Illusion update Tuesday 1 February 2022

Illusion 1 February 2022: Chanda shows Pooja coming out of Kabir’s room to family and yells that Pooja acts as hating Kabir during day but enters his room at midnight, she is fooling them all. Suman says this is what they can expect from this kind of woman. Chopra says he will not say anything. Pooja says she has not done anything. Rani angrily walks away.

Kabir taunts Pooja its a revenge as she insulted him on stage during fashion show. Pooja returns to her room reminiscing Chanda and Suman’s words. Amma walks to her and she informs Amma that she went into Kabir’s room to know where he has hidden maa, but Rani misunderstood. Amma says Rani always reacts without thinking, she need not worry. Pooja says once she finds out where maa is, she will teach Kabir a nice lesson.Next morning, Pooja wakes up and sees Kabir sitting in front of her. Kabir says entering her room is easy for him and gives him lists of guests to call for sangeet on fashion show venue.

She reacts, but gives up on his order. In the evening, Pooja gets ready for engagement. Amma walks to her and asks to apply eye drops for her dry eyes problem. Rani walks to her and she says she went to Kabir’s room to find out where he has kept mother, but Rani misunderstood her. Rani says she was angry on Suman and Chanda and not her and applies eye drops in Pooja’s eyes reminiscing changing eye drops so that Pooja doesn’t dance with Kabir.Pooja and Kabir with families reach sangeet venue. Reporters question Pooja about her sudden decision to marry Kabir. Kabir says they fell in love in factory and Pooja slapped him due to misunderstanding and apologizes him 5 times in a day at least. Sangeet ceremony starts. Jay and Sonali dance. Kabir asks anyone from Pooja’s family to dance. Pooja says they haven’t prepared. Ranjit and Rani dance. Pooja gets her friend Shail’s call that he is trying to find a location where Kabir’s phone was active most and will inform her soon.

Kabir walks to her and insists for a dance. She angrily dances with him on multiple songs while he irritates her with his dance moves. After they finish dance, Amma informs Pooja that Shail had called and informed that Kabir has kept her mother in his house. Pooja says she will go there before Kabir gets alert. Amma asks how will she go as Kabir has kept a close watch on her.Pooja leaves sangeet venue after finding her mother’s location. Sonali sees that and asks where is she going. Kabir says she must have found her mother’s location, he is worried for her as he has hired 2 goons to guard Pooja’s mother and they may harm her. Pooja reaches venue and warns goons to not interfere, else she will hit them. They attack her and she counterattacks them.

One of them hits her head from behind and she collapses. Kabir reaches there and scolding goons takes Pooja along. He reaches home and scolds Amma to keep Pooja under control. Ranjeet tells Chopra that they romance at night and go out on a date and act as fighting in front of everyone to fool us. Kabir makes Pooja lie on her bed and tells Sonali that Pooja must be tracking his phone,so needs to be alert and do something else.Pooja wakes up and tells amma that she felt blurry eyes at first and when she went to the venue where Kabir kept her mother and was fighting with goons when someone hit her head from behind and she fell unconscious, she will act as ill to avoid wedding for some time and search her mother. Amma agrees. She acts as unconscious, and Amma walks out acting as worried for Pooja. Kabir walks in and plays cracker sounds on his mobile. Pooja panics and jumps all around the room. Amma returns. Kabir tells he heard their conversation, so did this drama to stop Pooja’s acting, warns her that wedding will not stop at any cost and already she attempted twice and if she tries again, she will lose her mother. Amma assures Pooja to attend wedding rituals while she finds out her mother.

Sonali walks into Pooja’s room. Pooja says she was about to reach her mother when she feel blurry and then someone hit her head from behind. Rani asks if she does not find maa, will she marry Kabir. Pooja stands nervous. Sonali enters and informs Pooja that Kabir is calling them for mehandi rituals. They both walk to living room where Kabir informs family that Kalyani bua/aunty is coming to attend wedding. Chanda with her usual overacting says Kalyani is a terror and was afraid of only PK, she once dragged her in whole house holding her hair. Dadaji says Kalyani is angry as he once asked her to leave. Kabir asks Sonali to go and pickup bua from railway station. Amma takes Pooja aside and asks who is Kalyani. Pooja says PK’s distance cousin who used to visit PK’s house frequently 5 years ago, but since 5 years has not, she is only only one family member whom she has not seen.

Mehandi rituals start. Rani asks Suman to apply mehandi on Pooja’s hands as per rituals. Suman reminisces Pooja slapping Kabir and angrily throws mehandi cone shouting she will not follow any rituals. Kabir enters saying rituals will happen for sure and inscribes K on Pooja’s palm. Sonali brings Pooja’s mother hiding her face in pallu. Chanda starts her drama. Dadaji asks Kalyani to speak and bless Pooja. Kabir nervously says let it be. Pooja says she doesn’t mind, bends to touch her feet, and and opens her eyes wide amazed.

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