Illusion update Thursday 13 January 2022

Illusion 13 January 2022: Suman after consuming schizophrenic medicine panics and shouts Dr. Ashok Sharma has returned. PK shouts dead people don’t return. Suman holds his collar and shouts Ashok paid for PK’s sins and they are all Ashok’s culprits. PK slaps him shouting she has gone made, kick her out of house. Jahnvi reminisces Suman yelling at baby Pooja that her father is a sinner and thief and should be killed and pushing her down. Kabir angrily pins PK to wall and warns do dare not beat his mother again. Dhruv and Dadaji calm him down. Kavya asks Jahnvi who was that doctor and what is his story. Jahnvi says even she knows what others know. Kavya tries to tell her about Pooja Sharma written on Jahnvi’s photo when Dhruv calls Jahnvi and she walks away telling they will speak later.

Kabir with Kavya walks to Dadaji and asks who Dr. Ashok Sharma was. Dadaji lies that Ashok was a fake doctor and invented fake medicine, many people died consuming his medicine and he was hiding from people, but people caught and burnt him and his 2 daughters alive. Kabir leaves to meet lawyer. Kavya asks what was Ashok’s daughters’ names. Dadaji says Pooja and Rani Sharma. Kavya reminisces seeing Pooja Sharma’s file. Aarush informs her that badi maa/Jahnvi had suggested him to call his grandparents and request them to take him from here. Kavya gets 100% convinced that Jahnvi is Poooja Sharma and Ishani is Rani Sharma.

Chanda yells that Suman has gone mad. Dhruv warns her to mind her tongue. Kavya runs down shouting someone is trying to harm their family. She sees PK and says Ashok is dead, but his daughter is alive and she is none other than Janvi, showing Jahnvi’s photo with Pooja Sharma written in the back. PK says truth is Kavya is Pooja Sharma and goes into flashback where he calls Raghav and threatens him to give Pooja Sharma’s details. Jahnvi walks in and brainwashes him that Pooja Sharma is Kavya and suggests him to get Kavya’s records from her orphanage. Out of flashback, he shows Kavya’s orphanage records. She is shocked to see her name as Pooja Sharma and shows family Jahnvi’s pic. Dhruv says that photo was with him since many days and Kavya stole it while giving his wallet to driver.

Dadaji slams her for trying to harm his family. Ishani warns Kavya to dare not ill speak about her sister. Janvi stops Ishani acts asking Kavya what wrong did she do that she is trying to prove she is Pooja Sharma. Kavya shouts that Jahnvi is indeed Pooja Sharma. PK points his gun towards Kavya.PK points gun at Kavya. Aarush shouts in fear. Dadaji asks him to come into his senses. Dhruv and Jay hold him and snatch out his gun. Jahnvi addresses Kavya as Pooja and requests her to leave this house before situation gets out of control. Kavya warns that she is going, but tonight is their life’s biggest mistake. She leaves with Aarush. Jahnvi shows her evil expression and runs to her room. Dhruv consoles her and goes to check Suman. Jahnvi calls amma and says she has already executed her plan and everyone believed that Kavya is Pooja Sharma, Suman will also get mad soon, she should get papers ready.

Kabir returns home. Sonali asks where was he, she was trying contact him since long. He says he had gone to meet his lawyer friend regarding Aarush’s adoption,now Aarush’s grandparents cannot claim him, he has brought ice cream for Aarush and will give it to him before it melts. Sonali informs him whole incident in detail. Kabir confronts PK how can he believe Kavya is Pooja Sharma who married him to take revenge. PK says if he does not want to believe, even he can leave this house. Kabir says he thought dad is a bit intelligent, but he broke his belief and showed how dumb he is. Suman walks in continuing her schizophrenic behavior and says she knew Pooja Shjarma would return to take revenge. Kabir asks Jahnvi why could she let this happen. PK warns Kabir not to pester family members. Kabir says he will go back bring back Kavya and Aarush. PK warns if he brings them back, he will shoot them. Kabir leaves while Dadaji tries to call him and gets heart attack. Dadaji is admitted to hospital where doctors treat.

Kabir searches Kavya whole night and thinks she is angry, but he will find her out at any cost.Jahnvi meets amma and takes file from her. Amma warns her against Kabir as he can change her whole plan. Jahnvi says he is busy searching Kavya since last night. Amma asks what if he finds Kavya and Kavya informs him whole truth. Jahnvi says she knows and she would have played her move already.

Kabir continues searching Kavya and finds her sitting under a canopy. His friend calls and says Kavya is not found still. Kabir says he found her and walks to her. Kavya cries that she was called thief and kicked out of house, her past is dragged. Kabir says it is her past, he is her present and they can lead a new life. Their discussion continues. Kavya reveals everything is happening because of Jahnvi. Kabir asks how can she allege Jahnvi who helped her so much. Kavya says Jahnvi is Ashok Sharma’s daughter Poooja Sharma. Jahnvi enters PK’s room holding file.

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