I do update Thursday 10 February 2022

I do 10 February 2022: Dilshad leaves from there, feeling disgusted. Zoya eyes asad who has his eyes lowered. Asad leaves. nazma is shocked. (SAD MITWA) Zoya is barely able to conceal her tears.

While tanveer is drying her hair, zoya comes and asks if this is true. Tanveer says that she may know to convert a lie into truth, but she couldnt manage a lie into this. Zoya says that she’s capable of everything, and demands a proof of it. Tanveer readily goes on to show her the medical reports confirming her pregnancy. Zoya is shocked when she finds that tanveer is actually pregnant. Zoya says that the reports may be false and concocted too. Tanveer says that she would clear this doubt of hers too. She goes on to show her UPT, sample confirming her pregnancy.

She teases that if not congratulate, she can atleast knit a swetaer for the baby. zoya leaves in haste. Tanveer thinks that she’s going to be a mother, but its also true that the father isnt asad. She says that noone, neither her nor asad would ever know it.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Mamujaan offers his prayers, and asks to start eating. Rashid confirms from satish, on the phone, that he is on his way to rahimpur. He asks satish to hurry up and find out about badi bi. Haseena and chandbi too have come, and she is talking about control while hoggling on the food. ayan joins too. haseens suggets that the marriage should happen two days after Eid. They all are all happy and decide on the same. Razia asks nuzrat to go and get sweets. Haseena asks for ayan’s and humaira’s marriage date to be fixed too. Humaira comes down and haseena and chandbi start making fun of them.

Haseena offers kebab to Humaira, but she says that she’s vegetarian and doesnt eat such things. Haseena is irritated when she says that she feels strange at the smell of such things and sits far away from them. Nikhat gives humaira the food that she likes. Haseena tells her sister that this spirit of Rajni that has possessed humaira, would have to be defeated by her, and that she would make this girl eat kebabs anyhow.

Haseena intentionally mixes non vegkebabs with humaira’s food and apologising for her behaviour earlier, she asks her to drink the juice that she has got for her. Razia wonders whats wrong with her. chandbi tells her the truth. Razia is tensed. But chandbi says that its her favourite food, and eating it would remind her that she isnt Rajni but humaira. nikhat too is very tensed and scared for humaira’s mental condition. As humaira goes on to eat the non veg food without knowing it, haseena has a sadistic pleasure. Nikhat rushes upto her and drops it on the flor, and confronts haseena for doing so. humaira is shocked and disgusted, while nikhat tells her the entire truth.

haseena tries to clarify, but mamujaan too reprimands her for doing this with haseenha, even after she refused. Humaira says that nikhat shouldnt get a mother in law like her, to someone as innocent as Nikhat. Humaira leaves. Haseena says that she had a good intention

Ayan too reprimands her for interfering in their personal matters, as she isnt related anyhow. Haseena says that now she would only stick to her matters. All are tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence.
Zoya tells asad that she doesnt think that he has taken a wrong descision, and that he should go on with this descision that he hs taken. She begins to leave, then stops suddenly. Zoya tells asad that she’s going to New York and this time she wont stay back. asad is hurt and in tears.

Location: Asad’s residence
While tanveer is eating pickle, she taunts zoya for being so helpless. zoya says that in the month of ramzaan she doesnt want to talk to her, and demands to know about her father. Tanveer says that how can she be sure that zoya wont go after asad, once she knows about her father. Zoya says that if she promised, she wont go. She says that she doesnt want to stay here anymore. tanveer says that she’s very helpful to beggars, and hence wont disappoint her. Tanveer tells her about her father being at the mehhfil behind the mosque, and tells

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
ayan comes to humaira and asks nif she’s still angry. she denies and goes on b*t*hing about haseena. Ayan smiles, while she b*t*hes about razia and haseena.

ayan is in splits of laughter hearing that. She says that she wasnt thinking about them. She’s wondering that she cxant remember vikram’s number or her address, and grows sad again that vikram hasnt called up too, after the accident who should have come. ayan asks him not to bother, and that vikram would come soon and she too would remember everything. Ayan gives an impromptu poetry which cheers her up. Ayan says that there are lots of things that he knows about her. She presumes that vikram must have told her.
A sudden lightning bolt, causes her to come close to ayan, and they both are awkward at that. ayan asks her toi step inside as its going to rain.

Scene 3:
Location: Mehfil in the mosque.
While mamujaan is sitting overseeing the mehfil, and razia is in the audeience, zoya comes in unaware that her father is already here. she has some sheets in her hand. As the mehfil disperses, Zoya gives those sheets to a person, asking him to distribute the sheets to all people, as whoever has seen her father, in that picture would be able to identify him. Razia sees the picture and is shocked to find zoya there. She thinks that she’s a tough life to beat, and even survived all ordeals and is now so close to seeing her father. Zoya thinks that she would know once her father shows some reaction on recognising the picture, and hopes that he sees it soon. Razia is all the more scared when she finds the a copy of the picture in Mamujaan’s hands. mamujaan is interacting with the guests.

Zoya tells tanveer on the phone that she would have to tell Razia is shocked and angered to hear the name tanveer. She thinks that tanveer betrayed her, and now she would have to bear a big price for this.

Scene 4:
Location: ayan’s residence
Haseena and shirin are discussing about the marriage preparations, where haseena gives a list of the things that she requires for the marriage. Rashid is tensed to see the list. The girls too come in, where humaira comments on how long the list is. Haseena taunts her that this is to be done in the marriage. Haseena asks nikhat if she has stopped going to college. when nikhat says no, haseena tells her to stop now as only a month is left for college, and it doesnt look nice. she instructs her to stop going to college from today. Rashid tries to tell that her degree is only a month away, but haseena says that she doesnt need to work as it is, and therefore she doesnt need a degree. Nikhat too asks for her permission. But haseena taunts her saying that she deosnt need a degree as she cant even work in imran’s office, because of her dark complexion.

Haseena says that if she goes to imran’s office, he might lose his existing clients. nikhat stops humaira from talking back. Rashid is about to burst out, but shirin stops him from being angry. Haseena leaves, asking rashid to check the list once again. She leaves with imran. All are tensed.

Scene 5:
Location: At an isolated place.
Razia slaps tanveer, and reprimands her for what she’s done and lied to her, and betrayed her. She says that tanveer must have definitely made some deal with her. Razia tells her that she’s a far better player than her. tanveer too says that now she would show her what she is actually. tanveer says that she’s noone to call the kettle black, by being the teapot herself. Razia is about to slap again, but tanveer stops her saying that if bones break in this age, they dont regenerate easily, and asks her to go home and rest as she cant do anything about this. razia says that she already has destroyed her. She says that she has come here just to inform her about it. she says that her message of destruction would have reached her home by now. tanveer is boggled.

Razia says that she had lied andtrapped asad that the child is his, and what wopuld happen when he finds out that the child isnt his. razia asks her to start coutn ing her days now, in asad’s residence. she taunts tanveer to go. tanveer leaves in haste, while Razia is happily smiling. The screen freezes on her face.


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