheelchair and throws him on floor and continues asking where is Pooja. Kabir rushes there and dadaji out of room calming Pooja’s mother by saying Pooja is fine and will meet her soon. Dadaji asks what is happening. Kabir explains whole situation. Dadaji says he is doing wrong and walks out. Pooja runs to Dadaji crying. Dadaji asks if she is searching her mother. Pooja pleads to tell where she is. Kabir interferes and says Dadaji means she should follow their orders it she wants to see her mother safe. He takes dadaji aside and says he has to take Pooja’s route to teach her a lesson. Dadaji says just PK’s 1 mistake, they are suffering, Kabir is taking same path and he wouldn’t approve that.Pooja returns to her room and angrily wipes off haldi form her face. Amma informs her that Shayl informed no train left or entered Indore railway station due to heavy rains. Pooja says that means her mother is still in Indore. Amma says Shayl will check other CCTV footages to find out who the girl was. Kabir enters and insists Pooja to accompany him to temple for next ritual. Pooja says she needs to change. Kabir says she is wearing her mother’s sari as per ritual and that is enough.

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