A love to die for update Monday 31 January 2022


A love to die for 1 February 2022: Nimki says i need your signs to reopen your case. He says you can look into my eyes too. Your heart beats for me and you want me out of here. You love me right? You need reasons to come here. She says I have nothing for you. I don’t want people to take advantages so I want you out of here. Virat comes and says no proof can get him out of here. Go now. I could kill him, you should be grateful. Nimki says you have this uniform back because of me. I can take it back too. He says you’re threatening Virat?

Come take off my uniform. He comes close.. Deep throttles Virat. He says how dare you touch arohi. I will kill you. Arohi says in heart you always do this drama deep. Police comes and starts beating deep. Opasna comes and stops them all. Arohi leaves.Opasna says to Virat never provoke a love. Have you ever loved someone? Senha says to Arohi we will take time. All proofs are against deep. Arohi says virat is after his life. He says we have only one way. You have to take permission from CM to get hearing done early. Someone calls Virat and informs him what Aroi is upto. Aroi is with wasu. She says thanks for agreeing to come to CM. Wasu says why are you doing all this for deep? You wanted him arrested. some thugs stop their car. Arohi shoves and beats them. Abhi comes there and hits them. arohi and wasu sit in the car and run. arohi says did viraat sent them? but abhi is with them too.

Wasu says why are you saving deep? Do you still love him. Virat says to Abhi Deep will be out of jail if this hearing gets done. Why did you save Arohi and wasu. Abhi says I have animosity against deep only. How dare you get arohi attacked? Virat says are you in love with her? Abhi says I have only mission in life. Revenge from dep. Virat says then what happened to it? You could shoot Deep but you didn’t and today you saved Arohi. Deep as to be killed.Tara comes close to deep. He shoves her. She says I did all this for you and you aren’t even looking at me. He says are you fooling everyone outside or me here? She says you doubt me and trust ARohi? You signed those papers without reading them? What if they said you killed manpreet e says she doesn’t attack from behind. Virat says right. You took her on your side? I have done arrangements for you never to get out of this case. No one can save you now. I have enough proofs to keep you here. arohi comes and says you are a good player. So many fake proofs? Even manpreet can come and give statement in Deep’s favor. What can court do of these fake proofs then? Virat is dazed. Abhi says no one can save deep this time

Virat says I wont ever let him come out. Let’s see who wins in the court. Deep says to save me manpreet is coming back to life? Doing so much for me? She says I have no feelings for you but hate. I don’t wanna punish you for a sin you didn’t do. Once all this ends I will leave this city. Far away from all lies you told me. Deep holds her hand. He says you can never go away from me. This feeling between us wont ever go away even if we die. We are tied together by fate. I am destination to all your ways. arohi leaves.Tara says to Deep what are you doing? He says I am testing Arohi if she can see me in pain. I showed that she doesn’t hate me. She says test me you will know what can I do for you. He says soon I will test everyone to know who is with me and who isn’t. Deep says to someone from microphone on his ring, I hope everything is ready. Tonight at 12, I will be out of jail

Wasu does Arohi’s arti. she gives her a thread and says God will always be with you. Wasu says put this sindur on. Arohi says it means nothing to me. I will go away from all of you. Wasu says would you be happy away from him? You can’t see him in pain. Arohi says no. This sindur means nothing, she leaves. THe sindur falls Wasu says I hope everything is okay. Deep is cleaning in the prison. A prisoner comes there with dagger. Abhi comes to meet virat. He shows abhi a map. Arohi is trying to listen in. Arohi says deep’s life is in trouble.Deep comes in a cell. Tara has killed a man there. SHe says wanted to kill you so I roped him here. She puts gun knife on him. She says I killed him. DEep says in heart you think you can fool me? Arohi comes to jail. She says deep you don’t have much time. Tara turns back. arohi says you.. Arohi says you are with virt and abhi. Tara says if you can be manpreet to trap deep I can do anything to save him. I will get him out of here not you. Arohi says you wanna kill him but save him too/ What do you want? Tara throttles her. Arohi shoves her. Tara puts a knife of her and asys you have made a mistake by coming back to deep’s life. You will die now. I can kill anyone for deep. NO one can save you from me. Arohi shoves her and hits her head on the bars. Tara tries to stab her. Someone hits arohi on head and she faints.

Arohi is roped in a place. She says what is this. Arohi recalls what abhi said. she says deep’s life is in trouble. Arohi looks at the watch. someone says are you up now? You can’t save deep. Its virat. e says you can’t save deep from dying.virat comes to Deep. He says Arohi isn’t coming to save you this time. Abhi comes to jail as a prisoner. Deep is dazed. Virat says meet him. He is the one who tried killing you. So he is in jail. Deep says where is his statement? Virat says you have no right to know that. Arohi says I have to get deep out. Virat and Abhi will kill him.

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