Illusion update Friday 14 january 2022

Illusion 14 january 2022: Kavya tells Kabir that Jahnvi is Ashok Sharma’s daughter Poooja Sharma. Jahnvi walks to PK with a file and asks if he is fine. PK says his enemy was in his house and he did not know who it is, his father is on hospital bed and his son has gone to help enemy, if this is being better, then he is not. Kavya continues trying to convince Kabir that Jahnvi is Pooja. Kabir says this can’t be. Kavya shows Jahnvi’s photo with Pooja Sharma written on back. She informed whole family about this truth, but nobody believed her and instead they made her Pooja Sharma and changed her past and all her orphanage documents, even PK believed that; Kabir knows her since years and did he anytime doubt that she is Pooja Sharma; Jahnvi found her as weak pawn and made her Pooja Sharma in front of everyone and Jahnvi has come to take revenge from everyone, whatever wrong happening is done by Pooja Sharma, she can take Aarush’s oath. Kabir asks her to stop.

Jahnvi shows file to PK saying it is cloth mill papers and asks to sign them. PK starts to read. She says she cannot believe Kavya can betray them. PK signs paper saying he many times told her that Kavya is not trustworthy. Jahnvi takes back papers and smirks thinking PK is finished completely now. She asks PK to go and check cloth factory once. He agrees and asks to accompany her.Kabir tells Kavya that she has misunderstanding. Aarush’s grandparents walk in and request Kavya to send Aarush with them only if Kavya agrees. Kabir reqeusts not to separate Kavya from Kabir. Parents say they want to forget the past and start new and Kavya can accompany them with Aarush. Kavya says she became mother because of Aarush and can do anything for him, so she is ready to accompany them.

Aarush asks Kabir to accompany them. Grandfather says Kabir will come later and takes him along. Kabir promises Kavya to find out truth as a friend.Raghav tells Urvashi that it is proved Kavya is Pooja Sharma. Kabir walks in and asks how did he come to this conclusion. Raghav says via orphanage warden. Kabir reaches orphanage and insists warden to tell who real Pooja sharma is. Warden asks him to leave, else he will be punished. Kabir trashes goons and threatens warden to tell truth. Warden informs that an eunuch gave him money to lie. Kabir realizes meeting eunuch/amma. On the other side, before leaving for cloth factory, Jahnvi informs her plan to amma. Amma prays god to protect her daughter. Kabir reaches Amma’s house and insists to tell who ordered her to tell lie.

Kabir asks Amma asked her to tell on whose order she forced warden to chance Kavya’s identity as Pooja Sharma. Amma asks what is he talking about, who is Kavya and who is Pooja Sharma. Kabir says her tensed face reveals she is afraid and how is she related to Jahnvi. Amma says he may be PK’s son, but he cannot trouble her, if she makes one call, he will be in deep trouble, so he should get out of here. Kabir leaves. Jahnvi takes PK to an old factory in lieu of meeting cloth factory owners. PK asks where are they, is this right place. Jahnvi says they may come any time. Amma calls her and informs that Kabir had come here and he knows whole truth.

Jahnvi walks out silently and locks door from outside and tells Amma that she has already finished her task.Kabir enters and play Amma voice and picks capsule microphone he hid in Amma’s house, asks to tell truth now. PK shouts at Jahnvi to open door. Jahnvi throws petrol all around the place and says she is Dr. Ashok Sharma’s daughter Pooja Sharma, she will die like her dad died. PK pleads to spare him. Jahnvi asks him to apologize her dadda. PK apologizes Ashok. Jahnvi says her dadda is no more and he has to go up to apologize him. She burns factory and PK pleads to get him out.

Amma tells Kabir whole truth how PK manipulated Ashok’s invented drug and burnt him alive, etc. Kabir stands shock and says he cannot believe his dad can do this. Amma says it is difficult to digest bitter truth. Kabir asks Amma where Jahnvi took PK. Jahnvi calls Amma and informs that she took her revenge and burnt her dadda’s culprit alive. Kabir snatches phone and hears her conversation, asks Amma to tell where Jahnvi took PK, he will kill Jahnvi. Amma reveals spot. Jahnvi leaves in her car taking PK’s signed documents. PK continues shouting for help. Kabir reaches there and runs towards factory shouting dad I will save you. He breaks door and gets PK out and says let us go to doctor. PK shouts he will take revenge from Jahnvi, she was the snake under their arms. Kabir asks him to stop as he knows whole truth now, but PK continues yelling.

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