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I Do 24 November 2021: At Zoya’s residence, Zoya is seen praying to the Lord while doing her namaz that on this day, when she‘s getting married help her and give her strength so that she can marry the person that her sister, Zeenat and brother-in-law,

Anwar have chosen for her even though she has never met the person but she is still willing to go ahead and commit for life to this person as her sister would definitely have chosen the right guy for her, but somewhere she feel maybe something is wrong and again ask for God’s grace and says that whatever the almighty wish for her it’s a ,”QUBOOL HAI”

The next morning her sister comes in and find her practicing the bridal act but with a pair of jeans underneath her bridal wear she tell her to at least discard off the jeans on her wedding day, she is about to go when Zoya hold her hand. Zeenat tells her not to worry as it’s common for her to be nervous today but her groom is a good guy. Zoya says definitely he’s good if she’s chosen but is he the right one? Zeenat is stunned into silence and thinking by this statement.

At Ayan’s residence, some flocks of girls are seen in the house descending down the stairs from both the groom’s and the bride’s side who are discussing the pros and cons of both the parties and enjoying in harmless teasing and arguments. Their chattering is interrupted by the mother of the head of the girl’s gang, Humaira, she is cousin to Nikhat, for whom the groom and his party are coming in the evening and the whole house and everybody is busy in prepping up for it. Her mother, whose favourite line is, FIR TUM BOLOGE KI BOLTI HAI, is constantly nagging about how they have to get the house ready and the present generation of girls always have incessant nonsensical topics to chat about.

Just then Nikhat’s mother, Shirin arrives talking on the phone with her husband Rashid about their daughter and her impending marriage while interrupting in between motioning the girls to get the bride ready for whom the function is being organized. Humaira along with her gang proceed towards Nikhat’s room. Shirin continue talking to Rashid and telling him to come home soon from office. Humaira come to Nikhat’s room and find her in doubt with a zillion dresses unable to decide what to wear that would go with her dark complexion. Humaira unsuccessfully try to cheer her up saying she’s beautiful, but Nikhat is depressed thinking otherwise. Just then Humaira’s mother and Shirin enter.

They reprimand her for not being ready yet and tell her that she can’t be this indecisive after marriage since her complexion won’t win everybody over, her mannerisms will have to do that for her, she nod and Humaira take her out to dress her up for the occasion. Shirin take this opportunity to thank Humaira’s mother for setting up this relation for Nikhat despite her dark complexion, she in return tells her not to worry since the guy belong to her in laws’ side and therefore she has to be good and tht she is determined to get Nikhat married this year as she considers Shirin to be her real sister even if they are not related. Shirin’s eyes fill up with gratitude.

Meanwhile downstairs, Humaira perk up Nikhat’s mood by showing her a wonderful dress but Ayan steals away the thunder and the credit for it. He makes his entry doing stunts on a bicycle and get everybody in a little merriment with a song and dance sequence. He is shown in a healthy teasing affair with Humaira who share a love-hate relationship. After the dance, Ayan is shown flirting with girls, living up to his casanova image but get rebutted on mixing up names of the girls. Humaira takes this opportunity to tease him but he retaliate by declaring his profound love for her in a playful manner. A series of interesting, teasing chit chat follows.

At Zoya’s residence, Anwar is expressing his doubts to Zeenat about getting Zoya on the pretext of spending holidays in india, from new york and then getting her to forcefully marry where she would face the problem of adjusting to this lifestyle which is a big change from New York but Zeenat dismisses all doubts saying that most NRI families do the same and once married everything is alright and the girl successfully adapts but Anwar is still in doubt. Their house is thronged with guests who have come for the marriage. The groom is congratulated by his friends for landing himself a bride from America. Zoya descends down the stairs and all eyes are fixed on her, she passes the groom and sits on her side.

The Maulvi starts the nikah with the condition of a meher of Rs.30,00,001 and asks if Zoya agrees to the marriage, when she doesn’t respond, the priest ask her again, finally after being asked thrice, she says she doesn’t agree to the marriage and run away from there and back to her room. Everybody is shocked to hear and witness this. Anwar run behind her. She shut the door and start crying but Anwar knock on the door and come inside to be by her side in this time of difficulty, she ask for his forgiveness for saying no to marriage and that he had to see this, then she suddenly think about her sister and freeze.

Downstairs her sister is having a hard time explaining the recent events and is at the receiving end of the groom’s side’s wrath who have taken it on their prestige and made this an ego issue, she try to calm them down saying that the marriage will most certainly happen, but the situation is far from redemption.

Zoya think she can’t face her sister and that the only option is to run away. Anwar try to calm her down and ask her to relax. Zoya confront him saying she trusted him and when they got her to India on the pretext of vacation, even he didn’t bother to tell her that Zeenat’s fixed her marriage when he clearly knew that she had come to india with a mission not only did he not help her with that, he went on to betray her by fixing her marriage along with Zeenat without her knowledge.

Downstairs, Zeenat is having a hard time controlling the situation, meanwhile the maulvi says what she did was wrong but Zoya has a right to live her life the way she wants to and if she doesn’t agree, then there s no use forcing her to get married, this further sparks off a heated argument, finally Zeenat calm them down saying that Zoya will definitely get married and starts climbing this stairs with others in follow who have now taken it to their ego and say that now they will get Zoya married with or without her consent.

Sensing the crowd coming upstairs, Anwar look up at a frightened Zoya and both of them decide on a common way out. Zeenat bursts into Zoya’s room to find it empty with just Anwar there an an open window then realize that Zoya has in fact run away makes her faint almost in Anwar’s arms and the others disperse. Anwar tells her to pray for Zoya as there is nothing else left to do, and pray that the lord gives her the strength to recognize her love and when it comes along her way have the courage to say, “QUBOOL HAI”.

At a deserted building and a bylane in it.
Some blind children are playing. Another hero makes an entry helping one of the visually challenged kids in his task, he then goes on to raise money for the blind kids by singing a song on the guitar, as fate would have it, Zoya too is in the same building wandering around aimlessly and Ayan too happens to be there but their paths don’t cross.

At the mazhar, Asad meet Ayan who are brothers. Ayan in his playful nature comments that his brother is a noble person all th while not taking his eyes away from the girls in there flirting with every girl. Asad in a brotherly manner tell him to stop fooling around. Ayan says he doesn’t stand a chance when he is seen with him as girls can’t look beyond Asad. He also try to fix him with a girl but Asad stops him and maintains his serious gravity like demeanour all along while Ayan keep talking to him while concentrating on every girl passing.

At Ayan’s residence, Humaira’s mother is gloating about her parent’s wealthy stature while becoming the butt of the jokes of the girls and her mother in-law who leave no stone unturned in pulling her leg on everything she says. Meanwhile Shirirn comes in with her kebabs and asks her to taste and tell how they are. Humaira’s mother asks her to get some more. While her daughter is about to go, she tells her cousin, Nazar in a sarcastic tone to get more from the kitchen and not lazy around all day, much to her mother in-laws’ disdain, but Nazar does not feel hurt and comes back with a tray full of kebabs and is about to eat one when Humaira’s mother intructs everybody not to eat anything before the groom’s side comes.

Meanwhile At the mazhar, Ayan is getting his brother Asad to gift him a new bike by coaxing him into knowing that he feels humiliated when he has to take his old bike in front of one of his rivals who has the latest model and that askign money from his dad for a new bike is like doing the impossible. Asad gives in to his younger step brother’s whim and says he would indeed get him one, having got his message. Ayan still continues flirting with girls while commenting that the girl that they choose or themselves are going to be vastly different even though the brothers think alike. Zoya passes them from behind. Asad get Ayan inside the mazaar to pray where Zoya has also come to find some peace. She sit beside the mazaar and prays and silently cry. Asad who has come to pray fixes his gaze on her sitting across her, at the first glance. Ayan when he comes in too notices the crying Zoya and can’t move his eyes from her. While it look like she’s about to look up, Asad distracts himself and closes his eyes to pray but Ayan keeps his gaze fixed. She gathers herself and leave from there with Ayan in tow who goes behind her. When Asad finish his prayer and open his eyes and look for her he find her gone and is slightly disappointed.

Meanwhile when Zoya comes out of the mazaar, she overhears the groom’s side looking for her knowing that she’s wearing a black dupatta and ducks to escape them. Ayan is also chasing her but she keep disappearing. A game of hide and seek goes on for a while when zoya finding her chance she leaves the mazaar but has to let go of her dupatta in the wake. Ayan behind her searching for her loses her but find her dupatta instead.

At Zoya’s residence, Humaira’s mother is busy giving directions to the groom’s uncle on the phone towards their house but not making much sense, causing splits of laughter among the rest of the family, after getting off the phone, she gloats about the uncle being a famous unbeatable lawyer in indore while cut down by her mother in law commenting despite that, he take half an hour to understand directions and hopes that the groom has not taken on his uncle. She defend him saying he’s a double MA but again the girls make a joke of that. She keeps clarifying that since the groom is from her in laws’ place, he would be one in a million. Her mother in law too challenges her saying that soon they would get to know his value. Getting a call again, she again engage herself into giving directions, but Humaira having had enough of this charade takes the phone and gives him discrete directions to their place. She is then instructed by her mother to try Ayan’s no too to find out what’s taking him so long.

At the mazaar, Asad calls up Ayan to find out where he is and Ayan makes an excuse of having an important work to attend to. He tells him to take care of himself and agrees to buy him a bike after being reminded of it again by Ayan. Meanwhile the Zoya’s groom’s side find Ayan with a dupatta and enquire from him of the lady who it belongs to, Ayan joke about it so many prospective suitors of the girl before him and tells them that he doesn’t know.

Meanwhile Zoya out of the mazaar is walking on the road when she has a collision with a swirling car, that happen to be Asad’s. He get down to help the girl who he now recognizes as the one from the mazaar. However Zoya retaliates saying he must be disappointed that he tried so hard to kill her with his rash driving but failed. They engage in a verbal argument where she accuse him of driving rashly and if he can’t drive sane, he shouldn’t drive at all. He accuses her of walking carelessly on the road and if she can’t walk properly she should not come out of the house at all. She retaliates by accusing him of talking rudely and that if can’t talk properly he should keep his mouth shut. He tells her that nobody’s ever talked so rudely to him ever. She says that why he’s so arrogant.nShe collects her things muttering to herself that she was better off in new york and that in india everybody stares at a girl as if they have never seen one before. How can a girl protect herself in a situation like that. He says they can if they keep their eyes low on the ground. He says that if girls dress up to put a charade in front of people they can’t be blamed for ogling. She retaliates by saying that she doesn’t understand why all the restrictions on women only, he says that not restrictions but mannerisms.

She snatch the pepper spray from his hands and says that is what she uses for protection. He says that he doesn’t want to argue with her on her wedding day. She says it’s not. He gives her a startled look to which she asks him not to be judgemental on her. He says if she has so much problems then she should just leave and go back to new york. She says she would and that she’s here in india only for a reason. He says when she leaves it would be big favor on the country. After their cat and mouse fight they both take opposite pathways.

At the mazaar, Zoya’s groom side start beating him up for being cavalier but before they can stab him with a knife, he is saved by Asad who enters the scenes in a filmy style and beats up the goons, however even when they both bash up the goons together, Asad gets stabbed by a goon after being caught unawares..Ayan runs to his side and is shocked to see him hurt so bad

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