Illusion update Saturday 15 January 2022

Illusion 15 January 2022: Kabir confronts PK that he alleged his friend Dr. Ashok Sharma wrongly for his sins and burnt him alive with his 2 daughters. PK says this is a lie. Kabir asks if he really considers him as his song then look into his eyes and tell it is a lie. PK shouts he did not have any other go to save himself and his business, else Ashok would have killed him if he had known that he tampered his medicine. He shouts let him go and finish Jahnvi. Kabir stops him and says he will go and accept his crime right now. Jahnvi breaks PK’s named house plate and fixes Ashok’s named plate. Ishani says took revenge from PK and did justice for their father.

Kabir takes PK to hospital where doctor nurses his injuries and says wound is not deep. PK shouts it is very deep. Dhruv walks in and asks what happened to dad. PK shouts Jahnvi did this all this. Dhruv asks not to drag Jahnvi in all this. Kabir consoles him and says let us go home and speak.Jahnvi fixes her fatgher’s photo on wall and says she took her revenge. Amma enters and says looks like PK is alive and explains how Kabir found truth and saved PK. PK with family returns and is shocked to see their bags outside. Dhruv asks Jahnvi what is all this. Jahnvi shouts she is Pooja Sharma. PK angrily tries to walk towards her, but Kabir stops him. Jahnvi continues that PK burnt her dadda alive with his 2 daughters and manipulated his medicine to earn money, they are all sinners who supported PK, now they all will be on road with PK.

Dhruv walks to Jahnvi and asks how can his Jahnvi do this. Jahnvi says he is right, but she is Pooja Sharma; their marriage is fake as she had hired fake pandit and convinced Dhruv for marriage in a temple, they all accepted their fake marriage; she should have burnt them all alive like PK burnt her dadda alive. Kabir asks her to calm down, he will get justice for her. PK reacts, but Kabir again stops him and takes family towards car. Jahnvi warns if they insane, even car belongs to her now.

Jahnvi/Pooja warns PK’s family to dare not use her cars and get out of her house. She washes floor and tells Amma she is cleaning floor and does not want to see these sinners’ face. Kabir takes his family away. Ishani asks Jahnvi why did she send out Kabir when she knows howmuch she loves Kabir. Jahnvi says they are all their enemies. Ishani shouts she always supported Jahnvi, but Jahnvi betrayed her. She picks vase to hit Ishani. Jahnvi asks Amma to calm down Ishani as she has gone mad. Ishani throws vase and says she will stay with Amma from here and will not stay here. Jahnvi pleads her to stop while Ishani wakls away. Amma consoles her that this world does not spare anyone, neither who takes revenge nor who committed crime. Jahnvi says she is right, let Ishani go and it is her loss.

Kabir takes family to Raghav’s house. Dadaji cries that he cannot believe his Jahnvi bahu betrayed them. Kabir speaks to Kavya over phone and thanks her that truth came out because of her. Kavya asks what will he do now. Kabir tells Raghav that dad/PK will accept his crime in front of media. Raghav asks PK if he will really accept his crime. PK says he is thinking how to take revenge from Jahnvi. Raghav asks him to forget everything, even he is getting transferred to new city.PK steals Raghav’s gun and reaches Jahnvi’s house. He threatens her that she injured a tiger and tiger will not spare her. She slaps her at gunpoint and takes her to a cliff. In the morning, Raghav informs Kabir that PK is not at home and even his gun is missing, he is sure he would ahve taken Jahnvi to cliff at gunpoint.

Kabir says dad will never change and rushes to save Jahnvi. PK at gunpoint threatens Jahnvi with heavy and lengthy dialogues. Jahnvi asks to kill her and not waste time.PK continues dialogues and is about to shoot Jahnvi when Kabir enters and stops him holding gun. Jahnvi walks away smirking. PK tries to snatch back gun and Kabir tries to stop him. PK slips and falls from cliff into river. Kabir shouts daddy..why.. Family reaches and stands shocked.

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