Illusion update Friday 24 December 2021


Illusion 24 December 2021: PK walks down to dining area and asks when will food be served. Dhruv says Jahnvi and Kavya have not yet returned home. PK asks what should he tell his hunger, hunger hunger go away… he knows Kavya well and she will return back for sure. Jahnvi returns home with Kabeer, Kavya, and Aarush. Dhruv asks Kabeer where were they. PK says he was right regarding Kavya and comments if Jahnvi is ladder in snake ladder game, Kavya is snake. Kabeer fumes, but Dhruv stops him and Jahnvi asks him to go to his room with Kavya and Aarush. Kabeer takes them to his room and confronts Kavya that how can she go away without informing, he had promised his from Vyom to take care of her and Aarush and will follow it whole life. Kavya says even she respected Vyom’s last wish and married Kabeer,

she knew his family would react, but she did not expect Ishani’s suicide attempt. Aarush starts crying seeing their argument. Kabeer consoles him. Aarush says he felt that even he will go away like dad.
PK in his room thinks why did Kabeer betray him, if they had united, they would have taken their business to new heights. He gets commissioner’s call who informs that he found out who sent his effigy head, and he walks away to meet commissioner.Dhruv confronts Ishani that they are married for a year and even now he feels he does not know his wife properly, he means she did not let him look into her heart. Jahnvi listens silently bending her head. He says she can continue her superficial behavior and he will continue loving her till she changes.

Ishani looks at her and Kabeer’s pics during Jahnvi and Dhruv’s wedding. Kabeer walks in. She asks why did he come here. He says he wants her to move on. She confronts why did he flirt with her during Jahnvi and Dhruv’s wedding, he should leave Kavya and marry her. Kabeer shouts to control herself. Ishani asks why did she marry Kavya. Kabir tries to start his story, but Jahnvi walks in and says he does not have to explain anything and warns Ishani to shut up. Ishani confronts that she promised her something and is doing something else. Jahnvi drags her from there saying she will not stay in this house hereon. Kabeer and Dhruv try to stop her in vain. She leaves in car with Ishani. Dhruv asks Sonali to bring his car keys. PK returns in his car. Chanda Chachi yells Jahnvi and Ishani escaped in car. Dhruv says he will go behind them. PK says no need for that.

Jahnvi drives car while Ishani confronts that she did as she said and got ready to marry Kabeer, but she accept Kavya for Kabeer, what is she up to. Jahnvi reminisces planning with Ishani and says she will get Kavya out of Kabeer’s life and even his house soon; she knew Kabeer is marrying his best friend Vyom’s widow, so she made all this plan and convinced PK to get Kabeer married to Ishani and when Kabeer brought Kavya home as his wife, PK felt guilty and she is enjoying seeing his guilt. Ishani asks what is her next plan. Jahnvi says if she reveals it, her plan will fail, so let it be with her. She sees a baraat passing by and says let us celebrate PK mittal’s path of destroyal. She joins baratis and dances insanely with expressions of utter satisfaction. PK passes by in hiscar. She then reminisces she and Ishani as kids standing outside their burning house. She chants dil me holi jalrahi hai/holi is burning in my heart; PK snatched their father via fire, now she will infuse fire in PK’s family and will not stop till whole house burns.


Jahnvi takes Ishani to temple. Ishani asks why she often comes here. Jahnvi says they both took shelter in this temple after their house was burnt, she still remembers Ishani sitting next to this pillar. She confesses that she will destroy PK Mittal by hook or crook and reminisces all her crimes from making Suman mentally unstable, adding fish in pandit’s food, sending bullet pierced effigy head to PK, breaking shagun pots, etc… She reveals that tomorrow she will reveal that Kavya is a widow and make family insult Kavya more, Kavya will be forced to get out of house or else she will kick her out, then she will get Ishani married to Kabir; Ishani should not love Kabir as they may have to even become widow to achieve their goal. Ishani says soon she will reach her goal then.

PK reaches there and calls Jahnvi. Jahnvi says Mittal saheb himself has come to take them home. Ishani says PK looks like angry old man. Jahnvi walks to PK who asks how can she do this. Ishani says she can go to any extent to meet her goal. PK says this ideology holds good for business, but not for family. He says he will take Ishani home and Kavya will not utter a word. He calls Ishani and gets her into car. Jahnvi winks at Ishani.
Next morning, Jahnvi performs PK and Sumann’s aarti on their wedding anniversary. PK asks why she is performing aarti, mayor election’s party guest list is most important for him than wedding anniversary. Jahnvi says he has to celebrate wedding anniversary for maa’s sake. PK says he is letting Kavya attend tonight’s party on Jahnvi’s insistence and today he does not like any mishap, especially fish in prasad.

Suman says she did not add fish prasad. Jahnvi assures nothing of that sort will happen today. Once they leave, she picks PK’s effigy head and says let us see if mayor election results will change with toay’s party. She walks into Kavya’s room and asks her to apply sindhoor on her forehead. Kavya gets hesitant. Kabir enters. Jahnvi asks him to apply sindhoor on Kavya’s forehead. Kabeer reluctantly does. Kavya stands freeze. Jahnvi asks Kavya that she has kept sari for her for tonight’s party. Kabir says he will inform family truth about Kavya after party.Police commissioner catches a man who prepared PK’s effigy head and delivered it. Man says a lady ordered this effigy. PK’s party starts. Dhruv gets romantic with Jahnvi. Jahnvi brushes him off and walks away. Kabir enters with Kavya and Arush. A lady congratulates PK for his son’s wedding and taunts that he got readyman grandson along. PK angrily walks away. Jahnvi smirks seeing that. Commissioner takes PK aside and takes him to culprit and sketch artist. Artist draws lady’s sketch according to culprit’s description. PK is amazed to see lady’s identity. Kavya walks to PK. PK asks her to see who the real culprit is.



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