Wedding planners update Friday 26 November 2021

Wedding planners 26 November 2021: The Episode starts with Preeti trying to talk to KT. He says its the last contract, then our partnership will end, no need to say anything. KT meets Arjun. They crack jokes. Arjun asks KT to have the almond milkshake. KT asks about it. Arjun says its my fav, our choices are same. KT recalls his wife Nandini making the special almond milkshake for him. KT asks who made it. Arjun says mom made it for you, she is coming. KT asks where is she. Arjun goes. Preeti asks are you fine. KT says yes, this perfume. Arjun gets his mom. Nandini is in ghunghat. She greets them. KT looks at her.

Arjun asks why didn’t you drink almond milkshake, mom is asking. KT says I can’t have it, I left that choice years ago, I have allergic to almonds. Preeti asks is there special reason for this ghunghat. Arjun says she has a mannat, dad will be removing her ghunghat on marriage day. KT says this perfume….Arjun says mom had applied it, its dad’s fav. Preeti asks why isn’t your mom talking to us. Arjun says its also her mannat, she will talk to dad only, you will feel strange, but I will get my parents married, my mom loves my dad a lot, she had undergone many sorrows in 17 years, she made a mistake and dad broke their relation, I promised her that I will get back dad in her life. KT asks where is your dad, what mistake. Arjun says Udaipur, I will convince dad, just do marriage arrangements in three days. KT asks what’s the name of your parents.

Arjun asks why. KT says we need details for wedding cards. Arjun says I already have a card, print this. He gives the card. They see mummy weds Papa written. He says its unique, right. KT thinks this can’t be Nandini, but all this can’t be a coincidence.He asks will it happen in 3 days. Preeti asks KT to say. KT says how are you confident that you will convince your dad in 3 days. Arjun says I will do it, you said second chance should be given, mistakes should be forgiven. KT looks on. Preeti says we will get cards. She asks KT to come. Nandini drops flowers and picks them. She touches KT’s feet. Arjun thinks mom loves him a lot. KT and Preeti leave. Nandini says 8 out of 10 today, focus and improve. Arjun nods. Preeti says Arjun’s dad isn’t ready, how will we manage. KT recalls Nandini.

He says I have some work, just go. He goes to ask at the reception. He asks about the room booking. He says sorry, they are my clients, we are wedding planners, I was making the bill, tell me the names else I have to go and disturb then again. Nandini thinks room booking is on my name, if KT knows that Arjun’s mom is me, plan will fail, how to stop him. KT turns and sees Nandini. She hides. He thinks was it Nandini or my illusion. Nandini thinks how to stop him. She calls Arjun.Arjun comes running to stop KT. He falls down. KT goes to see him. He takes Arjun and asks for first aid. He ties her kerchief. Nandini thinks my son loves me a lot, he can do anything for me. KT says I will drop you to your room. Nandini thinks well done Arjun, you got hurt for me, its okay.

Preeti says this marriage dream is Dhola maro, their relation is also such, they will succeed on every problem and unite, we will make the marriage very special, we have to focus on emotions. Sheena says we will decide bride and groom’s clothes. She messages to ask about groom’s sehra. Nandini replies and asks her to keep beads in sehra instead flowers, her husband is allergic to flowers. Preeti reads the message and says its final. Arjun says sorry. KT asks him to go. He says you didn’t tie shoe lace. Arjun says I don’t know. KT asks what’s your age. Arjun says 17. KT says sit, I will teach you. He ties the lace. Arjun smiles. He thanks KT and says dad wasn’t with me, so I don’t know. KT says fine, you will get your dad. Arjun asks will dad agree. KT says I mean you will convince him, take care. Arjun hugs him.

He says mom would be so happy. KT says take care. He goes to the reception. The receptionist says Shalini Sharma made the booking. Nandini recalls bribing the girl to lie. KT thinks why do I feel Nandini is around. Nandini says I will be back in your life. Preeti says don’t know this will fit the groom or not. She asks KT to try the sehra, its for Arjun’s dad. KT asks do you see me as Arjun’s dad, go and make him wear it. She says sorry. He sees the beads sehra, and asks her. She says yes, Arjun’s mom said that her husband has allergy with flowers.KT thinking of his past. Neelima asks him to remove flowers sehra, he has allergy to flowers. KT says Nandini made this for me with love, I can wear this sehra for her sake. FB ends. KT asks Preeti to keep it, do the project alone. He gets angry. She says you are behaving like you don’t want to see my face, fine, I will not force you, I will handle everything alone, you made partnership rules, you remember it.

She reminds it. She asks him to share his tensions and trust her. He says I don’t find right hearing about trust from you, you have seen my lies, not my reasons, I tried to tell the truth, something happened that I couldn’t say it, I feel its no use to say truth, you don’t care, you don’t have to think of it, you just want to take decision to end relation with me and company.He says you don’t know what’s happening to me about Arjun’s project, I feel suffocated, I feel my past is pulling me back, some old wounds got fresh, just I know what’s happening. His wallet falls. Kusum asks Priyanka why do you need my permission. Priyanka says it was Amit’s call, he called me for a meet. Kusum says go, come back on time, don’t have closeness before marriage. Priyanka says sure.

KT says its 17 years, I m burning in this fire, I wear a mask and come happily, that mask is a burden, the bitter truth is my wife had left me, I madly loved her, I didn’t understand why will Nandini do this with me. She asks Nandini? He says yes, Nandini is my ex wife. Nandini likes a pot. The man says its sold. Nandini says I want this for my marriage. Kusum asks did you pack my kalash. She takes the pot. Nandini says I want this, take another one. Kusum says I have already bought is. Nandini says I will pay you, give it to me. Kusum says take another one. Nandini says I want this. Kusum asks her to leave it. She goes. Nandini gets angry and pushes her down. The pot breaks. Kusum asks why are you doing this. Nandini says what can’t be mind can’t be of anyone. She goes. Kusum shouts on her. She asks her to turn. She clicks her pic and asks her to go. Nandini leaves.

KT says I loved Nandini a lot, I used to fulfill her every dream, she was with me for two years, I thought she loves me a lot, I didn’t know that I was living in a big misunderstanding, her love was a cheat, she was cheating me, that’s why I hate cheat, I didn’t see anything except her, I couldn’t see that she was making a new love story with her ex lover, then she left, me and my love couldn’t stop her, she had run away, I remember it was our second anniversary, I planned it like a romantic hero. FB shows KT asking Nandini to come out and see the surprise. He goes to bathroom and sees Nandini’s message on the wall. FB ends. He says she couldn’t lie to her heart, she had gone with her love. Preeti cries and apologizes. He says I know my truth came out in a wrong way, I wish you understood me, the reason for hiding it, the past is shameful for me, its tough for me to think. He cries. He says I m uncomfortable with Nandini’s name, my past haunts me, its tough to run away from the past. She gets water for him. She sees Nandini’s pic in his wallet. He says she is Nandini.

Nandini says your dad is close to his family, his mum, you have to get her on your side. Arjun says don’t worry, I will convince her. Preeti comes to meet Arjun. Nandini puts the ghunghat. Preeti says I shortlisted for marriage decorations. Nandini looks for KT. Preeti asks are you looking for my partner, sorry, he won’t come, I will handle your project, he has much work burden, he took a break, I will do my best, come. Nandini says KT has to be here, do as I say. She tells something. Arjun asks really. Nandini says yes.

KT is at home. Neelima asks are you okay. KT recalls telling Preeti that Nandini is around, he feels so, there is something wrong with Arjun’s project. He says I went to ask reception if that woman is Nandini, don’t worry, I will handle this wedding. Preeti holds his hand and stops him. Ik tara…..plays….. Rati says I will handle the project, you take care. FB ends. Neelima asks him to say. He says everything is fine, Preeti was managing work, so I came to spend time with you, I was missing coffee made by you. She goes to make coffee. Preeti shows the designs. Nandini is restless. Preeti asks can we go for shopping, we have less time. Arjun says I will just come. He puts some marbles on the floor. Preeti says I will wait for you outside. She goes and steps on the marble. She falls down. Nandini smiles.

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