Illusion update Monday 24 january 2022

Illusion 24 january 2022: Kabir with other workers does overtime and helps them. Pooja sees worker feeling drowsy and walks to him. Worker apologizes her. She says it is okay and asks him to freshen up. Chopra’s peon roams around waiting for his signal to spoil worker’s hard work. Ranjit walks in holding flower bouquet and wearing red goggles. Chopra asks if he got eye infection. Ranjit says it is a style and he will lure Rani with his style. Chopra says he is looking like a joker.

Pooja continues working with workers. Kabir brings tea for workers. Vijay says workers are not allowed to have tea in working area. Kabir says when boss is around, they need not worry as boss is with them. Pooja sips tea and warns not to drink it. Workers get tensed. Pooja says it does not have have sugar. Kabir says he did not add sugar for health reason. Chachaji says tea does not taste good without sugar. They all enjoy tea and get back to work.

Rani sees flowers and searches who kept it for her. Ranjit walks towards her when Kabir holds him and warns for playing trick with Vijay. All workers sit for dinner. Kabir over phone informs Suman that he had dinner and will come home late. Pooja joins workers and shares her food with them. Chopra over phone orders peon to execute their plan. Peon tampers machine. Kabir goes to start machine and senses something is wrong, but gets back to work. All workers join. Chopra sees lose machine and thinks after accident, Kabir will stop work. Machine is about to fall on Kabir when Chachaji pushes him and bears it on his hand and gets severely injured. Kabir and Pooja call doctor. Chopra says work should be stopped till machines are checked. Kabir says he will work and finish consignment while anyone can leave.

All workers back him. Chopra fumes seeing his plan failed. Pooja thanks Kabir. Dhruv walks to Kabir and yells that he came to see how he looks as Pooja’s slave. Pooja leaves for her cabin. Dhruv asks money from Kabir which he denies if it is for drinking. Dhruv leaves yelling. He passes by Pooja’s cabin and stabs her with scissors.Dhruv imagines stabbing Pooja and gets back to his senses hearing Pooja scolding someone over phone. Pooja notices him, and he leaves. At home, Dadaji describes his stories to Jay and Sonali. They ask why didn’t he tell his stories before. Suman says they did not have time to sit with papa. Dadaji says she is right. Jay gets a call and tells other person he will finish his work. Sonali asks what. He signals nothing important. Dhruv walks in and yells that Kabir has become Pooja’s slave. Jay comments at least Bhai is working and getting salary. Dhruv angrily tries to hit him when Suman interferes and sends him away.

Kabir continues working whole night. Vijay asks him to rest for sometime. Kabir says he will rest only after completing consignment. Chopra reaches home and sees Ranjeet sleeping on sofa, kicks him and waking him up asks why she stole 1000 rs. Ranjeet denies. Chopra asks his wallet and describes note numbers. Ranjeet nervously returns notes. Chopra beats him with shoes. He says stealing at home is not considered stealing. Chopra gets happy getting an idea and gives him 1500 rs instead.Pooja travels in her car and sees Kabir walking under rain, stops car and offers him umbrella saying she does not want him to fall ill and give excuse to miss work. Heavy air flies away her umbrella and even she gets drenched in rain. Kabir taunts her. She gets him in car and they travel towards factory when truck driver calls and informs that goons thrashed him and took away his consignment truck.

They reach spot where Kabir questions driver who informs one goon has deep cut under his eye. Client calls Pooja and says they are getting late. Kabir asks Pooja to tell client that its on the way and himself goes in search of truck.Pooja reaches factory and client that consignment is on the way. Chopra tries to inform that consignment truck is stolen, but Pooja stops him and says Kabir has gone to find truck and asks to find out who stole truck. Chopra says him and then says he will find out. He calls Ranjeet and asks if goons are trustable. Ranjeet says yes. Kabir searches truck and finds goon with deep under his eye having tea at a tea stall. He tricks goon and follows him. Pooja eagerly waits for Kabir and calls him, but his phone is switched off. Kabir reaches godown and trashing goons takes truck out, finds his mobile switched off and even truck stops. He gets out of truck and runs. Pooja thinks she should not have trusted Kabir.

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